Here Are the Best Bad Guy/Villain Cars [Doug DeMuro + Kennan]


Tune in as I talk with Kennan about the best bad guy/villain cars! Outline your best bad guy vehicle in the remarks.


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00:00 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:25 Introduction
00:56 Starting with "The One"
03:25 A 90's Street Hazard
05:15 Another 90's Gem (with Wheel Arch Covers).
06:43 Kennan's Polarizing BMW Pick.
08:08 A Scary 8 Million Dollar Baller Cars And Truck.
09:52 Hammertime!
11:24 A "Deep" Villian Car.
13:15 Kennan Thinks The Devil Drives This.
16:00 No List is Complete Without Among These.
17:21 Lots of Famous Bad Guys Drive This.
18:57 Outro.

Here Are the Best Bad Guy/Villain Cars [Doug DeMuro + Kennan]

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    1. Maybe that’s why supercar maintenance is so expensive, you have to bake them homemade cookies daily for them 😂

    2. And you are the type of person who makes the same joke that has been repeated on every single video since Daddy Doug first baked cookies for his Porsche.

  1. You forgot the Ford GT, Carrera GT, the new Defender, the Range Rover (with a warranty), the convertible G wagon, and a vast array of E class station wagons

  2. For car reviews Kennan becomes Dougyish so it feels weird, but for discussions it’s fine to have Kennan because it’s like Doug and Kennan are chatting with each other and at the same time they are also talking to us

    1. @SBS – 005 ye, give the man time to find his own voice, he is new to this whole thing and doesn’t do a bad Job, what do People expect?

    2. ​@Enisra BowmanDoug mentioned that Kenan has some social anxiety. I think with some time, he’s gonna feel more and more comfortable just being himself.

    1. The XJR saloons would pretty much give away that baddie vibe even when static. After all, Jags have been one of the getaway choices for Bond villains.

    2. ​@frogger1580 they literally made an ad for the F-Type once with Tom Hiddleston that said “it’s good to be bad”

  3. How the heck did both of you forget JAGUARS? They’re so associated with villains they even had commercials about that lol

    1. Here in Holland, Jags are mostly just upper class BMW drivers, not specifically evil in the way of being a gangster or murderer, just an evil rich person.

  4. The 1960s Lincoln Continental with the suicide doors is a true villain car. Most cartoons with big villains feature the suicide door Continental as their car

    Something else is the big 1930s stuff like Dusenburgs or the Mercedes 770, Adolf had a 770.

    1. Did he have any pre 1980s cars in this list? Doug only discusses cars from the 1980s to today which you can find onnnn Cars & Bids!

    2. @EightPieceBox The Mercedes 600 is in there. But without that one, it would have been a joke.

    3. Didn’t Robert Kennedy kill some cute intern girl in a Lincoln Continental by driving her into a lake and drowning her? Serves him right what happened to him about 20 years later.

  5. I’m a little disappointed nobody mentioned the Charger. It was the “bad guy” car in movies and tv for a long time, and still is today.

    1. Not just in movies either, in real life too. When you see a modern Charger on the road you’re in danger regardless if it’s a V6 or a Demon.

  6. I grew up in NJ, one job as a kid was caddying and I always knew when members of organized crime would show in some version of a Caddy Fleetwood (though in some surprising colors); they would tip me a ten (hey this is 1966), and tell me to wait for them on the 9th tee while they carried one driver, one iron and one putter or shared a bag. It was one of their chosen places to chat and do business without being tapped…..I do remember those Caddies…….and the second ten spot on the 18th green……

  7. For post Soviet countries black E38 meant gangsters mostly because of russian film from called Бумер (Bimmer). It was about the couple of gangster and the car was one the central pieces of the movie so for the younger generation E38 firstly about the 90s crime and gangsters.

    1. I mean they chose that car for the movie because it was THE car for 90s gangsters in Eastern Europe. MB S600 if you’re the boss, E38 if you’re one step below the boss

    2. Also the so-called шестисотые (600) Mercedes-Benzes were always attributed to Russian gangsters in Russian anecdotes, and G-classes would be driven by actual gangsters.

