GT vs SLS: AMG Black Series Head-to-head Review | Henry Catchpole – The Driver’s Seat

Mercedes' SLS and AMG GT Black Series are 2 of the wildest, rarest, most pricey (and longest-named) cars and trucks ever to emerge from Affalterbach. But the factor they feel so severe may not be the one you envision.

Believe AMG and typically you believe beast engines. And yes, both of these automobiles have very impressive V8 hardware under their long, wide bonnets. However with legislation pressing AMG (along with everybody else) towards downsizing and turbocharging in the engine department, it feels like there has been a shift in focus over current years towards the handling of its automobiles. It's been noticeable throughout the AMG range, but nowhere is it more apparent than in the Black Series where this trend probably began with the SLS.

Although they have 622bhp and 720bhp respectively, these are not simply straight line super heroes; Both these Black Series developments have a real roadway racer ambiance to them. Inside they may not feel rather as stripped out as a Porsche 911 GT2 RS or a Ferrari 458 Speciale, but the suspension set up feels every bit as focussed. What's more, the retention of certain animal conveniences inside offers both Black Series cars and trucks a surprising shine of use to go with their huge efficiency and extreme tires (especially when it comes to the Cup 2R rubber on the GT).

Completion outcome is that AMG has produced two of the most exciting vehicles of current years. We hope you take pleasure in the visual contrast of the two particular examples in this film – seeing them on the road together certainly felt really unique and we want to extend a big thank you to the owner of the AMG GT Black Series for letting us use his cars and truck. If you 'd like to follow him on Instagram, then simply search for @zencardriver

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GT vs SLS: Head-to-head Review | – The Driver's Seat

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  1. Another Catchpole piece of perfection from Hagerty! Thank you very much for that beautiful visual and audible caressing of the senses ✨🫶🏽🤍

  2. Henry’s and Hagertys attention to detail is second to none. Look at the white Levi’s t-shirt he’s wearing in the SLS and the black one he’s wearing in the GT

  3. SLS all my life, what a magnificent car with a timeless design! congratulations on the video guys, I felt like I was in the cinema watching 007.

  4. This is the first Hagerty video I’ve watched and this is beautifully shot. Exactly the sort of car content I’m after

  5. The AMG GT is a decent supercar, I especially like the GT R. But the SLS is just something else. Very high on my list of (somewhat) attainable dream cars!

  6. If Henry Catchpole narrated a video about grass growing, I’d still watch it. This guy is the David Attenborough of our generation!

  7. After a particularly stressful day today, watching this on the telly as I sat down for dinner brought me a sense of calm and peace. I’ve been reading Henry’s articles on evo magazine and watching his videos for a number of years, don’t think I could ever praise them enough. Always nice to see someone looking genuinely happy to be behind the wheel and with such softly spoken words. A class act.

    1. @KINGPINMaybe to you, but it’s no doubt, one of the most charming designs IMHO. There’s designs that no matter how old they are, they still look and feel relevant. Not even the new AMG GT can come close to the organically beautiful and classy nature of the SLS AMG.

  8. The GT Black Series is not only the fastest road car around the NS, it also did that with a compromised lap. There were atleast 2-3 places where they braked cause the track was still damp…

    Both are awesome, the GT BS when it comes to sheer lap times and the SLS when it comes to

    Love. This car is beautiful in every regard. What a masterpiece. This easily joins the league of the 300sl, CLK GTR, CLK DTM AMG and the SLR.

    PS: the GT Black Series almost always comes with ~+40hp more. All dynoed ones i have seen were around that number

  9. WAAAAY back in 2013, my wife bought me the Exotic Driving Experience out in Vegas for our anniversary. I chose the 458, R8 and the SLS. BY FAR, the SLS was, and still is, THE best automobile I have ever driven in my 50+yrs of muscle cars and motorcycles. Excellent video my friend, thank you very much!

  10. Henry is brilliant! Love the attention to detail and the criticisms he’s not afraid to utter. Cinematography is brilliant.

  11. SLS for me hands down because of that sound alone. Not to mention it looks better from every angle imo. It is perfection when compared to the new one for me. This was cinematography heaven to my eyes. Epic job from the hole team. Henry bang up job as always. Cheers

  12. I’ve always loved MB AMG models. They are the reason I decided a car can be fun with an auto transmission. Plus the older models were super reliable and with regular car could have gone several 100K miles.

    I hope these modern AMG models will live up to that reputation.

  13. I know it sounds like a silly point to make, but for me, the fact that he wore identical t-shirts in black and white to match their respective vehicles, shows an attention to detail in the production that makes these videos so enjoyable to watch. Not to mention, the quality of the review itself – I feel like I’ve driven these cars (almost!) and yet I’ve never even sat in one. Bravo!

  14. Thank you for all the lovely comments! Really nice to have this film out in the wild. Huge credit to Glenn for the amazing edit and Ben and Jason for the fabulous drone work. I can confirm that Cup 2 R tyres feel pretty intense on the road… particularly in the wet! What a pair of cars.

    1. You are an absolute legend Henry! Best channel, best presenter – you guys really do get it. Cinematography, iconic cars, knowledgeable presenter, engine sounds, faint music, no cheesy jokes, we’re an easy lot to please 😁

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