How close to the original can a replica Cobra be? Shelby CSX4000 427 | The Appraiser – Ep. 11

Today on The Appraiser, Mark generates his Shelby CSX4000 427 S/C Cobra for Colin to take a look at. It's fitting that we would be a the Lyon Air Museum in Irvine, CA with Carroll Shelby's history with planes to evaluate this car. The aluminum aircrafts may overshadow the aluminum car however it suits well anyways. So, is this near ideal tribute worth as much as the initial or is it still lagging behind despite having the blessing of Shelby America?

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How close to the original can a replica Cobra be? Shelby CSX4000 427 | The Appraiser – Ep. 11

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  1. It could have 100% original parts but it will still be a replica if it wasn’t built in Shelby’s shop.

  2. Beautiful car! All 3000 series cars probably “should” be investment grade automotive “art” works. The 4000 series cars (and Kirkhams) should be super high end drivers. All other replicas should be publicly flogged and enjoyed with a big smile on the drives face…

  3. if you buy a replica it should be a better version of the original, especially for that price imo

    1. I get what you mean… but it depends what you want. Some people want an exact replica because they can’t afford or find an original, others want something that looks like the original but with more modern road manners and better performance, neither is wrong. Some even want something that slightly resembles the original and has zero performance, lol. It’s an open choice market, there’s something for everyone.

  4. Stunning car , I even love the 55 gumball, my birth year. This is the way to go, you can drive it and if there’s a problem it’s not a 7 figure problem.

  5. Yep ! I thought it would command a higher price but as always it’s only ever worth what someone is willing to pay. And l wouldn’t be too upset if it was parked in my garage !

  6. Glad to see this series back, truly enjoy these. Great car, and to my mind, the best of both worlds. Absolute authenticity for the driving experience, without the higher price of a 3000 series.

  7. *THIS* is the kind of guy who should have a car like this… he bought it for himself and it’s going to “go with the estate“. I’m glad people like this share their cars with the rest of us in videos like these. 👍

  8. My favorite car, hands down. First time I saw one in a book I was floored. Then I saw the stat, 0-100-0 in ten seconds, yup, my favorite!

  9. The fact it’s been driven 11k miles and enjoyed a ton is awesome! So what if it’s a replica it’s a perfect replica at that and one that’s meant to be had fun in!

  10. Yes, Kirkham Mielec, the remnants of WSK PZL, Polish aviation plant.
    They used 5251-0 aluminium, and slightly thicker (1,5mm).
    You could also get stainless frame.

  11. Im surprised that they used a metal bowl under the air filter, I would use something that insulates thermally better

  12. I would have thought that the Porsche 356 or the 1932 Ford has been replicated more often than the Cobra.

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