FOUND: Two low-mileage rare classic TRUCKS you have to see

Guy, is it great to go out while we have actually been quarantined for what seems like FOR-E-VER (name that film). I have actually had this lead on my desk for months now and I seized the day to fly to Billings, Montana and 3 hours into the middle of no place, with absolutely no cell service and two incredible .

* Insert record scratch sound result here *.

YES, I know today is expected to be Coffee Stroll– BUT– I was just so excited about this material that I couldn't wait another minute. So we will resume our typical scheduled programs next Friday, see you then!

1974 K5 Sports Jacket.
1980 C3500 Quadcab Dually Camper Special.

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FOUND: Two low-mileage rare TRUCKS you have to see

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  1. still think those k5’s are some of the best looking rides out there. The crew cab is great looking ride also.

  2. Absolute best way to end my Friday, watching Dennis find two amazing trucks! Couldn’t have asked for a better way to end a hectic week than watch this video! Awesome Find Dennis!

  3. Absolutely beautiful trucks right there! My all time favorite body style of GM trucks, the ol square body. You hit pay dirt right there, bud. Great find!!!

  4. Great finds there Dennis and another great video. Only recently found your channel but absolutely thoroughly enjoying to watch them all. Keep up the great work 🙂

  5. Really enjoyed the experience just like we were there. Incredible find Dennis.
    Glad theses two trucks are in great hands . Btw Billing’s Montana is beautiful

  6. I’d love to see Dennis road test the 2 trucks and how they are with the great engines & manual gears 👍🏼

  7. Great video and find! I enjoy the older trucks myself. Good to see they still exist like that.

  8. Both Chevy’s absolutely mint, you nailed it with these. Great to see these well presented trucks great work. 👍

  9. I really enjoyed this episode! The dually a definite keeper, the Blazer a real money maker and the middle of nowhere, priceless! 👍👍

  10. Wow, totally amazing find. The cannot possibly be any more of these gems, especially a duo like these left on the planet. The sure seem to be well taken care of and preserved from rodents.

    1. Whoa, I just saw the ending and must believe it was your destiny to find these… Collins Street… Talk about a sign from GOD could it be more clear?

  11. I’m so happy I clicked on this. Amazing, beautiful trucks. That dually just screams American west to me. Please don’t modify the looks of them. They are perfect and clean just the way they are.

    1. @DieselDabz710 where they live the people don’t bother with road salt. You learn to drive on ice and snow or you walk.

  12. Awesome find! It brings back so many memories. I was a young adult when it was made, my boss had one (diesel) and I used it for errands. They were fun to pull into Sonic with.

  13. Dennis, great video. Great finds. Very respectful. I graduated from high school in ’79 Cape Cod , MA.
    Been working with cars and trucks at some level ever since. Here in New England we started fighting rust on mid 70’s trucks by mid 80’s.
    It’s almost inconceivable that there are still original vehicles in that condition anywhere.
    Again, thoroughly enjoyed your video. Keep up the great work.
    Stay healthy Bud

  14. Beautiful finds Dennis!!! keep it up man !! Love your work !!! Hope you keep at least one of these bad boys :p

  15. Awesome find Dennis! I would love to have the blazer. I have a 1997 GMC Sonoma extended cab 2WD with a V6 Vortex X model engine with 226,000 miles. Even with all of the issues I’ve had with it, it keeps on going. I would love to find another one with less than 20,000 miles on it. I know, I’m dreaming! Can’t wait to see the trucks after their cleaned up and running. Going to subscribe to your channel so I don’t miss that video and others.

  16. Finding one truck like that with low miles and in that condition is amazing. Finding two like that in the same place is absolutely incredible.

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