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  1. When he said “and the coolest part of the car is..”
    Bruh that entire car is super amazing, each and every part is cool!

  2. 免許を取ったばかりで今はちっぽけな中古車に乗ってますが、いつかはこんな車に乗りたいなぁ

    1. @Дмитрий Удоденко かっこいいからです。人類がデカい車や速い車に乗りたいと思う理由はそれだけで十分です!

    1. ​@S FX actually for what it cost forbthe solar that’s garbage. I think people forget these parts have lifespans and will eventually be completely useless.

  3. Light fender bender, $200k… (EV ford truck had light fender bender cost him $50k to replace). Great stuff 👍

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