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  1. That is the strangest camper that I’ve ever seen. I did see a camper pulled by a VW Beetle once, but this one is far more odd. I’m surprised it can pull itself around.

  2. @RamblinAround I’m not sure wether its fun to drive , thight corners on narrow roads will be a nightmare but its still alive after so many years !

  3. @pruuke I think it looks great , not sure how it is to sleep and live in , on sunny or rainy days , thanks for watching.

  4. Dont let the Germans hear that , there’s a huge fanclub for these models here in Europe…..

  5. Well, I think its very innovative- however, Its a bit too small for my needs (have family of 6 ) Good for use in sales if you travel far and wide and dont need to carry big samples or inventory- probably low fuel consumption. In USA pickup trucks and big SUV’s are priced at 2 to 3 times price of a sedan (4 door Ford Taurus or Crown Victoria ) , so a bigger camp-trailer that hooks up to a sedan would be better for me and probably cheaper- We still have lots of roads and big camp sites here in USA, but this little vehicle would take up a lot less space.

    1. +seahorse1945 You’re right , travel trailers are still on the road and made worldwide but this thingie is no longer in production , could only be used on a specific model and brand so selling it was not easy ,   thanks for watching.

  6. Interesting to see what sells in Europe. Pity we could not see inside, This is like a 5th Wheel trailer that fits over a truck. Thank you for sharing!

    1. +Lass-in Angeles Watch out ! this RV trailer is a rare duck inbetween our ,,normal”  camp or RV trailers , even overhere people wonder what it is or how it moves….

    1. no problem only in tight corners it will make a bit of tire noise but it wont fly in the air at high speed…..

  7. Hey folks, the Opel Kadett GSI is a cool car with 115 Horsepower it goes about 210 km/h, and that in the year 1988, made in Germany…

  8. I remember those – they didn’t really take of as a product. The one thing with coolness factor was that you weren’t restricted to 80kph like a car towing a trailer but you could go as fast as you liked (or rather dared). When you’d reach your destination you could uncouple the backpack and had a proper car to go around. (as proper as an Opel Kadett could possibly be)

    1. there”s still a huge fanclub in Germany for these trailers , Heku now builds RV’s , not sure wether to also provide spare parts for the carcamp.

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