From 30MPH to 260MPH, the difference in damage is wild 🏎️💥

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From 30MPH to 260MPH, the difference in damage is wild 🏎️💥

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  1. Seems like you have a chance at 80 and under. That probably why I lived when my accident was at like 78.

  2. GOOD GAWD!!! Now I see what they mean when someone is literally wrapped around a telephone pole! 😳

    1. I seen a car hit a telephone pole at 140 went through it an kept going they are made to break if hit by a car that thing in the video is a security stop its reinforced concrete an steel

    1. @Angelus Draco, yea it might stand a better chance, lol. In reality tho, when automakers started making vehicles “crumple/disintegrate”, people suffered less severe injuries and survived more often. It was the old, very rigid car bodies that transferred the “energy” from the impact to the fragile occupants. So now with airbags, crumple zones etc., the vehicles look a lot worse but accident victims don’t as much.

      Of course, the downside is that some people are just outright reckless so it is true that “safer cars” CAN make some drivers more dangerous because they “think” they can drive faster, brake later etc. I remember one gentleman discussing driver/vehicle safety suggesting “One problem is, we’ve made cars so much safer, quieter and more comfortable such that when you’re driving at 70mph, it feels like “40mph”. He also mentioned, “We started with putting airbags in the steering wheel so people feel safe about tailgating other vehicles etc. But I wondered, what if we were to put a giant SPIKE in the center of the steering wheel. Drivers would likely avoid driving too closely to vehicles in front of them…”, LOL… He definitely had a POINT, lol…

  3. It’s speed that kills people in car accidents. I work in law enforcement in the traffic division and I’ve seen the worst of the worst. 🤦🏾‍♀️

    1. well you usually don’t see deadly crashes when everyone is idling in traffic, but usually speed is a contributing factor, there’s plenty of ways to die in car accidents even under the speed limits. I’d say it’s not absolute speed that kills but going faster than the safe speed according to the conditions. sometimes the safe speed is over the limits sometimes it’s under. I wouldn’t be surprised if distances kill more than speed though. a bunch of cars driving the speed limit but way too close to each other is a disaster waiting to happen. someone slams the brakes in front and you have very high chance tjat people start rear ending each other, and it’s even worse if people have been driving for hours

    2. Well, I agree, but what I don’t agree with is calling it an accident. So if you’re driving above the speed limit and this is something you routinely do particularly if you’re driving more than 10 miles over the speed limit. This is reckless driving, and it’s also illegal to do, so it’s not an accident if you lose control and hit something or someone, you were at fault because you caused the incident to occur, and but for your reckless behavior/conduct/actions behind the wheel this incident wouldn’t have occurred, and so it’s no accident, it’s negligence and if you kill someone it’s criminal negligence/homicide by motor vehicle.

      So if you’re driving 100 miles an hour in a 55 mile an hour speed limit zone, and you slam into something it’s likely going to kill you, but it’s not the speed that kills you it’s the sudden stop, and it’s the legal, property damage and hospital bills that will finish the job if you didn’t die at the scene.

  4. moral: there are two types of people. one who place that pole, and second who waits to record crashes.

    1. @Pages of Poem, wait there is the 3rd type, the “insurance adjuster” who totals your car whether you crashed it at 260mph OR just 30 mph, lol.

    2. @Zenith Perigee hold on, and then there’s a sacrifice. (he was F1 driver and i told him the highway is clear)

  5. Теперь давайте поставим машину и будем запускать в неё столб)

  6. You should show this at schools and before your driving test it might save a life or two 😢

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