  8. I must have misunderstood the premise of this video because in 90% of the movies I watch the baddies drive black Range Rovers and this has been true for years. Having owned a couple of black Rovers it’s something that I always notice and there’s often a “hah!” from my wife as the car chase starts and the black Rangies pull into formation behind the hero’s Deux Chevaux (or similar). Not sure how the boys missed this.

    1. Yea good point, I few years ago I watched a Belgian gangster show on Netflix, they all drove range rovers or Black Mercedes. The main character was named Ferry.

    2. See in my opinion the black range is driven by the unending myriad of HENCHMEN, and will all be destroyed somehow in the chase scene while the slick antagonist somehow gets away

  9. Mercury Marauder (with the jacket). Gives off a different kind of villain vibe. This guys not a mobster or something but he’s been in more than a few fights and comes out on top.

    1. Marauder just Screams Bad Guy…but it falls on deaf ears. Love them, I believe they only came in black?

  10. I’d add 1 to this list. I can’t think of a more stereotypical bad guy car than a black (with tinted windows) Chrysler 300. It was driven by the mob villains in the movie “A History of Violence” with Viggo Mortenson, and It’s about as menacing a car as I can think of. Every time that car showed up on screen, everyone knew that something horrible was about to happen…

    1. Also driven by Walt in Breaking Bad when he became the villain, and was the bad guy car in Drive. Also was quintessential mobster car in mid 2000s Eastern Europe in real life.

    2. The issue is that these cars have become the car of the wannabe gangster too much. Esp with how cheap they are used or financed. No serious important villan would drive one now. 10 years ago, sure. Not now. It’s the car if you want to appear tough, not if you actually are.

    3. Especially an SRT model. A blacked out SRT 300 tells me the owner has been to prison and is very much okay with going back.

  11. If you find weird that American Police and gangaster used similar cars, in Italy criminals and Police used the same exact car, usually Alfa Romeos. And back in the days, like in the 80s, basing on stories that relatives told me, if you saw a black Alfa 75 (or Milano for the USA) in front of a bank, with no people inside and the engine running you’d better run away as far as possible. So for me I think the Alfa Romeo 75 is a proper villain car.

  12. Totally agree with Kennan on the red LFA. The styling features just have that flowy yet sharp look as if the lines are going to extend, curl, and consume you as soon as you see it drive out a corner in a big city at night. I think it looks so alien because it was Lexus’s first attempt at overstyling with a sports car, and I absolutely love it

    1. I never would have thought of it but it is a perfect fit. It looks so sinister yet inviting which is exactly what a devil would want

  13. I am surprised Lotus Carlton/Omega was not mentioned. It is the definitive baddie’s car:
    – It only came in black and looked menacing as hell
    – It was stolen by bad guys to be used as a getaway car in heists
    – Police helicopters struggled to keep up with this car on the highways during the chases
    – Cherry on the cake – government wanted to ban the car due to above reasons

    1. How many cars generate a literal government response because they’re causing too much trouble?!🤣

      Absolutely top shelf pick.

    2. Great choice! You must be British! Loved seeing news in the UK where the police and helicopters couldn’t keep up!

  14. 100% correct on the covered wheel arches. Whenever I see a Honda Clarity I get chills down my spine.

  15. I’ve really been enjoying these garage discussion videos. This is one of my favorites so far. Great, non-traditional topic

  16. The Maybach Excellero is like the car you’d expect a high class villain like The Penguin from Batman to show up in. (Or a modern day Cruella Deville, like Doug said) Good pick!

  17. As someone who grew up in Mexico, my list is very different. When I think of bad guy/villain cars, I instantly think of big capable 4×4 SUVs and trucks.
    – 4th and 5th gen Ford Broncos in all black with tinted windows all around.
    – 1990’s Tahoe/Suburbans
    – 1990’s F-150 short bed
    – 1980’s Silverado short bed

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