Here’s Why I Love the 2000 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG


This Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG is among my preferred sedans ever. Today I'm evaluating this special E55 AMG, and I'll reveal you all the lots of peculiarities and features. I'm likewise going to get behind the wheel of the E55 AMG and reveal you what it's like to .


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00:00 THIS …
00:38 It's for sale on CARS & BIDS!!!
01:19 W210 Summary.
03:26 Powertrain & Performance.
05:05 AMG Upgrades.
06:33 Outside Styling.
07:35 Solid Interior.
08:40 Interior Quirks & Characteristic.
10:03 Two-Tone Interior.
11:22 Wacky Buttons.
13:35 Headlight Washers.
14:00 Center Screen.
14:27 Gauge Cluster.
15:01 Automobile Phone.
16:25 Back Seats.
17:24 Phantom First-Aid Kit.
18:43 Trunk.
19:43 Driving Experience.
24:30 Last Thoughts.
24:54 Doug Score.

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Here’s Why I Love the 2000 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG

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  1. In retrospect, it’s insane that my parents gave this to me as my first car at 16. I’ll still be chasing that high for the rest of my life.

  2. My mom had a 2001 E320 when I was in middle school and I was enthralled by the E55. Such a great car. And they used to be criminally cheap but not anymore. It’s still worth it tbh. I’d love to own one of my own someday.

    1. @Laureano Latorre I do. This car is now extinct in most of Europe 😀 It comes down to weather, maybe…

  3. Your vids helped get me through the lockdowns, thanks Doug. I hope you get another Carrera GT, they get lonely alone

  4. The estate version is even better! I’d say E55 T AMG is on par with R63 AMG in my book.
    Waiting for Doug to find an E60 sedan from this gen and quick-review it!

    Can’t agree with one thing: these E-classes weren’t “built to last”, on the contrary actually – they rot like hell but Doug may not know that as “it never rains in California”, but in Europe these were notorious for holes, falling outs of window gaskets etc. all from rust.
    There was this saying that these E-classes were so rust-prone that you could hear it being consumed by rust if you put your ear close enough to the bodywork xD

    1. In US, even in rust prone states, the w210 does last to this day, but they are smothered in rust depending on the state. My E320 still in great condition thank God

    2. My wife’s old 210 had disintegrating wiring. Just try to change a headlight bulb. The wiring sheath would come apart in your hands

    3. Yes I had to sell my 1996 E320 because it just rusted and became too ugly to go for business trips. MB started to use water based ‘eco’ paints which were a biiig mistake.

    4. @Scott Woolum That was also an eco thing, biodegradable wire insulation. Everything eco is _always_ bad when it comes to cars. Always.

  5. A guy in my neighborhood had a silver one back in the day. I remember hearing him step on it for the first time and it sounding like American muscle. I’m still in love with this car

  6. Also for the gear selector switch, the “S” stands for Standard with Mercedes, not Sport. Winter mode essentially just means it’ll start in 2nd gear to minimise wheelspin

    1. ​@Happy_Soyjak
      for the W210 the S stands for Standard not Summer the car starts in the first gear the W stands for Wet/Winter

  7. According to Mercedes W210 owner manual which I have – the transmission mode switch stands for Winter and Standard.

    In standard form the car drives normally in all 5 gears. In W mode, the car will take off in 2nd gear in order to reduce wheel spin. Even the reverse gear has 2 different ratios to suit W and S mode.

    This transmission also has adaptive electronics which reads the driver driving pattern and adapt accordingly.

  8. I like the little dance that Doug always does when he says “quirks and features”. Like it excites him just saying it lol…

  9. Love when Doug reviews older gen mercs especially since I’m lucky enough to own a 211 e55 i could look at these cars all day. Amazing cars

  10. Brabus even dropped the AMG 7.3 L V12 into the W210 and then tuned it further to produce 582 PS, making it more powerful than a Pagani Zonda 7.3. Top speed was limited to 205 mph (330 km/h). By far the fastest sedan of its time.

  11. 12:05 The S on that switch stands for Standard or summer.
    This era of cars didnt had any Sport setting and the only thing this button does is locking out first gear so you set off in second gear, this also applies with reverse gear so you actually have 2 different ratio reverse gears.
    This button does not change the way the transmission shifts.

    1. Bro, you’re mostly right, except about cars from that era not having a sport mode, other cars did…my brother’s Saturn SC2 had a “sport” mode, for instance.

  12. I used to use that rear shade all the time while driving. It was convenient when someone was tailgating me at night and their lights annoyed me. Raising the shade seemed also to annoy most people so they rage passed quick after raising it 😂 Fun quirk about the car: I bought it used from Germany, the previous owner was a retired gentleman. After driving the car for a few weeks I did an interior detail and I found an unused shotgun shell between the seat mechanism! I could have accidentally made it go off when moving the seat 😅

    1. I briefly toyed with the idea of printing a raised middle finger on the rear shade, then thought better of it.

  13. At the time, this was my favorite Mercedes in existence (I was only a kid) I had a Matchbox one in dark blue I think, loved it! Looked at it closely all the time, thought it was such a cool looking car, loved seeing them driving around too. The headlights paired with the boxy styling were actually my favorite part of the whole thing. I’m like Doug, I love quirky cars! And for Mercedes at the time, this was quirky.

  14. Such an a enjoyable review. Your enthusiasm is testimony to the love you have for such a fine motor 💙

  15. I bought my 1999 e320 for $1000, and it’s so amazing. Best first car I could have imagined, the speakers and how quiet it is when driving is just insane

  16. Such a nice car. Bulletproof reliability, ability to cruise smoothly at 100+ mph, and super practical. Yes, the W211 E55 has way more power, but it also has more complexity with air suspension. Can’t go wrong with either 🙂
    I’ve got a 2004 E320, and it’s an awesome highway car. Easy car to work on too!

    1. Bulletproof? The W210 had massive rust issues and was nowhere near as durable as the preceding W124.

    2. @DasZündkerzchen That’s only if you live where it snows. There are thousands of examples today that are rust free. “Massive rust issues” is a false statement. Almost every car in those specific areas ends up having rust overtime

  17. This car is just the perfect example of a true ‘modern classic’ Mercedes. Perfect blend of old-school Mercedes bankvault qualities with a surprising amount of 21st century performance, safety and luxury features.

    Another fun fact that I’m surprised Doug didnt mention was that this was the last AMG to be entirely hand-assembled from the ground up. After this it was just the engines being built by hand, and then nowadays half of so-called “AMG” models don’t even have hand assembled engines anymore.

  18. Doug – I own a 2001 E55 in silver. You are absolutely correct on the par excellence cruiser. I have driven this to Denver multiple times for over 14 hours at around 100 and it is just purely the best experience and what makes me love driving. It makes up for traffic for the whole year. You drive it and just smile. Sidenote: It is the most reliable car I own and have never even considered that it would strand me.

  19. One of my favorite things about my W211 and the W203 I owned before it was the rear head rests being able to be dropped! Made a huge difference in visibility and I immediately noticed how much I need that when my local Mercedes dealership loaned me a W212 e class while my car was in service. I really wish they’d bring that back!

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