FOUND: XKE OTS Jaguar Garage Find!

Welcome to Coffee Stroll Episode 302!!!


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FOUND: XKE OTS Jaguar Garage Find!

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  1. That dude wanted Dennis to check out his Dune Buggy sooo bad hahaha. He thought he was the coolest guy driving that thing

  2. Dennis just bought a *lot* of work, spent my life around these cars, rusted on the showroom floor according to my father who served his time on them, 1st to do is grab the Heritage Certificate from JDHT. Then thousands of hours! Carnival red for the 2 of them👌

    1. @@TheEnd-eg6wq he’s not the least bit qualified…….The proper bankroll though, yes.

  3. Denis as always is very respectful, I’d love u to do a video about your family, parents, siblings. Your parents done a great gob.

    1. Not always, the lady asked if he wanted to wet the towel he ignore her and the guy asked a question as well and he ignored him.

    2. It’s his channel. You think he’s going to put out videos that make him look like a jerk?

  4. Man, that lady is a genuinely lovely person! Its hard to fake that although my wife is pretty good at it when we’re in public! 😅 Good show!

  5. My dad once had a Corvair Monza with the 180HP turbo charged engine, and he swears it was the best handling and most fun car he had ever driven. BUT, coming down a long hill, in the rain, it wouldn’t stop soon enough to miss another wreck in front of him, and it was totaled. But he kept the drivetrain. Being an engineer, and Army officer, he had the means to do something cool with it, so he ordered a dune buggy kit and put that 180HP engine in a car that ended up weighing a little under 1500lbs! That’s one helluva power to weight ratio! As far as wheelies, well my older brothers had to put broken up cinder blocks in the tiny front compartment, and they even put heavier front wheels and tires in the front to keep it down. I remember hanging on for dear life sitting on a life preserver cushion and holding onto that roll bar while the front end bounced around under hard acceleration. They really started out in second gear most of the time, and the exhaust pipes would always get kinked acting as wheelie bars. It was never street legal, no blinkers, and the headlights rarely worked after so many hard landings. That car was nothing but hysterical laughs driving around on property we had out on Wadamalaw Island here near Charleston, SC. Since we moved a fair bit, it sat a little too long and the engine got frozen by rust, as the salt marsh was very close by. A sad ending, but fun while it lasted! Imagine 180HP, rear engined, and less than 1500 pounds on the street. It was white, never properly painted, fiberglass bucket seats with no cushions, barely stopped, with first gear working better, and was always sideways or wheels up. Crazy times. I swear I had more insane adventures by the time I was 13 than anyone else I’ve very met! It’s in the blood, for sure.

    1. My grandfather put a v8 in a corvair big engine with tunnel ram behind the front seat. Married a vw bug with a Oldsmobile Toronado. Looked stock box covered with carpet like you’d put big speakers in behind front seats. Wasn’t loud at all. Talk about a sleeper😂 night shift machine shop at general electric. Had to keep those Tool and die machines busy 😂 on a slow night.

  6. “You can’t afford it” aka not worth paying for it. 🤠 That was the least food of plates on the table that Dennis ever order. 😮

  7. The first time I saw the XKE was as a kid when I moved into CT back in 1974. The father of who would become my best childhood friend owned a powder blue/black/black 12cyl. convertible. As a kid it was the first time I saw a car that I could call beautiful. To this day there is no other car that to me is as strikingly beautiful no matter what year model XKE I’m looking at. They are gorgeous from literally every angle. What really tells the tail of its genuine beauty of design is how many other car company owners/founders/designers historically, even the likes of Enzo Ferrari himself the producer of some incredible designs, agree that it’s the most beautiful car ever made. That includes all the one off “special” designs. Just an amazingly timeless definition of genuinely functional automotive artwork. 👍🏻😎👍🏻

  8. The sly grin on Dennis’ face as the young man said, “You couldn’t afford it” when checking out the Manx. Shawn P starts laughing out loud, and told him, “You don’t want to say that to this person!” Funniest quip I’ve seen on this channel so far!

    1. The young man should have said no amount of money will buy this . Dollars don’t matter in this situation .

    2. @@larryc8607 agreed. Simple and effective answer. Kudos to Sean P for his comment as that guy had no clue that Dennis could buy that manyx 20x.

    3. Unfortunately “you can’t afford it” really makes that young man look like a tool, and he probably isn’t.

  9. I think the guy with the Manx meant it was worth way more to him than to anyone else due to its sentimental value….it just came off very badly. Dennis can afford anything….if he doesn’t know that he will soon after he watches a few Coffee Walk videos 😂. Dennis was a class act as always.

  10. Dennis Collins is a true gentleman when dealing with the sellers of these collector vehicles. Definitely a car community ambassador! Kudos!

  11. When I started this episode I was literally thinking to myself I wish Dennis did more VW stuff and then a Meyer’s Manx pops up love it

  12. I’m loving your stuff, Dennis. You seem to be a genuinely nice person, and I like the way you treat those around you with humour and respect. Nice score on the Jag, and we’ll see you next week! ✌️❤️🙂🇨🇦

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