Getting A Coffee In The Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato!

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Getting A Coffee In The Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato!

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  1. Would have been fun of they had given you a rally cross type track drive on with a mixture of on and off road sections to see how well it trasitions from one to the other.

  2. This proves Lamborghini has a sense of humor. What a hilariously awesome car. Will this be the new “it” car for St Moritz winters?

    1. Show a car you cannot buy .. a resellers wet dream. Maybe that was the whole entire point, more money for resellers a whole new tier of the supercar grift cake.

    2. Was there ever any doubt that lamborghini has a sense of humour? They are literally THE BRAND for over the top child-like fun supercars, which makes them so awesome

  3. Perfectly time release to distract me from the F1 preamble. Awesome video as always and what a car. I do have to ask myself though that instead making an off road monster they’ve actually made a city super car. Speed bumps, potholes and road detritus pinging off the reinforced under body panels, no problem. Width restricters may be an issue but other routes are available. Never mind Sterrato, they should’ve called it the Citta (City)👍🏻

  4. Love it. Would have it in the Sian coupe spec colour wise and see if they had the wheel arch extensions extend around the rear

    1. Don’t get me wrong I love Sam’s filming its the best out there. But know a few of those shots are from Lamborghini.

  5. I love Lamborghini – this car defines the spirit of the company. Amazing sound and performance which allows you to have the most fun possible in a car.

  6. The biggest thing I can say about Sam’s uploads is I always watch till the very end. Great job as always!

  7. Great intro to this car. From a distance I thought it a stupid thing. Now I agree. This would be fun. I see no fun in all these cars that barely will go into a driveway let alone cope with regular imperfect roads.
    I started my driving enthusiasm on a farm growing up. I learned to drive in a VW beetle with a stick shift. So much fun as you could drive it like a dune buggy across fields or down back roads and slide it around corners. This is a grown up version of that. Great engine sound, flawless drive train, and possible to just have some fun. Why drive when you can only go on perfect tarmac at speeds that will put you in jail?

  8. I thought I liked a firm ride until I drove the Tecnica around Millbrook – makes a GT3 feel like a Bentley so I can totally see why you were raving about the Sterrato being the one to have! Great review and I hope Lambo lend you one for more adventures

  9. You’re in class of your own Sam. Your enthusiasm and joy is really contagious, in a good way ofcourse 😂… Keep it up!

  10. Epic car, epic scenery, and those off road shots? Unbelievably cool. I’m glad you got a chance to experience such a car as this! Best way to send off an iconic supercar.

  11. Sam, another epic video. You seemed much more excited about this car than the Dakar. If you were planning World Trip 2 which car would you take?

  12. Likely someone said this before but it was a hoot seeing Mario giggling as Sam put the Sterrato through some of its paces. Yeehaa!

  13. Man the sounds of the engines in the background is just epic… what a shame people have a goal to make these move into the history books…

  14. This car deserves a proper road trip, Iceland sounds amazing. Lamborghini, please help Sam make it happen

  15. Great video as always Sam! For a future trip idea with the Huracan Sterrato and knowing how much you like alpine passes, you’ve got to check out the Colle delle Finestre. Some of the sections near the summit are gravel! Colle delle Finestre (el. 2178 m.) is a mountain pass in the Cottian Alps, in the Italian region of Piemonte, Italy, linking the Susa Valley and Val Chisone.
    Eight kilometers of road leading to the summit from the Susa end have not been asphalted.

  16. Such a wild thing – when it was originally launched I wasn’t sure about it but now I’m sold this is such a cool car

  17. One things for sure mine would be completely wrapped in PPF.
    😊Your Video are getting more and more on point everytime.

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