FOUND: HIGHLY Optioned 1997 F-350 + PRISTINE Honda XL600!!

Welcome to Coffee Stroll Episode 232!!

Delighted New Year! This week we are headed to South Bend Indiana where we got a lead for an extremely optioned 1997 Ford F-350 and an OUTSTANDING surprise with a 1986 Honda XL600 !!


@patterns. media.

(Jeep CJ & Wrangler Specialists):.
Phone: 972-442-6189.
Address: 3101 W FM 544 Wylie, TX 75098.

BLKMTN (Jeep JK & JL Parts, Add-on, Conversions & Upgrades):.

* All Audio and SFX lawfully downloaded and certified from Envato.

FOUND: HIGHLY Optioned 1997 F-350 + PRISTINE Honda XL600!!

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  1. Great to watch you three talk trucks. The owner knows her stuff. You found a gem there Dennis. Amazing food too

  2. By far the best Automobile related YouTube channel there is! I was thinking this show and the outstanding stories and footage would make a great coffee table book! You could have one for every year the show has been on YouTube! If you like the idea I want 1st printing of volume 1! LOL Signed by the whole gang! That would be incredible! Love the show! It gave me some great entertainment during my fight with cancer! I won, I’m cancer free and I still can’t wait until the next show comes out! Keep up the fantastic work!

    1. @Thought Criminal don’t see anything whatsoever funny about your comment and if your not going to say anything good about the man don’t say anything at all !!

      May he rest in peace in heaven))

    2. @Patrick JM you’re…and welcome to the united states of america, he can say what he wants. Freedom of speech don’t tread on him or anyone else.

  3. These are the trucks that dreams are made of! Been looking for one for a few years and finally found it last November. 1997 Ford F-250 Black 4×4 Crew Cab Short Wheel Base 7.3 Automatic with 168,000 miles. Thank you sir for bringing us the absolute best videos on YouTube! Sorry to hear about Ken’s passing, RIP my friend!

    1. @TerminusÉŚT xl185 here, 1981 original shocks starts in 3 kicks never failed a trail or hill yet owned 15 years # bombproof

    2. The bad thing is starting this bike, notice how he pushed it all the way down the driveway and up on the trailer. My brother got a good deal on one just like it and he didn’t keep it long because it was such a pain to start. I do remember him riding wheelys a long way though. I have 90 xr250r and 2000 xr 400r that are awesome bikes in every way.

    3. I’ve had 2 XL600r’s, still have the last one with 17k miles and they are awesome, better than the current XR650l! They start fine as long as you know the procedure, and you don’t let gas get old and gum up those dual carbs. Great episode Dennis.

    4. I about got killed on a 125 like that. Thank God I wasn’t on the 600! You gotta have a pair made of STEEL & a couple loose screws to even get on that bike!! Seriously!

  4. Once again, Dennis, you killed it to awesome vehicles. Thanks for sharing. This is why I continue to watch. I love it man. Thank you for doing this.

  5. I’ll be very very surprised if Sean doesn’t end up with that truck I’ve never seen him so excited great content once again

  6. Cast and crew and everyone behind the scenes great start on the new year, thanks for taking us along on the journey, always great finds with good food to boot.👍

  7. As a Ford enthusiast I consider myself to be an OBS expert having scores of them, I highly question that the Marti report on this truck is anywhere accurate as to the rarity of how the truck was configured as Ive seen literally tons of these with those options.

    1. Honestly I would have guessed the Factory CD player was a rarer option. I’m glad my 1997 has keyless entry though.

    1. Congratulations 👆👆
      Hit me up on telegram,I have a package for you🎁🎁 congratulations 🎉🎊

  8. Wow the sound of opening the door, the sound of the power steering pump! I was right back there with my dad picking up hay bales out of the field in our Ford of the same era. It’s amazing how some distinct sounds or smells can take you back, the human brain really is fascinating.

  9. Dennis seems like such a nice guy, love this series. Congrats on that killer F-350, beautiful truck! Thanks for paying tribute to Ken Block, he will surely be missed.

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