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Music: "This is My Shot" by Monte Montgomery

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    1. I’m enjoying my factor meals! That was a great suggestion! 🙂 So far I love the taco bowl and the tomato basil chicken. The sour cream chicken and chives is amazing! OOOOOh DATS GOOD!

    2. I called your place Dennis I have a 54 Sunbeam Alpine Mark 1….. Much more rare than that car you’re looking at right there…. And I talked to a lady was supposed to tell you about the car and never got a call back from you guys… A 1954 zombie map on just went through the auction at Mecum for 176,000………..

  1. The livestream starts in about 10 mins. I just said this in the livestream, Its like a little inauguration for my weekend to get to watch Dennis. Its like I know my Friday will be done soon and then weekend is on! Anyone else feel the same?

  2. Wow, it’s so good to listen to 2 people who know exactly what their talking about. Talented and knowledgeable for sure. 😊

  3. Fantastic episode!
    Long live the Tiger!! I was not aware 001 was still in existence..
    Congratulations on a spectacular buy and the book of Norman.
    Huge fan of the channel!!

  4. Just as the P-51 Mustang benefited and was vastly improved as a result of fitting a British Engine ( or built under license Rolls Royce Merlin ) the A,C Ace ( Cobra ) and the Sunbeam Alpine ( Tiger ) was vastly improved and benefited from an American engine, Just show’s how well the U.S.A and the U.K work together when we combine our different qualities

    1. Yes ,but the American Packard built Rolls Royce Merlin was better than the British version. And Iv’e often wondered how much better the Allison V12 could have been with a bit more development

  5. I never stop to think how rare Tigers are since they were a production car. I never got to own one but was able to run solo events in one owned by a friend during the 1965 season. Great find thanks for sharing Dennis

  6. My neighbor had a Sunbeam who lived across the street from me. I was 16 or so when I first saw it, so you can imagine how I was thinking at that age. Small car with a V8, awesome.

  7. Boom!! My mind is blown by this episode. As a 15-year-old my friends older brother worked at an exotic car shop, and I had the wonderful experience of riding in a Sunbeam Tiger that he drove. I also rode in a Lotus Europa as we raced up an interstate against a Jaguar. Bret is an amazing caretaker of the Tigers and as always Dennis is the consummate gentleman. What a great episode, keep up the amazing work.

  8. Thank you Dennis for having the funds and ability and crew to save these old relics = and give some of us the hopes and dreams of one day being able to own a piece of history = And we all know that you can only save what you can save

  9. It’s always a pleasure to see a seller that’s organized and knows his stuff. No BS. This is exactly how I am with all of my cars. Sadly this will be me one day but you can’t take it with you.

  10. Another stellar episode. The amount of info you cram in less than an hour is outstanding. Thanks Team Collins

  11. Another stellar episode to add to my Coffee Walk playlist. Great cars, Dennis, and great video, Zach. #Outstanding

  12. Dennis you always find the holy Grail cars and you are always good about feeding the homeowners and the people that works for you you always go for it when you give back take care

  13. Another great episode!! Zach is the incredible on editing. Flashlight party mob at 1:59!!! Gotta love it!!! Way to go Coffee Walk team.

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