Getting Coffee In A Mercedes SL65 Black Series!

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I check out @DKEngineeringTV to support the wheel of a vehicle I've constantly wanted to experience … the Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG Black Series!

Just 350 vehicles were made and it produced around 660hp and 1,000 nm of torque from it's V12 … in 2009! Insane figures.

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Getting Coffee In A Mercedes SL65 Black Series!

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    1. @DonBarracuda As a film school grad, I’d really LOVE a BTS series of how he runs everything – planning, production, post.

      He’s the auto YouTuber I relate with the most, yet he still has time to be a father, husband and person who makes sense of what Tony rambles on about.

      He’s like Manny Koshbin minus the Veyrons.

  1. Great to see the Wednesday uploads back Sam! Really appreciate the work you do to put out two videos and a podcast for us every week

  2. Sam I’ve always been a massive fan of the SLs! And this is the epitome of the SL cars! Love that you’re reviewing it! Much love from Florida and Kansas!

  3. Great video Sam and couldn’t agree with you more regarding this side of Mercedes. It’s a shame the direction they’re heading in but thank god we have cars like this to look back on and enjoy as classics.

  4. Man I love this car. Always happy to see modern classics on the channel! Weirdly I had a chat to an owner of one of these at a fuel station when they were first delivered. He picked his up along with Jeremy Clarkson and some famous chef…

  5. Was binge watching some classics from 2018, with SOL in Monaco driving the Aventador for the first time. Refreshed the channel and saw this video! Great content Sam I love this channel.

  6. This car is amazing! This video reminds me of last summer, when my dad and i went to germany to collect his SL65 AMG (non black series). The guy he bought it off asked if we had time to see another car he had in a garage a few kilometers away. It turned out it was a SL65 Black series. What a car!

    1. I’ve been in one that had a slightly shoutier exhaust, better seats and a but more power. And I fell in love.

  7. So cool to see that legend on the road. Was just thinking about it last week. Some cars are just cool, no matter how unpractical ❤

  8. Sam, your 911 looks so dam good. The colour of your 911, plus the colour of the wheels….wow. You have a good eye for choosing the colour combination 👍

  9. An SL65 Black Series on Michelin Cup2’s in the rain is almost insane. The fact that you were able to control it easily speaks to your restraint and respect as well as the virtuoso engineering of the tires which as you know are track focused but road friendly. Put the same tires on an SL65 Roadster and acceleration and handling are tremendously improved over the original PZero’s of 2009. The correct select upgrades are almost like a built in cheat code.

  10. Well, if the video does not sell this car, then I don’t know what will! Fun ‘youngtimer’ coffee run, love the massive wing and wider arches. The car
    deserves an evening video on the Wangan, maybe get a coffee in Tokyo next? Thank you, surprise choice, much looking forward to more Sam 🙂

  11. The cars of this era will always have a special place in my heart, especially this one, the LFA and the 458. It seems like a lifetime ago in memories, but when they were new, I was splitting time between in-house security for a high end hotel and as a PPO for corporate clientele. I had several eccentric gentleman with eclectic tastes in automobiles whom I worked for that allowed me to live out brief fantasies in their cars at their behest, even if it was a short jaunt to the airport or around the block from the parking garage. In the truest sense of the phrase, “They don’t make ’em like they used to!”

  12. I think you need to do a series of “Cars That Were on Top Gear That we Watched Growing up”
    Great video as always, superb type of content! More cars like this please 👌🏻

  13. It still baffles me how Sam doesn’t have 1 million subscribers – the videos are consistently high in both content and production values. Plus it all feels so authentic, which is a rarity.

    1. He cornily puts himself in the thumbnail every time. He also doesn’t do a clickbait type churn. He’s for a car purist who likes and can sit through all the weird car nerd stuff we love.

  14. I laughed a lot as he pulled out of the coffee shop and thought he was gonna end up back in there lmaoo

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