Has the Used Car Market Collapsed?


Today I am taking a deep dive into the status of the present pre-owned cars and truck market and answering the ever-concerning concern, "has the secondhand car market collapsed?"


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0:00 THIS …
0:34 CARS & BIDS!!!
0:47 Is the Utilized Automobile Market Crashing?
1:13 My Automobile Isn't Worth This Much!?
2:37 The Market Was Only Various for 3 Years
3:31 The Sign of a Healthy Car Market
4:30 This Distresses Some People
4:59 The Bubble has Deflated
5:53 Do You Have Short-term Amnesia?
7:21 Some Vehicles Are Staying Flat
8:14 Clashing Sensations
9:19 Final Ideas

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Has the Used Car Market Collapsed?

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    1. Except when it comes to the labor market. Buyers (employers) think it’s still a cheap commodity.

    2. What car brand & cars are immune by not having reliability issues? Plz reply​@@wfyfwfyf

    1. @@dasfabelwesen you must be fun at parties. Tell them to try “working 4 money”. That usually helps with homelessness.

    1. oh god people want 5000 for their 250k miles e46 330i and wonder why they cant sell the car

  1. If anything, prices are still elevated over normal. New car prices have increased so much since 2019, that it’s still supporting higher used car prices

    1. EV’S. They aren’t producing as many vehicles people actually want. Just to chace the ev fantasy.

    2. Also, it’s not just inflation, but OEMs have stopped producing a lot of cheap cars. It’s legitimately difficult to go out and buy a “cheap” economy car in the low-mid $20k range. Oh, but if you want a $50k SUV or a $70k pickup truck, the dealer lots are absolutely full of those.

    3. @rw0037  the EPA and safety standards have also driven the price of even the cheapest cars up.

  2. New car prices need to come down big time. These manufacturers are crazy thinking people think its ok to buy a truck for 100k being normal.

    1. Mrkt trends up…& down > ppl tend to cherry pick & then freak out > climate being a textbook example…but farbeit for me to digress > general trend however (over last 3 Decades) will likely continue trending on par or inline with historical averages > unless you buy a new EV 😳

    2. If you are spending $80,000 or more for a pickup truck, you seriously need to examine your priorities

    1. I just wish the rest of the market would correct. When your car is worth half what you paid 2 years ago, selling it makes no sense because the rest of the market hasn’t corrected with it. Both your dollars and your car are worth less than they were 2 years ago, so if you sell, you’re selling at a major loss. I’m fine with depreciation but this economy is unsustainable.

    2. @@Samtallica
      That’s what happens when inflation runs rampant. Did all those people really need a new car back then? Does all these people need a new car after two years? The party is over, people made their bed, now they can lie in it.

    3. ​@@SamtallicaFor a daily, the value in your car is its longevity. If you’re someone who collects low mileage and/or classic cars I can understand why this would be infuriating, but for commuting, the value of your car IS your car. My car did exactly what you described. It lost HALF of its value (on paper). It’s no less reliable/dependable than the day I drove it off the lot.

  3. People are confused about the difference between USED and COLLECTABLE. They think their 3 yr old BMW X3 should be worth 95% what a new one is, which is more than they paid.

    1. True, but as Doug made an example with a 997 911, collectible cars are dropping too. A heap of people borrowed money at a cheap rate at market peak and are now underwater on their collectible cars.

    2. No not true collectable Cara like old GT500s old ZL1s old M3s etc are Def still going up sadly

    3. I know all about this.

      It’s amazing how many people believe their car is a collector item and attempt to get way more than it’s worth.

      It’s all good and things are beginning to normalize. (:

  4. As someone who depends on depreciated shitboxes for daily transport, it cannot collapse far enough fast enough.

    1. Yup, I just want a depreciated F15 x5. Having a hard time telling buyers that their car is not worth 6k more than market value. I found one, but unlucky me, someone else already looked at it and was ready to pay the same what i offered for a car that was destroyed by kids, interior was horrible.

    2. As a person who bought a shitbox in January, 2020, I would like to be able to buy another shitbox for $2500. I’m not paying double for one.

    1. Right, Too funny. I was tired of the color of my 2023 Z-51. Just received my 2024 Z-51 in Cacti Green. Cash. It’s good to be a Boomer.

    2. @@Glideslopes what a terrible way to spend 60-90k. So many more unique, desirable and fast cars for less. I guess if you’re a Chevy fan boy, it’s right up your alley though

    1. My favorite part is when Doug said “It’s quirking time!” and then quirked all over the place.

  5. The fact that normal cars appreciated at ALL was ludicrious. Cars wear out. They are a depreciating asset, unless its a super special antique.

    1. It wasn’t ludicrous, just the basic market forces of supply and demand my dude.
      Manufacturers couldn’t produce enough new cars during lockdown and the chip shortage to meet demand, causing the supply of new cars to dry up, so people who ordinarily would buy those new vehicles entered the used market and ate up the supply there, which drove prices to the stratosphere. Add in that cash for clunkers basically took two entire generations of vehicles off the road a decade ago, and it’s a recipe for stupid pricing.

    2. They dont have to be antique, just special see Ford GT etc that never traded for less than MSRP

  6. I get that prices aren’t ever gonna be as low as they used to be but the fact that a loaded cr-v and rav4 is pushing $40,000 is absolutely nuts to me

    1. Inflation. Everything is expensive now and cars have more technology and engineering than ever.

    2. The other side of that problem is $40,000 isn’t a “lot of money” by today’s cost of living standards, but it is still hard to attain $40,000

    3. @@vincentpapaleo4803 truth ,my car was $30,000 and even making $75,000 a year that was a lot of money

    4. @@vincentpapaleo4803 Everything that is a necessity has seen very high inflation and wages have not kept up. $40k for a RAV4 is insane. it is a little SUV dads buy their daughters to go to college.

    5. I would add that the RAV4 and CRV are totals different cars than they were a decade or more ago. They are now an an entire class bigger and more luxurious. They are no longer small, simple cross overs. As such their price has gone up. It seems like car manufacturers love making their newer versions bigger and more luxurious and therefore more profitable.

  7. Doug: “This is how the car market has been for Hundreds of years”
    – Didn’t know the second-hand car market was poppin’ in 1824.

  8. Doug the type of guy to say he “likes to buy depreciated cars” in front of his Countach and CGT.

    1. Dead meme kept alive by morons in an attempt to feel like they are important and humorous. Fail. Grow up.

  9. You know the market has collapsed because Doug can no longer afford cookies. In the old days, the fender or window sills of his car always had a nice stack of cookies.

    1. Probably his waistline started to appreciate, so he had to cut down on the cookies 🤣.

  10. Doug, we don’t see enough of your Ford GT. You typically have the Countach and/or the Carrera GT in the background. Time to rotate the cars so the Ford GT gets in on some videos.

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