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    1. Are you referring to when fiskers caught fire because they were partially submerged in salt water during Hurricane Sandy? Cause that’s a little worse than just “getting wet”

    1. Yeah, model Y long range is 50k right now, screen stays horizontal. But works great, has 50k super chargees and much higher quality screen infotainment, and much better performance/ similar range

    1. Yeah, it could easily have just been a manual rotation with two locking positions, which would have been more durable, but then they couldn’t justify the price tag.

  1. I don’t think these screens will age well. Eventually the software won’t support the hardware too.

  2. I hate those screens. Zero tactile feel without buttons. Impossible to use without taking your eyes off the road. And now if you have problems with one single component you lose multiple systems like AC/heater, radio, navigation, seats and countless others.

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