Here’s Why I’m Still Driving My Recalled Porsche Carrera GT


Today I am explaining why I am still driving my Porsche Carrera GT despite the NHTSAs "Stop-Use" order.


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00:00 THIS …
00:25 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:41 Carrera GT Remember
04:26 NHTSA Stop-Drive Order
04:57 Back Into the general public's Eye
06:08 Why It's Absurd
06:34 Many Cars undergo a Stop-Drive Order
08:03 Do Not Disregard the Stop-Drive Orders
09:25 Can Insurance Coverage Cancel the Carrera GT?
10:37 150 Carrera GTs Missing Out On??
11:19 My Conspiracy Theory

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Here's Why I'm Still Driving My Recalled Porsche Carrera GT

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    1. I first looked at the ‘Recalled’ in the title and then the cgt in thumbnail, I too thought he was selling his Porsche.

  1. Grim Reaper: Took you long enough, but are you ready to go?
    Doug: Let me take a moment…to tell you about Cars and Bids!

    1. Doug wakes up in his coffin: so, once you’ve finished attending my funeral be sure to check out CARS AND BIDS!

    2. Grim Reaper: What makes you think you’d make a good Grim Reaper?
      Carrera GT: I’ve killed THIS and THIS and THIS and THIS!

  2. Is it just me or would a first gen Viper fit insanely well in your collection ? It would be the holy trinity of evil old school supercars that try to kill unexperienced drivers and honestly you would be that type of guy to daily a viper

    1. Less than 500 according to the end of the video. And all of them were notified a year ago.
      So this is only “news” to people who do not own such car.

    1. There is no such thing as stop drive in Romania since many vehicles are old and people are poor. Heck, even my car a 18y/o Fiesta. Here if you car doesn’t work properly you go to one guy that knows another guy and bribe him to get a new 1 year inspection for the car, very easy. Here is too much corruption for that stop driving thing. Ive been to the USA for 3 months and boy i can tell you you have a lot of weird laws 😂😂

    2. @@DougDeMuroDOUG make a video responding to the massive amount of negative feedback you got on the video about the cyber truck

    1. @@adampinsky3896 was he driving a Carrera? I thought it was a 911 for some reason.

      Edit:Oh snap it was a carrera GT. I wonder if it was actually related to this

    2. @@xerotolerant It was a Carrera GT. The deteriorated nine year old tires on it might explain Americans (or at least Cars and Bids) obsession with tire date codes.

  3. Doug lives in San Diego. That car is as clean as the day it left the factory. We are blessed to have super consistent weather here in San Diego.

    1. Unless you live right next to the water. I’ve found my cars get pretty beaten up by corrosion from the salt water a block or so away from the water despite being in SD

  4. A lot of recalls happen as cars get miles and defects are found. Doesnt surprise me that a car like this, where most of the units are kept in garages 360 days a year or more, they haven’t found problems until this long.

  5. Me and doug have a lot in common, I felt similarly badass driving my recalled Chevy Bolt every day 😎

  6. Same thing happened with the Mercedes brake booster recall. Since the cars were under a stop drive order, we would drive to customer’s houses to perform the inspections. If the car passed, the customer could continue to drive it. If it failed, Mercedes will offer to pay for a tow or a porter would carefully drive it back to the dealer

    1. It’s really inexcusable how bad the roads are here. At least in northeast US they have frost heaves as an excuse. California just has Democrat politicians and open borders to blame

    2. I’m a bit shocked there are owners of these cars who are willing to drive them in winter conditions.

    3. Yet they make an assload in taxes. But I guess the mayors and government employees need their fair share.

    1. Toyota has crap customer service but the Toyota bros don’t wanna ever say anything bad about Toyota

  7. Doug is the type of guy to have a Massachusetts registration on a California car, and a California registration on a Massachusetts car.

  8. Damon of DDE (Daily Driven Exotics) had this fail on his CGT and he nearly crashed. Fortunately he was only going 35 mph so he was able to get it pulled over but he was scared. You can see it on his video last year or the year before when he had it.

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