Here Are the Most Underrated Enthusiast Cars


Here are the most underrated enthusiast cars on the marketplace, according to Doug DeMuro. In this video, Doug DeMuro is going to review the 5 most underrated new AND pre-owned enthusiast vehicles so you can see what Doug believes does not get the excitement it deserves.


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Here Are the Most Underrated Enthusiast Cars

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    1. @saqz it is funny but it’s true. He isn’t impartial. He owns and profits from a website selling used cars and he is a big influencer that affects the pricing market especially in the US.
      I don’t doubt doug isn’t honest about his opinions he shares, but this stuff is what car makers and auto seller houses pay and sponsor influences to do to generate hype and increase prices. Doug himself often gets sponsored by dealerships that he advertises in the beginning of the video for example.

    1. You can’t see what he is doing????? Come on guys, one of the reasons he does this is to hype up his own intrest and investments….eg…..aka Cars and Bids. Using his platform to generate the hype.

    2. Right? us car enthusiast know about these cars and are just waiting for the prices to drop or find a good deal on one.

    3. @Chris Hiler won’t happen with channels like this. Not a knock on the channel I love Doug’s content. But a lot of eyes are on him, he mentions any car and the prices go crazy

  1. The Mustang Ecoboost with a manual transmission is also very underrated. 300+Hp and a six speed manual transmission for about the price of a GR86/MX5. And they’re bigger than both those cars, so more interior space for people who are 6′ or taller.

    1. The problem with getting an Ecoboost is that you’ll see a ton of V8 versions and you will hate yourself every single time.

      You’ll also hear the V8 version often and hate yourself even more.

      If you’re over 30 that’s a feeling you never want to feel.

    2. @Cosmin I have a EcoBoost mustang and have driven a GT as well, both manual. Is the power of the GT nice, yes it is but the gas mileage and lower entry price of the EcoBoost makes it a good trade off in my opinion.

  2. For the new category I want to add the Camaro. It’s selling so poorly, every month we get rumors about it being cancelled. Have only heard good things about the platform and it punches well above its price in any trim.

    Kia Forte GT manual/Hyundai Elantra N Line: These 2 have the same formula as the Civic Si could be a cheap enthusiast bargain.

    Jetta GLI: I never see them around but they are cheaper than a GTI fully loaded and have plenty of space.

    1. @Rishab Nagori I think people straight up forget about them, obviously they’re not the best pure sport sedan at the price point, but imo that car is mainly about the package (it’s like a do everything type of car), and for 33k the equipment you get is insane (a 3 Series doesn’t even have vented seats, but the GLI does)
      I recommend them man, good luck!

    2. Camaro is so true. Best handling American muscle car when compared to similar spec mustang or challenger, and the Camaro zl1 1le is without a doubt the best handling muscle car ever made, and you get 650 hp, which may not be as much as a gt500 or hellcat, but it’s still a lot of horsepower and that handling more than makes up for it in my opinion.

    3. @Joseph C. mustangs are overrated. Challenger for drag racing, Camaro for track, and mustang for running into crowds leaving a car show.

  3. As a former mini tech and current bmw tech, I gotta agree with your two choices on the M3 and Mini Cooper S. The mini specifically is a super fun car to drive around, it handles like it’s on rails. For as cheap as it is you get a considerably good quality of car. As for reliability, older minis and their engines weren’t the best however the newest engines have been pretty reliable so far. As for the Tesla I gotta disagree. They may be fast and handle okay, but their build quality is absolute garbage. Horrible panel alignment from factory, malfunctioning electronics, and poor quality parts are only a few things wrong with teslas. I know someone who works as a Tesla tech and he says they have to constantly replace control arms. Like multiple a day on multiple cars. Clearly they’re doing something wrong.

    1. @Karl Pershing Funny enough, one of my dad’s buddies owns a GTA with decently low mileage. I got to drive around in it and it’s definitely a neat car

    2. @Everyday Bodybuilding yes … that’s literally what scientists do. Analyze data to come up with the facts. Are you okay?

    3. @Person dodge neons are more reliable than anything BMW has put out in a long time. And by looking at the 2022 numbers, they’re ranked the lowest of all entries in their class for reliability. I’ll deal with unreliability for a fun car that’s nice. A Mini is a go-kart. Fun, but it’s not a nice car. It’s a 19 year old girl with dad’s credit card car. Or a European, the roads are tiny here car.

  4. I’ve owned a 2011 Mini for close to 5 years now. While I’ll still stand by it being my favorite car thus far and probably forever. I’ve put thousands into the car to keep it driving. From being stuck on the side of the road 5 times now, the insane repairs, being turned away from a few garages for an oil change even. It’s the perfect car, if you’re able to maintain it very regularly.

