Getting An Abandoned & Ultra Rare Pre-Merger AMG Started After Sitting For 27 Years! Will It Drive?

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Here's part 2!

In this video, we find an ultra-rare pre-merger AMG automobile that's been sitting for 27 years! We check the engine and prepare it for its very . Wait until you see all the cool old-school AMG things we discover.

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Here's the hacked-up body shop work I discovered behind the bumpers of my Lexus.

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Getting An Abandoned & Ultra Rare Pre-Merger AMG Started After Sitting For 27 Years! Will It Drive?

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  1. Whoever let that car sit is a legend… they cleared the fuel system out and dumped oil down the cylinders that’s amazing.

    1. @Johan Sidén id, say if it wasn’t a car like this, but im pretty sure the mechanic knew what he had, this thing is cherry.

    1. @Si Raff I’m legally correct. If you want to ignore that fact, spend your money on that fake AMG he shows. lol I’ve been around and know more than you do about the subject. But I understand that younger people are stubborn and don’t like to learn.

    2. @Je Loh I’ve noticed at least in my case that YT always seems to have their algorithm show me channels like this, that have tons of subs and clickbait titles, or misleading titles. Definitely won’t be subscribing to this one either.

    3. FYI.. The Fanttik you pitched had zero problems starting my 4 battery 9 ton army truck….thanks for the heads up

  2. Dude this is one of your best 1st startup videos ever. This car is a gem and the way you did it and how organized the steps you took are just amazing.
    Great video and a great car, I would love to see a follow up on things would turn out later.

  3. Wow, what a find! Nice content. Can’t wait to see how the Lexus turns out and the giveaway. Keep it coming, Alex👍

  4. This was my favorite car I owned. It was when MB was so much better made than any other car. The seats were all leather and as you can see last a very long time. The motor starting brought back so many memories of what a beautiful car. Nothing has really measured up since.

    1. @F.Hamer This is definitely not MB Tex. MB Tex on the 126 looks different from leather. These are leather seats for sure (I have the same ones in my W126 just in blue).

  5. Those mats, and the sheepskin seat covers, almost certainly came from Beverly Hills Motoring Accessories which used to have multi-page ads in the back of every issue of ‘Car and Driver’ magazine back then. It also has the Euro-spec H4 headlamps that BHMA used to sell for most Mercedes models then, too. The Whistler Spectrum was not a dealer-installed item, more of a sketchy-car-audio-shop-installed item. Actually, everything about that car looks like the original owner just bought one of everything from the back pages of C&D.

  6. My mouth immediately dropped when you said what it was… That’s one of the coolest cars ever made in my opinion.

  7. @LegitStreetCars – Hey Alex I’m sure you know these cars, but I own a bunch of these early W126 cars so a couple tips. First, when you replace the Fuel Pump, be sure and replace the fuel accumulator. It’s best to take the whole assembly off and change all three (pump, filter, and accumulator). The Fuel Accumulator in these cars has an outsized effect in how they run – not only keeping pressure in the system when you try to re-start the car, but assisting the fuel pump in keeping the pressure required to pop those mechanical injectors. Trust me this is a big source of problems that’s so often overlooked.

    Second, don’t worry about cleaning the injectors – the old ones are made of steel and can easily get rusty. Bosch still sells new ones made of brass (these were used on SO many cars) and if you’re going to get into the system just replace the old steel injectors with new brass ones.

    Lastly (from a performance perspective) the biggest things holding these cars back is the old factory catalytic convertors. Requires the air pump to light them off, and they are super restrictive. If you look at old factory literature, the same motors without Cat were rated +25hp. So removing the factory cats and replacing with modern high-flow cats will make the engines run better, accelerate faster, and you can get rid of a bunch of failure points by removing the AIR Pump system. I promise getting rid of the Cats alone bring these motors to life!

    Good luck! Very cool car!

    1. I’ve got my 1990 300se, she was my first car…learned so much on her! I still drive her on weekends…nothing like em!

    2. Thanks for the info, I just got a 1987 420SEL in a beautiful dark blue that I’m going to swap the transmission on but I think the fuel system needs work as well.

  8. Alex, your videos and enthusiasm for cars and working on them has lead me to want to go back to school to be a mechanic. You are a role model and one of the best out there. Keep up the great work and I look forward to meeting you someday. Rock on 🤘

  9. Looks like it was fully prepared for long term storage with the fuel drained & oiled pistons etc. Somebody really loved that car. What a great addition to anyone’s collection.

  10. Great video Alex and great preparation for a first start up after sitting for so many years! I have several of these cars (W126) in euro spec (280SE, 300SE, 500SE). Recently I have been working on my 500SE’s engine (M117.963) as I wasn’t sure about the condition of the guide rails and the chain stretch. I would advise you to take off the other cam cover, as the guide rails on the left side of the engine are prone to break and can cause catastrophic engine failure (due to age and brittleness of the plastic guides). On my engine both chain guides on the left side were actually broken and I was lucky enough to find the loose pieces still laying on the chain. Based on the color of the guide on the right hand side (the cover you removed in the video), I bet the original guides are still installed. Also, even without oil pressure, the chain slack seems a bit too much (this could also be due to a broken guide). To check, you have to line up the marks on the cams and then check that its on top dead center on the crankshaft. Everything up to around 10 degrees is acceptable. Nonetheless, I would start with replacing the guides. I replaced the guides without using special tools. I can send you some pictures of how I did it if you are interested. I also have the original Mercedes manual (in German) on hand on how to replace the guide rails and the tensioner rail. Good luck and I look forward to more videos on this project! These 500’s are still pretty quick and fun to drive in euro spec!

  11. I stumbled upon this vid. I’m quite surprised and pleased to see the interest in the car. I didn’t know there was that much. I have one I bought in 2004 for nearly nothing, and have been driving it daily since (250K miles as of this month). Glad to see the care they took in checking it out. That’s the way it’s done. Cheers! PS: Watch those timing parts on W126 V-8s !!!

  12. I love the way you checked up everything before cranking up , i found myself in similar situation with a BMW 528i that had lots of bolts and nuts in the head, we just had the presence of mind to remove the valve cover.This vehicle is great it would be amazing to drive and it sounds good.This vehicle drinks lots of fuel but hey its an honor to own one.

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