Here’s Why the NC Mazda Miata Is Better Than You Think


This is the NC Mazda Miata, and I'm going to tell you why it is much better thank you believe! Today I'm examining this NC Mazda Miata, and I'll reveal you all the numerous quirks and functions. I'm likewise going to get behind the wheel of the NC Mazda Miata and reveal you what it's like to drive. Is the answer constantly Miata? Tell us what you think in the remarks.


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00:00 THIS …
00:31 It Might Be Yours on CARS & BIDS!!!
01:08 Introduction
02:11 NC Miata Controversy
03:46 Powertrain
04:40 "Club" Upgrades
06:29 PRHT: Power Retractable Hard Top
08:00 Interior Quirks & Characteristic
08:24 Roof Operation
10:01 Environment Control Peculiarity
11:06 Interior Storage
12:36 More Quirks & Features
13:21 Manual Transmission
13:50 General Interior
14:51 Trunk
15:35 Other Exterior Quirks & Features
16:31 Driving Experience
17:07 It's Still a Miata
18:39 Steering and Handling
19:13 Shifter and Clutch
20:08 Disadvantages
21:02 Final Ideas
21:29 DougScore

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Here's Why the NC Mazda Miata Is Better Than You Think

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  1. This is by far the most overlooked gen of Miata and I don’t know why. It’s such a fun little car and I love how the Miata family keeps that same tradition going with every generation.

    1. just like the 996 911 it comes down to generally disliked styling. I cant help but agree its not the easiest on the eyes…

    2. @Kyle Severy stupid how people consider that but it was the first gen with a convertible hardtop and it only weighed 10-50kg more than an NB2 while having more power and much better safety and daily drivability. (also unlike the NA/B the NC has actual rust sealing from factory)

      and the NC2/3 had retuned suspension, stronger gearboxes and forged internals making an amazing base for modifying (hence why you see a lot of NCs with turbo and Supercharger kits)
      and prices are still pretty good imo

      P.S also I don’t get what Dougs on about, I was a huge miata fan as a kid and started getting into them around 2009/2010 and almost every miata enthusiast liked the smily NC2/NC3 over the “shocked” NC1 face which honestly looked weird as the cars ride height was also too high. and everyone knows the best part of the miata is the “happy” smile. something some fans didn’t like about the ND was cause it was a bit too angry

    3. It’s the Miata purists that say ‘it’s not a miata’. But typically everyone not biased towards miatas likes it.

  2. Finally! I always wished for an NC review from Doug, and even more so after I finally bought one. Today is truly a good day!

  3. Thank you!! I have owned 6 Miatas – 1 NA, 1 MSM, 1 ND… and 3 NC PRHTs. I keep coming back to the NC because it is the most practical, the PRHT is amazing, my wife doesn’t hate how cramped it is, and it performs very well. People always call these things a BOAT and I always respond that it is because it stands for BEST OF ALL TIME!! ❤❤

    1. ​@Jay Saraviaits a meme on the internet, but owning a nc for 6 yrs never heard that in the real world

    2. I always thought the NC was heavier because it’s the only one that shares a platform with another Mazda…The larger RX8.

  4. It’s MUCH better for Doug to do the Cars & Bids shoutout live instead of cutting to it in editing ✊✊✊

  5. The NC is my favorite miata because of the styling though… I love the smiley face and i love the clear tail lights and happy looking headlights instead of angry etc.
    I don’t like that most newer cars are over designed and like angry and mean looking. The NC is a happy car and it makes you happy both from looking at it and from driving it… It’s just fun and we have way too little of that now days.

    1. idk how someone into miatas could dislike the NC for the smile, the NA is one of the happiest looking cars on the road and ur mad at the NC for being smiley? silly

    2. @eea 100% agree. Isn’t the whole purpose of the Miata to have a lightweight, tossible sports car that puts a smile on your face? I find it ironic that people didn’t like the smiley face…yet this is what the car was supposed to be for. The Miata was never intended to be a true serious sports car but rather a throwback to the light, tossible feeling of the old british roadsters. If someone is buying a Miata because they think its the most serious, hard edged and fastest sports car on the market, they are buying the wrong car (unless you intend to modify them of course). I personally love the smiley face and the styling overall of the NC because it looks like the car doesn’t take itself too seriously and is just having a good time. I think the people who got upset at the styling of the NC lost sight of the main reason the Miata exists…to smile and have fun.

  6. For anyone wondering, the PRHTs are very reliable. Occasionally it needs a small bolt tightened and some lube, but otherwise, they just run, regardless of the year made.

    1. My 2010 has 240,000km on it. I’ve put the top up and down almost every single day, one time I had locktite the tension screw, but it’s never had an issue since. Even in the winter.

  7. Doug failed to mention the multilink rear suspension, which was amazing for a car at this price point at the time, and still is.

    1. The 2nd gen Mazda 3 also had multi link rear suspension, not sure of the msrp at the time but im sure it was slightly less than the NC.

    2. I thought that was a drawback to this car from the original NA, No? Or is multilink supposed better than DWB suspension?

    3. ​@St fupeople will argue that the NC suspension is more grown and less “raw” compared to old ones. The multilink helps in every way, the rear end is always planted SOLID, be it 50mph or 120mph. Amazing steering feel as well.

