FOUND: One of Greg Ray’s Indy Race Car’s!!

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Welcome to Episode 308!!!


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FOUND: One of Greg Ray's Indy Race Car's!!

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    1. Denis love the show been subscribed along a time I noticed you’ve been slimming down you look great for your which is my age about I’ll be 60 in February I think you know more about cars than poor old Steve Magnante you never disappoint always finding really cool cars I know a guy who has a 1914 scribb boot rocket cycle car complete all together here in the ottawa valley in canada

  1. Dennis, I’ve noticed that you and all your employees are extremely polite. Thank each and everyone of you for that. It’s missing today and society.

    1. I’d prefer honesty, dont learn anything about people that are putting on a nice front all the time.
      Still like the show!

  2. The formal looking Indy 18th place paper work you found is what the MC reads and then hands to the driver at the awards diner on Monday after the 500. back then was probably Bob Jenkins who was a fantastic announcer and racing ambassador

  3. Can you imagine the cost of a storage unit for 20 years? I roughly figured it out. It’s close to $48,000.

    1. That would be tough to figure out considering storage prices have varied over the last 20 yrs

  4. Dennis, you have got to post follow ups on this Indi car. Can’t wait to hear you fire this up and drive it around the yard. Great find.

  5. Gforce owned the senors gear the teams rented them for the year that’s why it was missing

  6. you need to contact Matt Hay in Phoenix, as he deals in older INDY cars…restores them, and such.

  7. Years and years ago when I was going through automotive tech school I thought my dream job would be working at GMG but since I’ve been binge watching these videos it’s now working for Dennis. The respect and love he has for his team is amazing.

  8. A rather sad video . The seller was a wise man . He knew he’d had his fun and it was time to move on . Thanks Dennis , your appetite never fails to amaze me ! 😂

  9. Conseco was AJ Foyt’s sponsor and those caps were when Ray drove for Foyt for short time. The race track in Japan was Twin Ring Motegi is actually pronounced MOE – TEGG- EEE

  10. I grew up in Monterey California and I went to the Indy races every year at Laguna Seca Raceway and to see you guys recover a Indy car is mind blowing,,!!

  11. Dennis, your employees are so lucky to have you as a boss and a father figure. I think you are so blessed to have all the guys under you.

  12. I don’t know if anyone mentioned it, but the jack on trailer can be used with it still attached to truck. Run the jack up and it will lower the rear of trailer changing the angle so no need for all of those boards. Love the car and show.

  13. Just when I thought coffee walk couldn’t possibly get cooler……….indy car………what a life.

  14. I spent many hours working on that car. Prior to each race, the Honda engines were rebuilt and provided to the teams by Honda Performance Development, or HPD. In 2003, we finished 8th at Indy. In 2004, we started 2nd at Twin Ring Motegi in Japan, losing the pole to Dan Wheldon by . 0017 seconds.

    The bullet we received for the 2003 Indy 500 and the 2004 Motegi race was production number 007. It was a great engine, and it produced a good qually and race result almost every time we used it.

    This video was filmed across the street from the former location of Plano Marine, a dealership started in the 60s by Benny Ray, Now Benny is retired, the dealership has moved to Lake Lewisville, and Greg runs the company. Greg is a great person, a fierce competitor, and good friend. Thanks to Dennis for posting the vid, it brings back good memories.

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