How is Richard Hammond’s classic car business doing since his TV show went live?

Enjoy Hammond's new program on discovery+ here:

It has actually been a good few months now since 's Workshop went survive on discovery+, so Mike Fernie made the journey to The Smallest Cog to learn how business has been because the program has been out.

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How is 's classic car business doing since his TV show went live?

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  1. honestly I would love to work in this area. Being able to restore machines before my time would be a fantastic experience. Plus being able to help others is always a great feeling.

    1. I hope so too. I was shocked that s1 ended after 6 episodes. Honestly I’d be totally ok with a Smallest Cog YouTube channels, the TV show glossed over so many smaller details. Neil’s a great guy, young men like myself find value in conversation with the likes of Niel.

  2. Really enjoyed season 1, not as much as Clarkson’s Farm (because Jeremy is just absolutely nuts!) but really hoping for a season 2.
    I’d like to see more detailed mechanical stuff happening in season 2 though, getting cars up and running, and fixing problems, since season 1 seemed to focus a lot on painting and setting up the shop.

    1. @Luke Barnes Yea, Neil kind of let the cat out of the bag there, saying they had to refuse work when he was in the old shop because of the show and the move, while in the show Hammond was running around trying to find any jobs at all to make a few quid!
      But I can understand Hammond having certain constraints for the show, since it wouldn’t be as interesting if everything went well, and he could just dump money into it with no consequences.

    2. @Luke Barnes it doesn’t hit different at all, people that have money have money because they are careful with their money, but I guess that went over your head.

    3. @Luke Barnes “worth” does not equal liquid capital. How much of that is in his hard assets and non liquid accounts?

  3. I’m so proud of my dad not only does he work hard but my mum is in a wheelchair and I’m totally disabled as well and he helps me all the time there is going to be a second series but not Until later in the year

    1. I loved this series it was amazing, my fav was when your dad got to go bombing around in the spitfire, that was stunning, I would to do that.

    1. I know him and he’s done work for me over the years before I moved away. He really is genuine guy and that is really him. He’s no different off screen. Top guy.

  4. American car show: Right, we’ll do rust fix, air ride, slam it to the weeds, crate engine, big rims, paint and I want it done in two weeks.
    British car show: Yes, we’ve had this for a while, and saw the engine was a bit rusty so we’ll refurbish that … and this just came in for body really … maybe we can get this finished some time next year. Big job. Presenter: Oooh that’s fast… πŸ˜€

    1. The also has long working days, some of the first cars, that Richard had to bring to a auktion the had two days to finish.

  5. Neil has a wealth of knowledge, really enjoying following what’s happening in the new garage. Love the little Morris 8, my aunty had one here in Australia many decades ago. I had a couple of driving lessons in it in the late 50’s when I was only 10 years old.

  6. The show has been awesome. It is so nice to see Neil so passionate about his work and cars in general. Wish all the best to the team in the new year.

  7. Amazing to see and hear about this beloved car in this show, Harold was my late Uncle and Barry is my cousin, I had countless trips in their cars as a youth as did my father, Barrys Uncle and my dads brother. Incredibly small world ❀️
    I actually think it’s this very car that was used to take my sister to get married many years ago, Barry would undoubtedly be able to verify that. I remember Barrys father restoring this is his garage in his garden in Walnut Tree Avenue in Hereford – you have brought back some incredible memories ❀️

  8. I really enjoy these segments! Thanks to the entire team for taking the time to film this, and hats off to all the hard-work Neil, Anthony, and Richard have been putting in!

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