  8. I could not be happier, owning an NC miata. Such a wonderful car. I might never sell it 😊 I have always wondered when Doug would do a review of it.. I lost hope but here it is 😮.

    1. I traded my Miata for a Lexus is250 for practical purposes and have missed the NC every single day. I didn’t have a garage at the time, it rains and the car was a cloth top. I have a garage now, and want to get an NC and keep it forever.

  9. This generation was a great car. My father had an 07’ grand touring and specs on paper don’t do justice. Handling and power delivery is so much fun and very predictable. It’s not incredibly fast in a straight line, however, the driving experience makes this a blast to drive. One cool accomplishment of the NC, is that it could complete a slalom faster than a Mustang GT, despite the huge difference in power.

  10. I like all MX5’s. The only model I drove was the current generation but I drove both the soft top and retractable fastback both with the 1.5 engine. Fantastic fun car to drive. I own a GT86 but if I was buying a convertible in this segment it’d be a ND 2.0 MX5 Retractable fastback.

  11. Is it weird that I’ve always found the NC to be the best looking gen, especially the facelifted version? Loved the “smile” on the R3 RX-8 too.

    1. The smiley RX-8 definitely looks the best. The earlier ones look like they accidentally bit into a lemon.

    2. I love the look, it looks like a fun lightweight car, which it kind of is. It doesn’t try and look like it has 9999Kg of down force, it doesn’t look Heavy, it looks like you could toss it around without issue. I’ve always wanted a Miata because it doesn’t look over done, you could park it anywhere and most people wouldn’t know it’s special.

  12. Hi Doug Greetings from the UK. I dont comment often but this deserves a huge shout out and a brilliant review/car it is. Sometimes a car crops up and you can get emotional at the same time. My late Mum had 4 MX5 in total and the blasts we had up and down the country were epic. We had an 2008 NC and we loved it. Thankyou Doug for this video and bringing back fond memories of the good times we had in our car.

  13. One thing I might mention is, I own an NC Miata from 2008 and there’s actually even more storage with a small compartment similar in size to the one between the seats behind each seat! I’m not sure if that exists on the PRHT model but I have it on my soft top miata.

  14. The pre-facelift NC is a perfect reinterpretation of the NA. More muscular with the wheel arches; front- and backlights similar to the NA. The late NC facelifts in flashy colours like red or green are very refreshing; too. Timeless. Many thanks to Mazda for this affordable fun cars!!

    1. This is so accurate. I didn’t realize all the styling similarities until I had my NA and NC parked next to each other.

  15. FYI, final year for the NC is 2015 not 2014. Also, there were facelifts in 2009 and 2013. Also, the Grand Touring Premium model comes with the Club options plus heated seats, leather, auto HVAC, and many options… personally THAT is my dream NC and I have owned 3 of them. Driving it with the top down in sub-freezing temps is perfectly comfortable! Also, the center console storage IS a cupholder you are just missing the piece that goes there!

    1. Whenever Doug reviews cars that I’ve owned I’m left wondering how many things he’s getting wrong about the cars that I don’t that closely.

    2. @MiegmaishMenas Yeah he got lots of things wrong. NC2/3(facelifts) front end are much more well received than NC1, the center storage is a cupholder, there’re also storage behind the seats, although not in the PRHT but he could have mentioned it. The car also had LSD and Bilstein shocks available from the first model year in 2006, not just the final year like he said.

  16. The last year of the NC was 2015, not 2014.

    Secondly, the 2006 NC weighed about 50 lbs more than the 2005 NB. Considering the NC’s safety additions, added horsepower, and a significant improvement in chassis stiffness it was worth it.

    And the PRHT retracts completely so it doesn’t leave a blind spot when open like the ND RF. It’s also about 40 lbs lighter than the RF top.

  17. I love every MX-5. Best car models ever made in my opinion. The NC has a special place in my heart not because it’s the best one but because the Mazda engineers had to build it on the platform of the much bigger RX-8. Back then Ford had the controlling majority for Mazda and they restricted the funds for the 3rd generation MX-5 so the engineers had to design this car on a strict budget which is a tremendous achievement. The NC may be the worst MX-5 but it’s still better than any other small roadster from any brand of the past 30+ years.

    Btw: I’m so happy Ford sold their shares on Mazda which makes it pretty much an independent car manufacturer. Since then the quality, design, and appeal of the brand is much much higher than before.

  18. I’ve owned an NB, NC, and ND RF. They all hold a special place in my heart. The NB was my first Miata, the ND is the most thrilling, but the NC is the best daily driver. A fantastic car that doesn’t deserve the hate the Miata community gives it.

  19. I love the fender flares! I think they make the NC look more aggressive compared to the NA and the NB. I had an NB and I now have an NC. I like having a little bit more room and I feel much safer when I drive it. It is still a blast to drive and is an excellent fun true sports car!

  20. I have been looking for one, and despite the length of time NC’s were in production, they’re not that easy to find – at least not how I want one (manual, for starters and preferably Club). Now everyone will be rushing out to scoop up the few I might have had my eyes on at some point. Thanks a lot Doug!

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