Getting Coffee In The NEW Maserati MC20

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Getting Coffee In The NEW Maserati MC20

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  1. Love this car! And you just keep upping your video quality 👌 as a long time viewer I can’t wait to see what happens next 😁🔥

  2. I’ve never really been a big Maserati fan overall and always valued Ferrari a lot higher but the MC20…definitely THE one Supercar atm in my opinion.
    Stunning to look at, phenomenal techwise and finally a Maserati that is worth the badge again!

    1. I agree. Maserati is one of those companies that I’m shocked has survived because who the hell actually pays the abominable brand tax they command while putting up with the terrible reliability and eating the massive depreciation? The MC20 is definitely a “We are here” statement and I hope it’s a turning point for the company.

    2. This Maserati is the most bland looking Maserati ever, why does this one outweight Ferrari in general? 💀💀💀

    3. @Ahmed Gafar because it doesn’t shout “brash, WAGS or footballers” it classy and yes people will let you out at a junction whereas in a Ferrari or a Lamborghini they stick the finger up to you

  3. One of very few midengined cars I like the design on.
    I actually saw a camouflaged Roadster on the A1 between Bologna and Modena 4 weeks ago.
    Looked good, was driving so I didn’t get a picture.
    Nice video.

  4. Regarding the boot… the MC20 probably uses FCA electronics, so the car needs to be in Park before you can open the boot. I think it’s a safety thing, as you can’t accidentally open the boot while in gear. Also, no one can open your boot while you’re sitting in traffic and steal your luggage LOL

  5. shouting ‘gaspacho’ to the wildlife! Hilarious!😀 Fantastic content Sam, well Done!👍

  6. Driving head on down the road, it gives me heaps of mc12 vibes – So happy you’ve finally reviewed it! Sick car and sick review!!

  7. Saw it in the flesh for the first time yesterday, such a beauty, living proof that modern supercars can be amazing. The interior is a bit of a letdown, maybe in a brighter spec, it’ll look much more premium. The noise is alright, its going in all the right places, the exhaust just needs a bit of tinkering. Wish this bodes well for the Maserati brand, they have the potential to be the Italian Porsche, hope that PSA/FCA merger is gonna take the brand places.

    1. Yeah Maserati is the perfect brand to contrast Porsche but it’s been grossly mismanaged. Ideally it should have gone along with Ferrari when FCA IPO’d it

  8. Love the video Sam. Saw an Mc20 on the road here in Chicago and it looked awesome. The sporty but elegant design will age quite well. The road presence was off the charts.

  9. I also have mixed feelings about the MC20.
    Front and Side looks very good, rear… not so much, missing a wing or at least some ducktail thingy imo.
    Engine seems very powerful and i love that its so rev happy, sounds really not great especially thinking of the 296GTBs V6 noises.
    Thank god i can not afford it anyway 😂

  10. You and Paul are such a comedic duo 😂 This was very entertaining and such an interesting video, I want an MC20 now !

  11. Sam I’ve been telling you to get into one of these. The MC20 for me is a really refreshing sports car and unpretentious with it, maybe that’s why I like it so much. The big question for me is this; should I win the lotto would I buy one of these or spend about the same on a Roma?

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