    1. I have a 2015 cooper S that has been heavily modified. The only time I was stuck on the side of the road was when I ran out of gas once 😅

    2. Yep, so true. Had my 2010 Cooper S for 4 years. Put thousands of euros in it until the engine eventually blew up. But when it worked, it was hugh fun. Have 3 F56 in the family right now. Yes, they are still more fun than the competitors, but just not comparable in terms of performance and fun to the previous generations.

    3. Over the years I’ve had so much changed hoping it would be the last major repair. From two transmissions (1st replace had warranty), blown turbo, front axel, to full: suspension, struts, calipers, rotors. Also had an issue with a failed light module; the BMW dealer found 9 new left all in Germany, so mine was pulled from a wrecked car, and poorly programmed when installed. It’s now paid off fully and sitting outside till it sells.

    4. Did it have the 1.6THP engine? BMW/Peugeot/Citroën made that engine. One of the worst of the last 15 years.

    5. I’m a (former) mini tech and yeah, if you’re looking for reliability I wouldn’t advise you get a first or second gen mini. First gens used dodge neon engines which weren’t the most reliable. Second gens used Peugeot engines which also weren’t the best either. Finally with the third gens, bmw started using their own engines and they have been much better in terms of reliability so far, though only time will tell. They are super fun cars, I definitely recommend them if you can afford the maintenance

  5. I can’t believe Doug changed my opinion on the Mini Cooper. Honestly haven’t seen a newer in my area but it looks badass for a mini. I gonna say I would switch the Mustang with the Camaro I hardly hear any love for the camaro and It is a badass car handles great looks great and you can build one any way you want. the Mustang and challenger get all the and attention. my crappy 2 cents

  6. Mini Cooper S F56 is an amazing car to drive and own. It is realizable and cheap to service. The most fun car I ever owned.

  7. I worked for Honda when they started recruiting line workers to hand build the most recent NSX. The prerequisites to apply were pretty insane. If I remember correctly, you had to have had at least a minimum of 20 years of assembly experience to even be considered. Those cars are incredibly well-built by the absolute best Honda has to offer.

    1. I drove a 2016 NSX and I absolutely loved it. It handles well for it’s size and weight, the sound is great, nice fit and finish. And not to mention the Honda reliability and having something that any enthusiast will see you in and give you the nod. They know you have good taste when you drive an NSX. Fantastic driver’s car.

    2. What exactly is the difference? Same mass produced engine, same paint, same interior, no? I’m trying to find what the added value is, please someone explain, thanks!

    3. @ItsAlive111 that is the benefit – a mass produced, but well known engine -> Imagine a super car that is actually reliable and can be maintained as a normal person. If a McLaren, Ferrari, Lambo breaks down, which they will, it is an absolute nightmare. On top of that, the NSX still has the capabilities of those supercar brands…

  8. Had my F56 Mini Cooper S (3rd gen) for 5 years now with no mechanical issues. Only issue I’ve had was a smell from the AC vents due to a condensation catchment tray. Seem a lot more reliable from that gen on.

    Also added an NM Power Module to increase the turbo boost. Probably at around 215-220hp, which makes it quite nippy and fun for a lightweight manual hatchback.

  9. It’s so funny, I loved seeing the E60 M5 make an appearance here because I owned one from 2016-2021. It was a 2007 model year, it had the 6-speed manual transmission, and the only thing I ever did was upgrade the exhaust system. I bought it with ~55k miles and added about 60k miles in my ownership. Matter of fact, I even sold that car on carsandbids last September when it was finally time to part ways with her. Problems I experienced with that car? Absolutely none. All the documentation around the rob bearing issues, I never had a single issue with it in my car. I like to attribute this to the fact that I bought one of the few manuals that came through the states. In the end, it was time for something new, but boy do I miss that car. It was sluggish in the corners, but god what a straight-line rocket ship that car was. I live in Dallas where we have amazing new highways, and I’m not ashamed to admit that the downshift from 6th to 4th in conjunction with the nearly 9k redline is something I’d enjoy regularly…. What a dream. Miss that car. Great video as always, Doug!

    1. I bought one recently (manual as well) and it’s definitely a unique car and I don’t think you could get any other car with the same experience that car offers

  10. The older caymans are an excellent used sports car value. Make sure you have an excellent and honest Porsche experienced mechanic who knows where to find every single part before you buy one though.

  11. I’d argue any Audi TT w/ quattro (including the mk1) is underrated. Despite a large following in the UK, no one talks about them in the US and MK1s can be had under $10k.

  12. I actually prefer the Mini Cooper over other higher horsepower offerings because it is a 3-door and manual.
    In a world where more and more people have access to a personal vehicle, and where people have fewer and fewer children, we make cars with more doors and more seats.
    I find it laughable to be honest.

  13. I have an Audi TT 2008. I am absolutely in love with it, and I couldn’t be happier! I’m glad that I chose a car that didn’t shoot up in price during the last year or so.
    I think the handling is great, the engine is solid, and the interior is fairly nice. I drove it on Angele’s Crest and it was one of the best drives I’ve ever had! 🙂

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