Garage Update! What’s Left in Doug DeMuro’s Garage in April 2024?


There have actually been some changes to my garage just recently, so today I am providing an upgrade!


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00:00 THIS …
00:28 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:44 Nine Needy Cars
01:05 Why YouTubers Are Afraid to Offer Automobiles
02:18 The Haters
04:05 I Have Obligations and Commitments
05:01 Why I'm Keeping Some Automobiles
05:30 My Daily Motorist Vehicles
07:20 My Fun Cars
08:04 2005 Ford GT
09:09 1999 Mercedes-Benz G500 Cabriolet
10:09 2005 Carrera GT
11:10 Is the Carrera GT Worth It?
11:59 1983 Lamborghini Countach
13:13 Last Ideas

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Garage Update! What's Left in Doug DeMuro's Garage in April 2024?

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    1. The territory has the same number and population density that is a lot higher today compared in Europe compared with other parts in Europe as a percentage basis in terms for population growth compared with the rest of Asia.

    1. Pretty much the only point of the videos now is to drive traffic and advertising to cars in bids. But! That’s not a negative observation. It’s all great.

    2. ​@randrewp Other than his “THIS podcast”. 15 min of news, then 45-60 min of them talking about cars they’ve sold on the auction site. It’s rather boring and annoying. I watch the beginning and turn it off.

    3. Has he said in his podcast when asked why he doesn’t become ceo of cars and bids..

      He said he makes car youtube videos for a living and shouldn’t be responsible for running a company and fair play to him for that.
      He’s made enough mimey now out of cars and bids and can now just do what he likes doing rather then doing things for money.

      He’s a luck man.

  1. Oh yea? Well I got an update to my garage too! My Ryobi drill decided to pass away 😡 should have just gone Milwaukee

  2. i wish i could walk around in gym shorts and play video games all day. engineering is great! (i’m sleep deprived and going paycheck to paycheck and the liquor cabinet is the only thing keeping me going)

    1. Is that what employees at Subway are calling themselves now? Sandwich Engineers? lol how’s am engineer living paycheck to paycheck

    2. @@NathanWojo When you’re out of school with a great job you can make daddy Doug an offer for that Ford GT once he’s bored haha, Doug’s to the point where any vehicle he’s owned has an added value for the Demuro nostalgia

    3. @@samthecar oh young lad… yee shall soon find out. working 25+ hour weeks on top of a full class load is whats really doing me in i think, but it’s not like i have a choice. money = food + rent. im in cs tho if u doin ce or meeg its a lil easier. just all the math and science bs i gotta do is killing me. like why tf i need phys 1 and 2, and chem 1 for computer science. programming classes are more interesting but they’ve gotten progressively harder.

  3. I also think the E450 is a perfect car for a family used vehicle. As myself grown older, I also realized you don’t really need that power for your family car, besides, E450 and Audi A6 allroad both have turbo v6, which are not exactly slow. They might be slower than E63 or RS6, but they are a lot more comfortable to drive/ sit in.

    1. @@IceTTom No it doesn’t, he started with a YouTube channel. There are people who come to the USA with nothing and build businesses, it all depends on how much you’re willing to sacrifice for your dream. Rent too expensive? Are you willing to live in a van? Can’t get a van? Are you willing to be homeless for your dream? Because I can tell you right now there are people who do it, without massive monthly bills it’s amazing what a person can accomplish, you find a way, you use gyms for showering, fast food stores are your bathrooms, rent a locker somewhere to store stuff, study at the library for your new career, cut off all toxic, useless friends who aren’t supportive, work from morning to night, you CAN do it, you just don’t take your dream seriously enough, you completely misjudge the lengths at which some people are willing to go to get where they want to be. You are just lazy and that’s okay, you can change that, just admit it and be real with yourself and make a change today.

    2. @@christopher-gardner no he needed a lot of money to start up the site, before the buy-out. It takes considerable resources to run that kind of live auction site, and it wouldn’t have been profitable for years. Luckily he got bought out before it tanked him.

    1. One car (actually the same as my last car) and 6000 miles in six months. I keep looking at what I could save by adding something like a BMW i3 but when you factor in maintenance and depreciation it would probably be nothing.

  4. I too have a fleet of 6 cars, a motorhome, two tractors, two dirt bikes and something always needs maintenance or repairs. I get that it can be too much to look after any more than that. People with 10+ cars, you just know the cars are slowly rotting from lack of use or attention.

    1. I’m convinced the only person who can get away with having 10+ cars is Leno because of him having employees to take care of the cars. Otherwise guys like Hoovie are just collecting cars to rot because of nostalgia and a hoarding mental illness

    2. Agree, I have sold off a few vehicles just because you simply don’t have time to use them all, plus every week or so a registration is due it seems. It all adds up. Selling my boat felt the best, no more monthly berthing fees 🎉

  5. I turned 30 last year, and for the first time in my car buying life I only own one car. I too am working on simplifying my life, and I can confirm it feels pretty good.

    1. Right on, I’m down to 4 but mainly use my truck and 911, so I’m working on getting rid of the other two👍

  6. I’m 23, I understand his POV. I have 1 Car – 1 Motorcycle. That’s all I need & I have no idea how my life would be without them. Perfectly balanced as all vehicle ownership should be!

  7. Subscriber for almost 11 years! At 80 years old I’ve seen a lot of life. Four years ago after watching one of your videos, I accepted your advise and and purchased a new Hyundai Sonata with a no interest loan. One of the things I’ve enjoyed is watching Doug mature from an industries kid into a grown Man! Watching Dougs life and how it has grown, has been quite enjoyable. This next phase of Dougs life will be very enjoyable. Hopefully he will continue to upgrade us on his life story. Oh a final word, another couple of cars you will need to hire an autmobgialist to handle and fondle your collection!

    1. I’m 42 and I feel the same, 10 year subscriber, very often I thought to myself “My boy has grown so much” hahaha

  8. I’m a long time subscriber and I never felt you ever went out of touch or losing yourself. I’m quite amazed with all the success you gained that you never went “Hollywood”. I appreciate you very much as a reviewer and as a person.

  9. I have followed Doug for almost 10 years, Doug bought and sold his cars.
    I understand why people get “bothered” but he has always been a fan of selling and buying cars.

  10. I will never NOT be surprised when Doug expresses undying love & affection for his Countach. Not in a million years would I have pegged Doug as Countach guy, but I’m happy he’s found true love!

  11. I’m up to 11 cars. Doug actually did a video of one of them. Congrats on all the amazing success. I sold off a few fun cars when my kids were young so that I could get a nice, safe, family SUV. Slowly but surely I acquired additional cars that are collectible and not depreciating assets. But on a beautiful day, it’s hard to drive more than one. I will likely follow your lead and get down to 5 or 6. Maybe I can upgrade the quality if I downgrade the quantity.

  12. Don’t always agree with Doug’s taste in cars, but he offers a gem of advice here. “Get rid of cars that you wouldn’t maintain/fix enthusiastically”. I am going to use this to widdle down my fleet.

    1. He has a pretty good choice though. Used to own a Viper and 360, both amazing cars with amazing engines and looks

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