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    1. It seems that the vast majority of people who could afford to buy them didn’t want to row their own gears, but the second/third… and on owners do. This is how we ended up with leather being thought of as the luxury option over cloth, that was the opposite in the early 20th century. The driver sat out in the sun and rain on a leather bench while the owners sat under a roof on fine cloth seats, strange how things turn out.

    2. @MrNarfyNoof yeah but it’s still funny how nowadays manuals are worth more than when they were new. Maybe this would make manual cars sell more nowadays

    3. @Eduardo M. L. I think that’s the reason hot hatches have only just started to fully adopt auto’s in the last 5 years in Europe. The last Renault Clio RS was an auto and was very unpopular, so much so there’s not been a new one since 2018 sadly.

  1. I totally agree that latest twin clutch auto maybe faster but these gated manual T/M give us much more excitement and joy to control the whole car by yourself. Especially without traction controls or other electronic helping devices 😉

  2. Some LP640s had manuals and there was even some manual LP670s but since Lamborghini didn’t produce as many LP670s as they intended too (due to the aventador)

  3. Turns out that Kobe Bryant’s wife had the very first automatic Murcielago. Kobe bought that and a huge diamond ring for her after the whole cheating scandal came out.

  4. Manual forever! Theres no other transmission in my eyes. An autotragic cant rev match downshift, cant double clutch downshift, cant slam through gears , etc. and #1 an auto will never give you the driver input like a three pedal car can. People can disagree but thats just me

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