Getting the inside scoop on our favorite automotive coating

This week Davin heads down to Grand Rapids, Michigan to go to West Michigan Cerakote and Laser. Welcomed by owner Spenser Sydow Davin gets the inside scoop on what it requires to use this long lasting finish and what makes it so fantastic for our engine restores.

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Getting the inside scoop on our favorite automotive coating

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    1. Seems like he’s getting attached to it now 😂
      Doesn’t take much to get sucked in by these XJ’s

    1. Not everyone is comfortable talking on camera, he got better as they went. How about you try it and make some video about cerakote.

    2. I got the impression that he was busy with production work and didn’t have time for interviews.

  1. Q: What’s with Cerakote and… guns ? 🤫
    Yep, I’m Canadian and I hate guns. Especially after this last weekend’s murders…

    1. It’s okay to not understand the physics of Cerakote, so just watch the video a couple more times. Also, take the time to evaluate the actor of a deed rather than the machine. For example, I hate drunk drivers and distracted drivers who injure and kill other people, but I love cars.

  2. I absolutely love the videos on how they do stuff. I never realized how important decreasing was for the cerakote process.

    Can you make a video like this for how they set up the machine for grinding crankshafts, or surfacing heads?

  3. Not a lawyer, but Western Michigan Cerakote should consult their contract with Rivian regarding their ability to display and discuss Rivian parts on YouTube.

  4. I just came back from buying Cerakote plastic trim wipes, sat down opened youtube , what a surprise 👍

  5. I used Cerakote on my Z32 Manifolds and they look great! Can’t say if it brings temps down but I wanted to avoid wrapping the manifolds with heat wrap. Got the C-Series so I let it air dry for a week. Sandblasted, pdegreased, baked, and painted. Really easy if you have a bit of experience with painting

  6. The laser etching caught my attention. I’ve got a pair of M/T valve covers with a big blank area meant for a label. I’ll check to see what it will cost to have it engraved with something like 351 / 4v or similar.

  7. Ellerinize emeklerinize yüreğinize sağlık Süper 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  8. Hey DAVIN, how are ya, so please tell me what’s the difference between ceramics and cerakote, witch one holds up better, longer, looks, time…I don’t live super far away from you guys, We live up here in the “GREAT WHITE NORTH” ONT, CANADA, in the great royal city of Guelph, 1.5 hrs west of Toronto, or 2ish 2.5hrs north of NIAGARA Falls Ontario, Windsor is 3 hrs west of us, basically the same elements as you guys south of us…ya just wanted to know if u could share your knowledge with us….thank you davin for all the great content and knowledge me myself has learned and I’ve past on to my 20yr old son and some of his buddies, he currently driving a 04 Subaru wrx 2.0l, his other one in storage, is a Subaru something bigger motor but its right hand drive, nice car, but apparently he’s not allowed to put it on the road due to it been a right hand drive, what’s the problem is I have no idea, maybe I’ll get him to do a video on it, soon and send it in to you guys…well again thank you all at hagerty for what I’ve learned and shared with my son and friends…

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