Here Are My 5 Greatest Car Spottings of All Time


I utilized to be actually into cars and truck finding and today I'm going to inform you about my 5 all-time greatest automobile spots.


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00:00 THIS …
00:44 CARS & BIDS!!!
01:04 I Used to be Truly into Vehicle Identifying
03:42 # 5: We Lastly Saw It
05:44 # 4: A Really Uncommon Ferrari Supercar
07:46 # 3: Mind-Blowing Maserati
09:48 # 2: The Cars and truck the Begun it All
12:23 # 1: Viral Before Things Went Viral
18:48 Final Thoughts

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Here Are My 5 Greatest Car Spottings of All Time

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    1. He recently did one, sort of, with Kenan and Felippo (sorry I don’t remember proper names) on cars and bids channel

  1. Doug is the kind of guy to open his garage door and say “yippie” at his own collection

    1. doug the type of guy to have the nastiest wettest fartthat it causes a ferrari F12 to crash at cars and coffe

    1. ​@xsleep1 the economy wasn’t garbage in 2005, it was much easier to afford one back then lol

    2. @@lime.seltzer u think that looks like someone a person that just paid $440,000 or so for a car would be living? please

  2. Doug is the type of guy who gets excited seeing a carrera gt even though he sees one everyday

    1. ​​@@paulie-Gualtieri.You’re a w⚓ I’ve seen you say on curious cars that you can’t stand Doug’s reviews yet he you are on every video commenting some inane bullsh!t.

    2. @@STJ9694 relax. He is confident and entertains that characteristic to strike a cord with people like you. He literally makes videos about you for profit.

  3. Doug is the type of guy to stalk a Citroën C4 cactus 2018 when he visits Europe and write down all of its quirks and features with a comically oversized pencil that he stores above his ear

    1. To say “visiting Europe” makes as much sense as “visiting America”, could be anything from arctic Canada to Southern Chile.

    2. ​@Oli1974 It makes perfect sense. I didn’t feel the need to specify any European country in particular as Citroëns are sold all across Europe (in France, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, etc), whereas they aren’t sold in the USA, hence the joke about Doug being fascinated by said vehicle

    3. @@ryanswatchworld Well again, you say “Europe” and “USA” as if Europe were a country. Citroëns are sold in America, too. Maybe not in the USA.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I never heard your Ralph Lauren story before. It’s fun to see someone like yourself still getting excited for car spotting. I remember I as 15 years old and in Monaco for the 1st time on a family trip. We walked by the casino and I saw a Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 and a Mercedes 280 convertible. We were staying in Nice and driving back I saw a DB-7 and a F355 spider driving by us. I will never forget the sound of the Ferrari as it pasted us. All the best to you, and never stop being that teenage boy nerding out over other peoples cars.

    1. Same thing! Id never heard this story, and actually got pretty excited just hearing the story. Good for him man! Very cool he stopped and let him get more pictures

  5. THIS… is one of my favorite episodes..!!! Doug, your passion and enthusiasm for cars is just awesome. Especially love this episode and so great to hear / know this side of how you got started. In a world of such scripted, “sponsored” and paid for Creators, your genuine person shines through here and on every program you’re a part of. Thank you!

  6. I like how nobody in the comment just appreciate how far Doug have come to get to where he is. Doug deserved everything he got to this point.

  7. EDIT: what I wrote isn’t actually accurate, see the comment from @ThirteenMatt in response to mine for more precise information.

    Fun tidbit of info about the no.4, the Ferrari, the license plate is actually one of the older French license plates, before 1993 (white on black with two numbers at the end, the numbers correspond to the location (“département” in French) where the car is registered. 83 is the département of “Var” so that’s the French riviera, where you have Saint-Tropez. So the driver might actually be the original owner! In any case, at the time the picture was taken the car had not been sold since 1992 (that license plate would have been changed if sold after 1992), so very cool!

    1. The car could still have been sold after 1992. The numeral format of “1111 AA 11” lasted until 2009, and though legally only registrations from before 1992 and classic car registrations are allowed the black plates it is largely accepted to put black plates on cars old enough but with a later registration number.

      This is possible because in France plates are not issued by the government, only the number is. You get your registration with your number on it, then you go to a place to have your plates made. That’s why someone can still decide to put black plates even though it is not allowed.

      Also, the fact it has three letters in the middle and quite late in the sequence makes me think it’s a later plate. I’ll go check if I can find more info on registrations in Var.

      EDIT: checked the last plate issued by year in Var (département 83) and realized it was 3420 WS and not 342 OWS (which should have been obvious since “O” is never used in french licence plates). Last plate in 1991 was 944 WS 83 and last in 1992 was 1938 XC 83. Which means this is car has changed licence plate in 1992.

    2. @@ThirteenMatt Oh wow, thanks for the insight, I didn’t know! I know some people that run black plates illegally with the new format (11-AAA-11) but didn’t realize people might have been doing that before 2009. May I ask what website/tool you used to find the information on the license plate of the last car sold in Var? I struggle to find information about older license plates, with the new ones I use siv-auto

  8. Doug, I almost never comment on videos, but I must say that I totally get it. You personify what it means to be an enthusiast. I am so happy for you, that your life has followed the trajectory that teenage car nuts dream of. I get it. The excitement at seeing something rare and beautiful that was designed to be driven but certainly almost is. I was on the Garden State Parkway one summer night when I saw unfamiliar headlights rapidly approaching from behind me. I pulled to the right to let it pass, and lo and behold it was a Bugatti Chiron. I was speechless. I could think of nothing else for days. I told everyone I could about it. Received eye rolls and polite smiles. They didn’t get it. YOU would understand. Too see something so iconic, and unexpected; to bear witness to mobile artwork is truly something I will hopefully never forget.

    In the early days of the internet, a famous painter, who was very elderly, was shown his paintings posted online. He became upset. ‘It cheapens the experience’ he said. It is a privilege and a ‘moment’ to see the work of a great artist. I understand his point of view. But the truth is, we can see 1,000 pictures and videos, but to see the real thing right in front of you, outside of a garage of museum, is still such a thrill.

    I watched this video and your storytelling makes it clear that the enthusiasm is alive and well. The fact that you make that annual phone call to your friend is special and shows how ingrained your passion really is. Keep it real and keep rolling.

  9. Kinda incredible how good Doug is at telling stories. I thought there is no way i will be listening to list of 5 cars for 19 minutes and yet I am actually invested

    1. He talks with his hands like an Italian. Didn’t do that in such an exaggerated way in his early videos, though. Makes me wonder what happened inbetween 🙂

  10. Not sure who have had the rarest sight on that day – Ralph Loren driving his Bugatti Veyron or Doug DeMuro wearing a decent looking shirt.

  11. This is, to me, by far, the most heartwarming video from Doug, because like for most of us, the car love and obsession started as a kid and it’s so nice to remember when I, for example, dreamed of having a Porsche Cayman /911 in Brazil and when seeing one, I would lose my sh** and ask my dad to follow the car. It was just so exciting and would make me bond with my dad and share the love of cars. Now I have my own Porsche and I share the joy when I see a kid taking pictures of my car even though, nowadays and here in Canada, it’s not as difficult to see a Cayman/911.

  12. That #1 is sooo surreal! No one would believe any of it if Doug didn’t have pictures! 🤯🤣🤣

  13. “It was the coolest moment of my entire existence.”

    Doug’s kids when they’re older: “What about when we were born?”
    Doug: “Not even close.”

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