Getting Coffee In The NEW Ferrari Purosangue!

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I head to Italy to get behind the wheel of an all brand-new … the first four-door # … the #Purosangue!

Numerous are calling this an SUV, however I'm not so sure. Whilst it does have actually increased right height and more practicality than any prior to it … it is still well and truly a supercar.

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Intro Music – Holismo, Sheldrake by Seiscientosdoce.
Channel Art & Introduction Photography by Adam Shah [] & Chris Williams []

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Getting Coffee In The NEW Ferrari Purosangue!

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  1. Well hello!! Lets talk about the edit 👌🏻 fantastic drone footage and engine sound combo. Well done Sam. 👏🏻

    1. It’s his shots, editing, choice of music, thought process on these cars that really separates Sam from the others.

  2. Love this casual videos with Tim !
    By the way that drone shot deserves a oscar grammy or whatever ! Holy crap

    1. ​@taviation I didn t say that ! Pretty much apreciate the more technical videos of Tim ! Every ytber have his own style… thank god 😉

    2. Grammys are for music, Oscars are for film, so maybe in the short-film documentary category might Sam qualify for an Oscar 😉

    3. The landscape of the Dolomites in Italy is spectacular ! Crossing it then with such a Ferrari, it becomes even more beautiful !

  3. Nailed it Sam, watched most the reviews and that was by far the best and some spectacular scenery shots thrown in for good measure. So my question would be new Range Rover and 296 or that?

  4. The 2 gentlemen of car YouTube finally in a video together,cue the most civil review of a car in history.

  5. I was waiting for Dad-Tim to say, “stop playing with all the buttons son!!!” 😁 (great video as always)

  6. Hey Sam… the best cinematically and technical vlogs of the Purosangue launch. Great to see an alternative narrative…. Thank god for good coffee ☕️

    1. Very true… I wonder why many car manufacturers still invite many of these clowns – arrogant, bad jokes, cannot drive, mediocre camera work and often with a smaller audience.
      2/3 of the reviewers can easily be dropped and would make it actually better for the brand.

  7. The cinematography is getting better and better, Sam! Great video and pleased to see you’re still doing your own thing and standing out from the other videos. Keep up the good work!

  8. The way no journalist or youtuber has made comments about the resemblance to the Mazda CX-30 while it’s the exact same type of proportions makes me think that Ferrari has given out a list of things not to say haha. Epic video Sam!

  9. I love your channel and style of videos so so much. Thank you Sam for what you do! And Tim of course!

  10. The production quality on this one was really something incredible. Keep up the great work we love you for Sam!

  11. Sam your B-roll and cinematography far surpasses many multimillion dollar productions out there. Absolutely a delight to watch as usual!

  12. Tim and Sam left on their own give the best and the funniest videos ever ; that whole conversation with Tim was just hilarious 😂 meanwhile also reviewing the car ✨️🤌

  13. Glad to see you and Tim together once again. I also reminisce of your roadtrip collabs. The good old days. Hard to believe it’s been 5 years since. How time flies. The Purosangue is a really cool “not” SUV. It’s the perfect car that you want in a daily practical but fun car. Too bad is too expensive.

  14. Your specific videos are SUPERB. I really appreciate the scenery (town views, aerial views, mountains, trees, etc.), it REALLY brings you to the area you’re driving around!! This really separates your videos from the others, and it’s MUCH appreciated.

  15. what an absolutely fantastic video. so nice seeing you and Tim just chatting away but more importantly THOSE SHOTS halfway through the video, honestly some of the most memorable i’ve ever seen on YouTube- rewound it three times. how you manage to inject this much energy and creativity whilst balancing all your other priorities one can only imagine, but please do keep it up Sam 👏🏼

  16. English gentleman disappoints Italian lady – you’re not the first Sam and definitely won’t be the last . Superb work: cinematography, style, enthusiasm, entertaining and lovely natural bonhomie with Tim. An absolute treat – top of your game Sam

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