Heads, oil pump and exhaust manifold make their way onto our Subaru WRX EJ20 engine rebuild

We're back at it with our Subaru 5 and it's slowly coming together. It's looking more and more like an engine everyday. The bothersome heads are lastly prepared to go on. Then Davin covers things up for the day by installing an updated oil pump and newly cerakoted exhaust manifolds.

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Heads, oil pump and make their way onto our

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  1. Almost time to crank it! 👏 Just a heads up, people are split on this but it’s generally considered safer to replace the oil cooler, rather than just clean it. This engine was still running (but a bit roughly), and if any material got lodged in the cooler and not fully cleaned out, I’d hate to see all your hard work ruined! ✌️

  2. It seems like broken bolts and studs are a constant problem with these Subaru boxer engines. Nice to see the change for head studs.

  3. Good call on the oil cooler. That’s a huge issue on these cars. One of the cheapest turbo cars you can own, and a lot of kids think they’re smarter than the engineers that designed the car, so you end up with a lot of them getting burnt up… A completely stock one driven with respect will go 300k miles.

  4. Sup guys. The stock oil pickup likes to crack. May want to open her back up and put the Killer B pickup in. It also comes in a kit with a pan, windage tray and pickup. 👍🏾

  5. We know the vehicle this engine came out of is no longer in existence. What is it going to be put in??? Would make a heck of a good dune buggy type vehicle scoot!!!???

  6. I appreciate that you kept the unequal length headers. I love the ‘burble’ they create in the exhaust note. They may not be the most efficient design ever, but they are distinctive!

  7. Good stuff. I like that you took on an engine rebuild that you weren’t familiar with. Maybe you could do a Corvair motor in the future? I just bought a 1962 2dr Corvair Monza with a 65 110 motor. I really enjoy your videos. Thank you to you and the crew.

  8. Look at all those purrty parts in the open, nice! Interesting to watch this build, not my normal old school wheelhouse but always up for learning new tricks. 🙂

  9. The more parts there are, the more the mechanics can charge for repairs. Even if half of them aren’t necessary! 😀😃🙂🙃😊

  10. Love the series, great work. Now that this exercise is getting to the end, I’d love to see a rotary as the next rebuild. 😅

  11. Great to watch the whole process. Everything explained just a quick question, based on this rebuild what is the actual cost?

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