Hoonigan’s (Patent Pending) Wheel of Lunch™

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Tired of believing while you're hungry? Not able to choose a chicken sandwich purveyor? Industries has actually crafted the option: the Wheel of ™! View as this innovative device decides for us where to stuff our faces. Then we'll tell you how good the stuff we stuffed our faces was! Good stuff.

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Hoonigan's (Patent Pending) Wheel of

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  1. We built one of these in the military, it was awesome! Ours was a little different. We had a binder and we slid the menu’s from different restaurants in there and assigned a number to it. The wheel just had 20 numbers on it. Once every few months someone would change the numbers on the binder pages just so we didn’t get used to them. lol

    1. There was an MRE (meal ready to eat) version for out in the field also. We would put everyone’s mre’s in a pile and number them and each of us would spin the wheel to see what surprise we got, Spoiler alert, we all lost, lol.

  2. Definitely do more food review rides in different cars each trip, that would be pretty entertaining

  3. The level of content that is expected from hoonigan, the wheel was way over engineered, but worth it. Make this a permanent series

    1. Yeah this was great! Old school hoonigan vibes. Also a great way of showing thier cars. Would like to see more of this!

    2. only thing it missed was a tag of who was who of the guys we don’t normally see on camera

  4. Love the food content and love the daily tangents. Keep it coming. Maybe even do a wheel to decide which car to take to lunch and make it a whole thing.

  5. build an elaborate brake system for the wheel called SNACK BRAKE so you can stop it without waiting around

    1. what about using a motorscle break cappilour or go even more simple and use a peddel bike break system

    2. @Short Herald Dude it’s Hoonigan it would only work with a full on race Brembo or top shelf Stoptech ! Anything less just ain’t gonna work…!!!

  6. The random food reviews on the trips are great (germany snack breaks, the NY pizza tour, etc.), showcasing some local hotspots when you all go on remotes sounds like a cool interlude. Highlights some local businesses too.

  7. I expect to see these series every week now guys. Oh and use the air hose to spin the wheel just cus ever wheel has to shred at the yard

  8. On lunch break watching an episode about lunch break. This is exactly the content we need.

  9. I know u guys don’t post here much but I genuinely enjoy the bonus and project card channels I in some cases favorite them I love the vibe of both of these channels and was sad when you guys stopped posting on them for a year thank you for bringing them back

  10. The content we crave. A perfect follow up to the ground breaking smash hit, “Snack Break” from the critically acclaimed series, “Carcaine Abroad” comes the summers best new hit, “The Wheel of Lunch”. Keep up the good work boys.

  11. This weekend for 4th of July we are offering 40% off hoonigan.com (some items excluded) starts the July 1st and ends July 4th.

    When you spend $50, $75 or $100 a gift with purchase will be included if reached.

  12. “Wheel of lunch trip” as a once a week episode would be rad. Keep the drop top. Lunch & Lowriders

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