Here Are Our Guilty Pleasure Cars [Doug DeMuro + Alanis King]


Tune in as I talk with @AlanisKing about our guilty pleasure cars! Inform us your guilty pleasures in the comments listed below.


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00:00 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:13 Sneak peek
00:36 Intro
01:38 Lexus with Purse Shelves
04:52 The Trunk Test
05:47 A Brave Admission
08:48 An Appealing Bad Decision
11:37 It Does Not Drive Well and I Don't Care
13:52 "The Epitome of Car"
18:01 Wrap It Around a Telephone Pole

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Here Are Our Guilty Pleasure Cars [Doug DeMuro + Alanis King]

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    1. R2debo is the type of person who actually watches Doug for the guests. We really do live in 🤡🤡 world.

  1. I just want to say I highly appreciate the conversions to the metric equivalent. It might be small, but matters a lot!

  2. I miss when Doug used to try fitting in the trunk, or at least sitting in the backseat of a coupe.

    1. @Baby𖤐Jesusor he just realized most didn’t watch his videos for it. He’s making more vids and doing more things each week, so it’s not like he has gotten lazy.

    2. @Baby𖤐Jesus No, it all changed when he sold Cars And Bids, I think it’s the people that bought the website that are making these changes!

  3. I was born in 1983 and loved MOPAR since I could like cars, along with 30s cars… so when the Prowler came along, it was perfect timing for me to have become a lifelong fan.

  4. Doug is the kind of guy who feels guilty for liking the Hummer EV, but not feel guilty about NOT having cookies, for his guests.

  5. LC 500 is such a beautiful car. Performance wise, its a balance and what holds it back is its weight due to the outdated tech installment but it will definitely be appreciated in the future even more for being ahead of its time for design and beauty!

    1. Don’t worry, they got rid of a lot of the outdated tech in the LC with the 2024 model refresh. Thank goodness the touchpad system is gone.

    2. @Bunsenn Trouble is paying full whack and accepting the hefty depreciation to have the updates and improvements when there’s second hand ones that will be substantially less costly.

  6. Interesting video,Doug! My truly guilty pleasure of all time is that I still love and want my first car back. 1966 Corvair Corsa, with the four one barrels. I loved it and would still have it ,if I hadn’t backed up between two vacuums at a car wash,fast, only to realize, to late that there were three vacuums on concrete stands. Made a 90 degree dent in the rear deep nuff it shoved the engine almost into back seat. It was an aquamarine with white convertible top. No other car ever sounded as sweet!

  7. I liked the dichotomy between their ideas of what constitutes automotive shame. Other than the world they live in where $50g cars are “cheap,” I love these videos even more than Doug’s usual car vids.

    1. Yeah, the Sunday series is growing on me more n more. I find myself watching the whole video on Sundays but skipping thru his car reviews.

    2. I’m not rich and I’m also very young but I’ll have you know the average price of a new car in the US is now $48,000. All that gets you is some kind of mid level boring crossover or minivan or something. 50k for some kind of fun enthusiast level car by comparison IS cheap. Of course you can get something good for much less but $50,000 for a car isn’t as special as it was even just 10 years ago…

  8. My guilty pleasure is the HHR SS. Everyone seems to dislike them, yet wagons are always cool to me and the amount of usable cargo space is surreal.

    1. I dig the panel versions. I don’t need all that glass. I also agree with knock about it being a GM vehicle. I had it’s platform mate (Cobalt), and it was a car that redefined the word cheap.

  9. Seeing a Vantage on the road “wow I’m glad I got to see one, that person is doing us a favor by paying the maintenance to keep it on the road” I’d never have one but thank you 🙏🏻

  10. Doug is the type of guy who always tells his wife when he wants to go play with Alanis😊😊

  11. I get where Alanis is coming from with the Carnival. Honestly, if someone was wealthy and being chauffeured, but wanted to keep a low profile, the Carnival would be an incredible choice.

    1. Wrong it wouldn’t be Lowkey because you don’t see those nobody would know it’s a Kia. Lowkey get all black Benz dime a dozen.

  12. With how Alanis defined guilty pleasure cars, almost every car I like would be a guilt pleasure car

  13. First of all…hilarious! And Alanis your trunk pictures put the entire video over the top. 👍🏻🇺🇸

  14. Alanis had the absolute best guilty pleasure vehicle with the Kia Carnival. “Nobody” who watches this channel wants that vehicle. But she does. That’s the epitome of this episode.

    1. the Carnival was our Family Car and the one i learned driving after driving school and was a great car, only the first Gear is unuseable but that teach you quick shifting
      it’s not a particular sought-after car like a Dacia or an Fiat Doblò

    2. @Enisra Bowman Previous versions of the Kia minivan were sold as the Sedona in the US, not the Carnival. Alanis is referring specifically to the current gen van in this video.

    3. I’d absolutely love one of those even as someone without kids, but there’s other vans I’d choose before it. Vans are awesome for camping.

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