Here Are the Hard Things About Making Car YouTube Videos


Making cars and truck videos is an amazing task– however it's not always incredibly easy. Today I'm going to show you all the difficult parts about making vehicle videos that you do not see!


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Here Are the Hard Things About Making Car YouTube Videos

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  1. Doug saying he’s gonna start moving away from old cars is very sad. Those are pretty much the only videos of his I watch, and I watch every single one. I hope he never stops doing them entirely.

    1. Agreed he will loose alot of Views if he does that I mean he will still get by and make a living but significantly less than before hope it’s not true

  2. I hate to hear that older car so called experts “crucify” Doug when they disagree with him. Prime example of the few ruining it for the rest of us. I LOVE the older car videos and hope Doug will still do them from time to time. His enjoyment while filming cars he has loved since childhood is so enjoyable to watch and enjoy.

    1. I skip most of the new car videos. I love the quirky older cars. Sigh, those uptight self-proclaimed experts are taking away our joy by being so uptight 🙁

    2. Yeah.. Was priceless those poster car like the bugatti eb 110 diablo or even Miura.. Those car were my childhood too..

    3. Agree 100%, I love Doug’s 90’s JDM car reviews the most. Keep them up! Glad he gets remunerated for his hard work too

    4. I actually like the older car stuff more than the new ones. Partly because a lot of them aren’t available here in Norway and partly because of them being insanely expensive and something I will never be able to buy anyway. I do watch some of them, but I also skip a lot of them…

  3. For older cars when you miss something or make a mistake on something that the viewer knows about that you don’t, I feel it makes the video and the comments section even more entertaining than just getting spec sheet facts about a new car. Please never stop making old car reviews

    1. Old car reviews are way more interesting to me than the latest joebloggsmobile. I recently saw a _JayEmm on Cars_ review of an old school musclecar (either a charger or mustang) in which a began with the disclaimer that everyone clicking on the video probably knew much more about that specific car than him. Hopefully getting in a premptive mea culpa made the responses to the video more constructive.

    2. @Maxi Yea that’s the one. But how about just stating that and not calling him lazy or an idiot?

    3. The comments on his old car videos are some of the worst. Way too many people who have poor taste in cars. They talk nonsense. This is why I’m about to quit watching this channel all because of his terrible community and comments.

    4. @Random Character the people who hate a youtuber more popular then them are the ones who doesn’t make videos at all, or make videos that’s absolutely trash

  4. I 100% understand your feelings with older cars, but if you’re able to keep some of them in as the “this doesn’t make money, but I like doing it” aspect of your channel, please do! It’s one of the things that sets you apart from every other car channel! It’s also amazing to see younger generations getting to experience the thrill of a 60s/70s/80s car for the first time through your video.

    1. I honestly love the older car videos way more than newer cars. Doug, your core audience loves it, and please don’t let a few toxic, judgmental know-it-alls ruin it for you and the rest of us.

  5. Respect Doug, this is intense, way more than I would’ve ever known otherwise. Appreciate you level of sacrifice anyways

  6. Thank you for being an amazing human while bringing us hard won, non-bias, objective car reviews. Thank you for your sacrifices over the 6+ years I’ve been a subscriber. I ❤️ ya big guy!!! Thank you!!!

  7. Doug letting us see the interesting quirks and features of behind the scenes. Thanks for keeping it real, Doug! I speak on behalf of all of us when I say we appreciate your content!

  8. Love hearing about Doug’s quirks and features. You are busting it and we appreciate the effort. You deserve your success.

    1. Keith Arneson
      Quirks and features, his old car reviews, that’s why i’m here!
      The Peugeot reviews, WOW, his official EU and Japanese import reviews are the best! They never drove them back then! And he know what they are too! Who bought them, some weirdo 1982 neighbor he knew in Santiago.

  9. Him talking about the stress of running his own business just makes me really appreciate the content we’re given. keep it up Doug!!

    1. This plus he said he hasn’t missed a week in years dude needs a vacation whether that means he prefilms like crazy so he can take some weeks off to travel spend time with family relax

  10. I’m one of those “they don’t build em like they used to” old car lovers, and I love watching Doug’s reviews to remind me how stupid I am. I don’t like living in an echo chamber where everyone agrees with everything so I’ve always appreciated getting a different view from Doug on older cars.

  11. Well this makes it easy. I’m off to go build some thing at a Mormon church parking lot. Thanks Doug!

  12. love this so much. you’re great doug. very easy for viewers to overlook the ‘hard’ BTS of running a channel. keep killing it!

  13. Hey Doug please don’t quit doing the older cars. I love seeing you do them. I’m sure the majority of us don’t care if you make a few mistakes we just like seeing all the quirks and features. F the few people who are obsessed about one car. Just so u know I very rarely comment on any videos!

  14. Knowing the challenges that go into making each video makes me respect Doug even more for doing it so consistently all these years…

  15. Doug, I respect you very much for having so much persist filming these videos and run your business at the same time. I’ve never seen anyone like you who would sacrifice everything you have for us viewers. You would rather fly to different cities and countries just to film videos for us instead of spending time with your family. You are always trustworthy and you say what you mean, you said you were going to film 3 videos every week and you kept that promise for years even until now. You are that type of person that would start doing something and finish it no matter what. For example, you filmed a video about the 2022 Subaru WRX and you were still filming when rain was pouring down. When your camera wasn’t working, you would even drive 30 minutes there and back in heavy rain and buy a brand new camera to finish off the video. In your videos you tell us almost everything about the vehicle and you would find some very quirky features that some car owners might not even know about. Sometimes it’s very rare that in your videos you would maybe say something wrong or maybe just state something that’s not true but everyone makes mistakes and that’s normal. I just don’t get why are there so many hates because of such small mistake. Also you are a very humble person. Right now I’m assuming that you are making a large amount of money but you are still filming videos with a T shirt and shorts on. You do not like to show what luxury items you have and you are still being like this which no YouTuber has done before. You should have much more subscribers than you have now to support you! I am your #1 fan Doug, keep up the great videos👍👍👍 I wish to meet you in person one day! -Kevin from Toronto

  16. Can confirm. Finding locations is a nightmare and I’ve been kicked out of SO many locations while I’m being silent and polite.

  17. The way Doug focuses on quirks and features is why he’s so relatable. As a kid, I remember spending literally HOURS in my dad’s or uncle’s car, trying to figure out what these buttons did or why certain things were put together in such way. Even without having an ability to drive, each of these cars was a small universe of its own to this little kid with their own personalities and idiosyncrasies. Watching Doug still reminds me of those days and how my love for cars have started. The concept seems simple enough but no one else does it the way he does. Hope to see him for many many more years.

  18. Can we all just take a moment to thank this kind man for the quirky car entertainment he’s provided to us for all these years. On behalf of us all, thank you 🙏

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