FOUND: Original 1975 Dodge W100 + 5 RARE Jeep CJs!!

Welcome to Episode 249!

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Phone: 972-442-6189.
Address: 3101 W FM 544 Wylie, TX 75098.

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FOUND: Original 1975 Dodge W100 + 5 RARE Jeep CJs!!

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    1. Man Dennis those are cool Jeeps. Love the D 100. The Warlock is awesome. My sisters ex husband had one in the mid 80’s I loved it.

  1. How DC finds this stuff and then brings it to us is just amazing. All the cars from my youth and my dreams, right up there on the rollback.

  2. Dennis, whenever you show Golden Eagles, it takes me back to the first new car I bought when I was 18. It was a 1978 CJ-7 Golden Eagle in dark green, auto trans, V8, power steering but not power brakes, and the locking mechanism was electric, with the switch in the glove box. Bought it off the dealer’s showroom floor. It was great.

    1. My dad brought home a new ‘79 Golden Eagle CJ7 V8 when I was 17 years old. Man I had fun in that Jeep. He sold it a few years later, but I was a broke kid and could no way afford it. He was a GM employee and I think always felt funny owning it. Only car he ever owned that wasn’t a GM. My sister and son are both loyal Jeep fans and each have wranglers. I never had another.

    2. Well I still have my 75 CJ5 that I bought used in 78 also my first car. I put a 79 frame then years later put in a 401 T18 3.15 transfer gears I think I’ll never get rid of it.

  3. Jeeps, Mopars, Power Wagons, a real Warlock, Volkswagen, even had a Dodge to plow the driveway! All in one place! Now there’s a guy I could hangout with! Guy definitely knows what’s cool.

  4. wow what an incredible day for you guys!! So glad all those seats will be used. Another fantastic episode!!

  5. That had to be the most food ever ordered for 4 guys and not one of them looked the worst for wear after downing all that grub,kudos to Dennis and the boys for another great show OUTSTANDING!!!!

  6. One thing about Dennis is not just about cars.Its about how he always takes care of his guys and everybody. What an outstanding guy. Mad respect.

  7. Would love to see Dennis’s excitement and reaction to being told the details and specifications at the first phone call.🤣👍

  8. I love this stuff. When I retire I want to come work for Dennis. I’ll sweep the floors just to try to learn some of his jeep knowledge.

  9. These vids are amazing, love seeing these old amazing vehicles being appreciated and given a new lease of life. Keep up the great work Dennis and your team

  10. Dennis your memory bank is next level! keep up the amazing work and keep passing on the history for all types of cars….Keep on coffee walking!

  11. Dennis is so well respected and known that only a guy at his level could ever negotiate a deal such as this! It’s nice to be a fly on the wall in such a cool sale. One things for sure–if I ever make my way to that part of the country, I know where I will go to eat! Y’all make Fridays that much better. Keep it up.

  12. Oh my God. How completely cool is THAT??!! That is literally an identical Dodge to the one we had back in the late 1980’s, including the factory tach. Bought it with 36,000 miles on the clock in magnificent condition. When offered double the money it got sold pretty quickly. That is the ONLY other Dodge 100 all loaded up in this color of the same year I’ve ever seen. What a great find. 👍🏻😎👍🏻

  13. Never owned a Jeep and not a Hugh fan of Jeeps. But totally love the respect and care you have for them, watch every episode of the recovery and stories behind all the finds, also never knew of all the variations and options available. Now the Dodge truck, that is a must have item. Thanks for what you do.

  14. Dennis may be hard to work for sometimes but he comes in the clinch for dinner for his guys! Great haul of CJ’s!

  15. Dennis has a ton of knowledge about the jeeps and all his car finds! He is very smart and a great guy all around! I enjoy the eating part as well! Thanks for the videos guys!

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