How Hong Kong’s Underground Car Scene Works: Power by Numbers | Capturing Car Culture

What do you do when a greatly policed city like won't let you enjoy your cars and trucks? Be tactical about it, but much more notably, stick together; there is power in numbers. Follow Larry Chen and witness how 's underground vehicle scene schemes to host automobile fulfills in an innovative and covert way.

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How 's Underground Car Scene Works: Power by Numbers | Capturing Car Culture

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  1. Loved this vid. But would like to see some more japan content in the future. Maybe something more grassroots like touge racers in gunma or the civics from osaka

    1. You’d be disappointed, because they don’t exist anymore. 峠 and 首都高 both disappear in recent years. Street racing in Japan is pretty much dead (literally for some people)

    2. If it’s nearly dead in Japan, why do they sell impounded cars to that country. Not a huge Nissan or Honda fan, but love the JDM cars & have owned a few. Toyota was my favorite, especially Supras and MR2s(if my username didn’t give that away). But its going the same direction here in the US. HUGE push for usually more boring/less-modifiable and just have no….soul(uniqueness & character). All being destroyed because of all the “climate” crap which is complete BS, selling nothing but fear. Hopefully they keep going there and here. Maybe Japan can re-ignite at some point before they outlaw gas-powered(real cars) for that BS.

    3. @@mrt2this607 the days of illegal street racing are gone, people are going to race tracks to enjoy their cars legally now.

  2. I need to pick my jaw up from the floor. Rocky is a legend setting all this up! I take my hat off to this amazing person, and every owner for sticking their head out for the benefit of the others ❤

    1. Too many photographers… Not enough cars. Internet culture is ruining “car culture”. Dude’s new (racist) nickname should be *Lookie Lu* .

  3. HK used to have a crazy street racing scene…a long time back. Since ‘re-unification’ it got much more restrictive.

    1. HK is a densely populated city. Street racing is dangerous to the public and generates noise pollution to residential areas..

    2. @@ngmhg 100% true. The main issue is that taking a car to Zhuhai (even a dedicated racing car in a container) is a real storm of paperwork and big $$$$.

    3. Pre and post-handover HKer here. Some of the old school street racing scene is definitely exaggerated by pop culture.

  4. Wao is amazing video again, truly amazing how culture react to car meets , here in the states the freedom that we have & some people take that for granted, with the whole takeover stuff wao.

  5. Please make more of these videos covering the hong kong car culture! We are absolutely loving these videos!!

  6. Can’t believe all of the great cars that you’ve shot over the years! So grateful to have had you take photos of my car almost a decade ago.

  7. 5:49 that dude hoovering the parking lot! the standards are so much better than anywhere iv visited, what a day that must have been Larry to see all of those cars 🤤

  8. Hermoso video. La calidad y amor por lo que hace Larry Chen se ve en cada episodio. Gracias por tanto.

  9. Went to Hong Kong around 07-08,and the RR Phantom in facts there was 2 of them at the Peninsula,same color same spot.Watching this video bring back memories.Great video,Larry!More please!

  10. about the neon lights, those hanging overhead are considered “Unauthorised Building Works” by the gov(maybe the wall-mounted too),
    although that was a very iconic sign of Hong Kong,
    those are supposed to be removed very soon, and yes, the gov never consider to keep them where it belongs to,
    instead, they held exibitions somewhere else to reminisce the “Neon Lights Culture”🤯

    HKers need no jokes, gov make jokes everyday😂

  11. I see Larry is not the only was captureing car culture, but the Hong Kong police doing it as well 😂

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