FOUND: Steve McQueen Green ‘68.5 R-Code Mustang!

Welcome to Coffee Walk Ep. 205!

My Holy Grail Blend Blue Island Coffee is Here:

As constantly … GO FAST, HAVE A GOOD TIME & HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!! And thank you for spending your Friday with us.

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FOUND: Steve McQueen Green '68.5 R-Code Mustang!

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  1. Beautiful machine , out of this world food. That Boss Hogg plate would last me a day! Love the series 💟
    Nicely outstanding episode 😁🤙🏼

  2. What a find! Amazing.
    67′,68′ my favorite top 3 Mustangs, to,69-70 too.
    When I was about 9-10 yrs old, my older sister pulled in our driveway in early 70’s with a 67 or 68 Mustang, it was dark blue, like a midnight blue, I was on my little bike went to end of drive way, when I saw the fast back and those 3 curved vertical taillights on each side, even that young I thought it was the coolest.
    All I remember is the color and how cool the fastback is.
    Can’t wait to see that one cleaned up and running. 👍

  3. Another OUTSTANDING video! What a great find. Can’t wait to see the end result. Oh, and the food segment…WOW! I could probably eat that much in my younger days. Not so much today.

  4. Another lecture in history Mr Dennis Collins impresses me even more every time I watch the show so much of knowledge and history he knows God bless him thank you sir outstanding

  5. Love this car !! In 1969 my uncle came back from Vietnam and he had a 68.5 black with gold C stripe Cobra jet !! Memories!! Thank you Dennis and team for saving this one !! Can’t wait to see it restored!!

    1. I’m not so sure about that I have messaged him twice about a 51 jag and he has never responded

  6. Love the episode as always. I was wondering how well that blanket would hold up and the end of the video told the story… it now has the shredded patina, lol.

  7. Thank you Dennis, Alex, Zach, Kelsey et all! Outstanding episode!
    Absolutely amazing, finding these beautiful classics and the blood, sweat and gears getting them back on the road!
    That restaurant,… Wow!
    Mouth watering. Had to resist licking the screen.

  8. Denis: “we dont use the term holy grail often”

    Denis in every episode: “we got another holy grail”

    1. I am sure at this point Dennis only buys the cars he feels really are worth it. A few that he can clean and turn..But he has the time and knowledge that when certain cars come avaliable he gets them..This being one of those type of cars..

  9. Dennis is obviously rich. This episode shows why he earns and deserves every penny of it. Works hard and with passion, and smiling the whole time. Such a nice guy, treats everyone he meets with respect.

    1. People become wealthy by engaging in lots of mutually beneficial transactions. From his attitude you can see exactly why he has become wealthy and successful.

    2. Caped Wonder, I never stated that he wasn’t. Sometimes, though, his car information is not always accurate.

    3. @Sergeant Masson nobody is perfect my guy. Regardless I’m willing to wager he’s right 99.9% of the time

  10. I have the Bullitt car… is 1:18 scale, but still ;-0. Love the content Dennis, best part of my Friday is watching you all live the American dream, making a living while doing something you love! Keep it Up!

  11. Great People, Great Cars, Great Food (and Great Waitress), looking forward to see that green beast cleaned up and back to life!

  12. I love those late 60’s Mustangs but for me you just can’t beat a 1970 Boss 429. The true King of the ponycars! Here in the UK old Mustangs have always been rare and my Dad used to collect American cars when I was a kid. Most of the Mustangs he owned were early 70’s wedge mustangs. Cobrajet 351’s, Mach 1’s and even a rare Boss 351. His red 1970 Mach 1 was my favourite. Even then (the 80’s) Boss 9’s were untouchable and way too rare here in England. I remember he had a blue ’68 convertible that was really nice but was left in storage in a warehouse and was vandalised. A true crime in the rawest sense!

  13. As always Dennis an crew, class act all the way. I have enjoyed every video you have made. Thank you for sharing. Fan in Illinois

  14. Once again the attention to detail.. The Stamp on the code. These vods just will never get old.. Keep up the great work everyone!

  15. Dennis that Mustang is an outstanding find! Well done! I always look forward to the next find!

  16. These videos are fantastic- is there a place that documents the restorations you guys do for these cars? Videos of the work done on top notch finds would be better content than most of what’s on ytube, hands down!

  17. I really would love to know more back story on the r that was put on there at a later date in the vin… Not sure if i mis understood it.. Or it wasn’t actually specified when dennis said it wasn’t stamped from the factory!! Thanks in advance!! OUTSTANDING!!

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