Here’s Why I Haven’t Reviewed the Tesla Cybertruck Yet


Today I'm explaining why I haven't yet examined the hottest automobile on the marketplace … the Cybertruck.


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0:00 THIS …
0:26 CARS & BIDS!!!
0:39 You already know what the Cybertruck is …
1:30 Waiting for a Cybertruck to be auctioned on Cars & Bids
3:41 Tesla Threatens to Sue
5:25 "I'll list it if you hide the VIN"
7:39 Everyone is still too alarmed to offer them
8:32 I Will Evaluation One
9:43 My Preliminary Thoughts on the Cybertruck

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Here's Why I Haven't Reviewed the Tesla Cybertruck Yet

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  1. Any automaker threatening to “brick” a car, is absolutely terrifying. We all should be concerned about this and make such a situation that automakers are forced to go in the opposite direction.

    1. You do know that GM, BMW, Mercedes, and many other electric car manufacturers have the EXACT same terms and abilities to control or “brick” your electric car, right?

      Hold Tesla accountable, but please don’t pretend they’re the only ones doing this stuff…

    2. This is why they’re pushing EV’s so hard on everyone. Much easier to control than older gas cars or gas cars in general.

    3. That hs exactly why I’m not interested in an EV. I don’t like someone having the ability to remotely shut off my car

    4. This is the reason why governments want you to own an electric vehicle. When you act bad, they brick your entire life

    1. Some loser on Twitter told me I was a “GM shill” because I positively reviewed the Hummer EV (which I do love), and I so badly wanted to respond with this but for some reason didn’t. WELL HERE IT IS!!!

    2. @@DougDeMuro I admire your restraint. You definitely aren’t the type to rub your success in people’s faces even if they deserve it.

  2. So that’s why every car review has turned out to be so positive in the last few years, they are just advertisements for you the auctions on your site

    1. Duh Broski. If I had the money to buy the cyber truck, I’d definitely make a quick 50-70 grand

    2. Doug is a car enthusiast he’s excited about new cars. He points out flaws all the time.

  3. It’s nice your site has been so successful, but I am a little saddened it’s just turning into eBay and doesn’t seem like it’s just for enthusiasts anymore.

    1. That’s what happens when you start making a lot of money. You get corrupted. It’s sad but true. His review would have been one of the biggest but he wouldn’t do until it made profits and promoted his business.

    1. YES, EXACTLY….this guy is now being called “Cyber Doug” just like Matt Farah is now “Cyber Matt.” SPREAD IT!

  4. Sometimes I feel like Cars and Bids is like an evil girlfriend that took away our good buddy Doug. ☹️

    1. How did Cars & Bids “take away” Doug? It’s so funny that you people are acting this way simply because he decided not to review 1 car as early as others.

    2. @@C0LDMachine if you follow this channel and have for a while you know why it did and you know why the sentiment is that way. Quit playing stupid.

    3. He seems very business and money minded now more than anything. Like he said in the video, he waiting for someone to sell one on C&B so his site gets more exposure. I think he’s missing out more on views and exposure on his channel.

    4. @@tankriley2712 I get where he’s coming from, but if it weren’t for his videos and views (us the fans) card and bids wouldn’t have ever happened. “Waiting” for it to come up for sale on C&B is really greedy pov

  5. Respectfully, Doug flexes is GT in this video saying he doesn’t need to take bribes to not review cars, he’s got plenty of money, but the entire video is how he’s not reviewing this car to make more money.

    1. So you find it wrong for him to support the business he’s created while not bowing to auto makers? Odd criticism…

    2. The event of reviewing a car and pointing to your auction of it, is more fun than just covering a car on its own.

      More fun for him and the viewers.

      A bribe isnt fun.

    3. ⁠@@Accost2uhe’s not not doing the video because of automaker money. He’s not doing it because he can make more money when tied to selling it on C&B. He’s putting money over making content for us the viewers and for a guy who “doesn’t need the money”, that’s not cool

    4. I don’t believe for a second that Doug is taking bribes, but the idea that someone wouldn’t do something shady because they were already rich has been disproven so often that the notion is laughable.

  6. I am very disappointed that Doug only reviews cars that are put up for sale on his website. Definitely a conflict of interest with his reviewing.

    1. At what point in the video did he say he only reviews cars that get listed on C&B?? Watch the video, pay attention, determine if any comment is needed or appropriate and apply critical thinking if it is and when formulating the points your going to make. Im not sure you know what conflict of interest even is, because waiting to cross promote your business with the hottest new product to come out in a long time that happens to be the product your business sells isn’t a conflict of interest. Its expected. Where is the conflict? He doesnt work for you, you dont pay anything to see these videos and there is multiple other sources for reviews on the cybertonka

      If you think he is being misleading about a car he is selling on cars and bids by revewiing it your wrong as only certain vehicles meeting certain criteria are elligible for listing on cars and bids. This knowledge is publicly available, and most cars on there either get a video made about them or his staff investigates them before posting the auction. You see the whole car including driving it in the videos just for your peace of mind so you can make your own mind up and not be totally reliant on what he is telling you as you can see it with your own eyes. If anything he is being extremely transparent, moreso than I would recommend he should have been strictly speaking from a business point of view.

    2. Firstly, he didn’t say that. Secondly, as he said: transparency is important, which is clear in that he is still very open about a car’s flaws in his videos even if it’s for sale on Cars & Bids.

    1. Respect the hustle. Doug’s doing it honestly, imo. Not profiting off of others labor, just producing things and getting paid, for the most part. IDK if he does the back end work on cars and bids, but it is his idea and i’m sure he’s put many hrs into it, with no bad labor practices, pollution, etc. involved.

  7. Summary: Doug was hoping to review a Cybertruck that someone was selling on Cars and Bids (no such sales yet) as a cross promotion of Cars and Bids. He has put that as a higher priority than doing a review as quickly as possible for his subscribers, as he notes he has several friends and neighbors with Cybertrucks.

  8. By the way, since I filmed this video, I have lined up a Cybertruck to film so GET READY — should go live by the end of the month. 😄

  9. Doug is the type of guy who has a multi-million dollar garage studio with ZERO dollar acoustic treatment.


    1. he spends it on cars which is fine by a car guy like me lol. The quality is perfect. Just one of the quirks and features of the Doug DeMuro review experience lol

    2. Things that are not a priority:
      Thousands of dollars of foam to make a garage sound like something it isn’t, for no particular reason.

    3. ​@@YouTube_username. No particular reason? This whole vid is about how much money he wants to make. Meanwhile it’s been proven time and time again that increased production quality means more views which equals more money. People will close a video for any number of petty reasons, and one of them is muddy audio and an annoying echo in their ears.

    1. Oddly I was watching and thinking he is starting to look like and sound like Leno….is Doug a Jay Leno clone? I mean he os even starting to get that famous Leno lisp.

    1. It’s his garage so it’s probably more convenient for him to just film there. It probably gets awkward for him filming cars, especially, new, classic, or exotic cars in empty parking lots

    1. I literally didn’t know that he was trying to sell these cars 😂 I was just watching for entertainment. Everyone is setting him on fire in these comments 🥴

    1. I mean at the end of the day, cars and bids is a company that wants to generate profit. Him having a majority stake in said company would give him a vested financial interest to help make as much profit for the company as possible. Can you really blame him?

  10. Saying C&B is the best place for scalpers to sell new electric cars is not the flex you think it is.

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