Here’s How I Spent $100,000 Fixing My Cars In the Last Year!


I have actually spent over $100,000 maintenance and updating my cars in the last year. Today, I am offering a garage update and describing what I invested all this cash on.


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00:00 THIS …
00:33 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:49 Why I have actually Been Doing So Many Garage Updates
01:31 The G500 Cabriolet
03:35 Who Providers My G Taxi
05:15 $24,000 G Taxi Service
05:50 Rust Repair work
08:47 All of the Suspension Was Replaced
09:51 Broken Convertible Top
11:16 Running Boards Removed
11:29 Abhorrent AMG Exhaust Pointer
12:06 Kid Seat Tethers
12:26 A Lot of Minor Providers
13:05 $50k Carrera GT Service
13:38 $50k Countach Service
14:34 $4300 Ford GT Service
14:57 TOTAL Cost Spent Servicing My Cars And Trucks
15:47 It Was necessary For Me
17:18 I'm Not Buying Any More Cars For A While
19:03 Last Ideas

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Here's How I Spent $100,000 Fixing My Cars In the Last Year!

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    1. Well yeah, Doug refused for YEARS to get a new microphone, because he was afraid it would “change” him.

    2. And the crazy thing is noticeable improvements could be made for 1% of what he spent on one year of maintenance.

    3. @@siva47931 but didn’t roll it out al the way; he’s afraid that would change him too much

  1. the g wagon cabriolet is so funny to me it looks like one of those mini electric cars you would drive as a kid

    1. LOL, when I heard him say that, I rewound to make sure I heard right. Didn’t think they still use that stuff…

    2. @@El_Negro2003 Cosmoline is gel/wax that is used to prevent corrosion. It was used by the Soviets in mass quantities on rifles that they put into storage. Many of these rifles (mostly bolt action) would end up on the military surplus market.

  2. Why would Doug spend $24,000 to service the G cabriolet when he and Kennan could’ve had a couple of cold ones and knocked it out in an afternoon?

    1. ​@@coreychildress156 filipos roof on Saturday, G Cab rust repair Sunday, simple as.

    2. Because Doug and Kennan are too busy, braiding each others hair and giving each other makeovers.

    1. Guaranteed. he is talking like a guy who has just broken up with his girl friend and is going to “play the field” for a while but will have a new girlfriend next week. next month they will already be talking about moving in together

  3. Doug’s the type of guy to spend $100,000 in the last year fixing his cars, but have an incomplete roll of led tape against the wall.

  4. Fun fact: Doug could have fun done all the repairs and maintenance himself with a couple of cold ones

    1. I think a 575 maranello with a manual conversion is in the cards. I predict it will happen in less than 24 months.

  5. It’s funny to see the change from 7/8 years ago. It went from “I don’t see the point of paying full price for a new car” to spend more 100k in service in 1 year.

    1. Those two things don’t contradict each other though. The Ford GT, Carrera GT, Countach and G500 are all collectors cars, and the money spent on keeping them nice is far below the unrealized gains that they’ve accrued over his ownership. What’s a $50k service on a $576k car? What’s a $50k service on a $1.2M car? It’s just the cost of doing business, if you want to have nice things and want them to stay nice, you need to be willing to pay the price, and its fortunate that he has the luxury of enjoying his hobby while also not losing a ton of money in the process.

    2. His G Cab alone appreciated more than the cost of maintenance in the past year and he said he came out 80K ahead on the sale of his other cars, so all in all, it’s really not costing him anything as he’ll make that back and then some at resale… hopefully.

  6. In part of one of these videos I would love to know what insurance is like for cars of this caliber. I can’t even imagine. A little breakdown of what that is like for these old, rare and expensive cars would be fun to hear. Great video, love these breakdowns.

    1. People typically get policies with like 2500 mile limits. This really cuts the cost of insuring even expensive cars. Doug has mentioned that he puts most miles on cars woth serious autocruise and safety features. He drives his special cars more than most but that’s still not that much

  7. we have 4 cars in our family. at most they’re worth 30K in total. I can’t imagine spending 120K just on service. Doug lives in a completely different stratosphere.

  8. I’m happy you’re still driving your cars, it’s much cooler to see people using their cars instead of just owning them

  9. Man Doug has really gone full corporate now, even his repair bills make hoovie look like the smartest automotive channel on YouTube

  10. Doug the only guy who explains how his G-wagon is prone to rust, has it fixed then immediately sends it to the east coast for the summer where it will turn out like his land cruiser.

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