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This is the , a futuristic Chinese Super GT that has among the craziest designs we have actually ever seen.

Both the interior and exterior look like they belong in a sci-fi move, with functions like an infotainment screen mounted to a robotic arm! It also has these insane cyberpunk headlights and can compose messages on the sides of the doors.

Today Tuesday reveals you what the of EVs from China are going to appear like.

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Futuristic Has Emoji Headlights |

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  1. We’re officially in the future you guys!!! 😍😍 Too many cool features to choose from but which one was your fave?!

  2. Edgy design inside and out but I think all the lighting special effects and pixelly LEDs will get old kinda fast.🤩

    1. So, what else? Plasma Screens covering the skin of the car? That’s an exceptionally BAD idea…What is your suggestion for something ‘better’?

  3. Like the features and the screen. But I would love if the dash was designed for it to go in more into the dash

  4. I know a South African 🇿🇦 when I hear one. I’m more impressed with the presenter than the car, lol 😅. Very beautiful. Both ✨.

  5. Es un buen auto, pero debo decir que el apertura de puertas no es funcional en mi pais! Saludos a todos los que integran el canal! 😃👍🏻🚗

  6. Being a tech guy I love how everything can be controlled from the touch screen in the car! And I love that the back seaters get their own touch controls! Not a big fan of having to rely on the tablet up front to see behind you. I can see that being a safety issue if something were to happen to the cameras or if they got too dirty. But other than that I love this car! Ty for sharing! This is such a great channel! If you love cars then definitely give this channel a follow!

    1. @Johannes Vik Well it’s certainly your right to have that opinion. I personally love cars that have em. But to each their own.

  7. I prolly shouldn’t say this, but they’re working together with hypercar manufacturer Apollo to develop a 1300hp, 186mph tip speed version called the Hiphi A

  8. Wowwwwww that car looks stunning ‘I WANT ONE’. Shame I could NEVER afford one though, ah well can always dream I suppose, unless there’s any kind person out there that would love to buy me one haha, I wish. Great design, great car, love it.

  9. Whoa I don’t know at first that we “need” a car with that many LED screens outside and inside the car. And it looks quite cooll too

    Kinda look like nissan GTR at the front and Mclaren Senna vibes at the back (the tailight)

    Nice car btw❤❤❤

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