Gear Selector Quirks Of 2024 Audi Q8 E-Tron #shorts


Gear Selector Quirks Of 2024 Audi Q8 E-Tron #shorts

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  1. Omigosh the first three comments are bots with huge butts as profile pics saying “So beautiful and touching! You’re a gift!”
    Just had to document this for future commenters.

    1. I always report them. They should have to go through the trouble of having to recreate their account or having it filtered out when they comment

    1. Bro this isn’t complicated at all every car is now going towards some sort of major change , Audi Makes subtle and Space ship typa cars , say Tesla , U don’t even have a dam gear selector teslas are awful

    2. @@Puddles1thank you! If this is too complicated you shouldn’t be driving! Lol this is wayyy better than teslas system

  2. WHY must they make gear selectors so complicated? I got in a Mercedes the other day and it took me five minutes to figure out how to put it in drive.

    1. I don’t know what’s wrong with regular gear selectors, I don’t know why everyone feels the need to change things that don’t need to be changed

    2. Ah was it one of those ridiculous sticks where the windscreen wipers are on every other car? GLB I think has that.

    3. I’m glad my car is a manual, most simple of them all. No need to learn how to use it, unlike these things manufacturers are making nowadays.

    4. ​@@AIDAHAR210and yet most of American cars have been automatic for years. Manual is not easy,thats why theres a requirement for instructor training and testing in most countries for manual. Automatics were always easier than manual until these new configurations started appearing for some reason. Probably because they think its easier for the new generation, which aren’t so clever.

    1. He probably knew that but he made sure you could see the button and the gears shifting on the camera

  3. I drive forklifts and tractors daily which have the selector the intuitive way – push forward for forward. After 10.000 km i still confuse it sometimes in my Audi (muscle memory?) and nearly hit my trashcan trying to get out of the garage with my girlfriend laughing at me.

  4. This gear selector is amazing, your hand naturally rests on top and thumb is right there for the park button. Audi did a great job.

  5. I am a car runner in the service department of a Chevrolet dealership. We get all makes coming in for oil changes and other repairs and I’m tired of car makers trying to reinvent the wheel. Yesterday I drove a 2021 Ford Ranger and I had to use the digital touch screen to operate the heater controls. I’d rather have a rotary knob like in my 2009 Ranger. I don’t have to look at it and I can feel which way it’s pointed.

    1. I don’t remember which car it was but a new model suv had the basic climate controls in a menu behind a few “clicks” on the screen so you would have to look down at your console, press the controls, press the AC, and then slide the temperature to what you want. Meanwhile your eyes have completely left the road while you were trying to find the buttons. Some aspects of digital controls should be illegal, honestly

    2. Yeah, I hate the cruise controls now. On my 2008 Chevy, I could operate it without looking at it or taking my hands off the wheel.
      Where is the improvement?

    3. it’s all in the name of modernity and minimalist interiors. it’s also to save cost. unfortunately, gone are the days where things are made easier, instead it’s all about how companies can make their cars for cheap and make more profit

  6. I remember test driving this car when we were looking for an EV and we spent a solid couple minutes figuring out how to work the darn thing, we ended up choosing an Ioniq 5, much better EV for the price IMO.

  7. Even ‘gear selector’ would be inaccurate now, since there’s no gears to shift.
    ‘Direction selector’ would be more like it.

  8. After 6 months of ownership – this gear selector is actually very intuitive. Having the hand rest section is very helpful and using your fingers to adjust is quick and easy. Really isn’t as complicated as it seems at first.

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