How to Hoonicorn: Lia Block Trains to Drag Race the Mother of All Mustangs!

Some women request ponies for their birthday, but when turned 14 she got the ultimate pony vehicle with 1,400 horses under the hood! To prepare her to be the star chauffeur of Hoonicorn vs The World season 2, proud papa Ken Block had her train under the real masters … NHRA Top Fuel Driver , Sage Thomas aka @Donkmaster TV, of @Iroz Motorsport, and of course the Head Hoonigan in Charge.

Visited the Hoonigan Store at Tire Slayer Studios in Compton!

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00:00 Wan na Drive the Hoonicorn?
05:11 Stage 1: , the Quickest Lady Alive
12:28 Stage 2: Smack Talk 101 with Donkmaster
17:43 Stage 3: Steps Up the Power
24:27 Phase 4: Drifting with Dad
31:58 Phase 5: Taming the Hoonicorn

How to Hoonicorn: Lia Block Trains to the Mother of All Mustangs!

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  1. After driving something with 10,000 horsepower for a living, I wonder if Leah ever gets in something like a Hellcat and is like, “Damn, this thing kinda slow…”

  2. It’s great seeing Ken and Lia’s dynamic. You can definitely tell Ken is a supportive parent, and Lia is 100% related to him.

    1. @DieselDabz710 She’s not being pushed into anything from what we’ve seen. Didn’t SHE ask to drift the first time?

    2. I felt that with every comment with he made, he either found a way to make it about himself or be competitive with her/doubt her.

    1. I’m 6’8″ and as a fellow Large Lad, I can say almost nothing in this world is made for dudes our size.

    2. @criznash… kidding eh tell me about it……. I’m 6’2″ and 320 pounds but my size is from bodybuilding
      There just isn’t any really nice looking clothes for big dudes and it’s like the bigger you are the less choices there are and you either have to take out a bank loan and go to a tailor or settle for garbage like a jacket I bought and it didn’t even last one day hell it didn’t last an hour……dropped my car keys after coming out of the store I just bought my jacket from and when I bent over to pick them up and the jacket ripped straight down my back…..i end up just looking like a slob in a white t-shirt and shorts

  3. This is an amazing movie.

    So cool to see kids like Lia Block and Lincoln Whiddett starting their racing careers before our very eyes

  4. She is amazing what a talented kid right there hope to see her go on massive championship and win some races!

  5. “So you’re teaching me to cheat and not get caught?”

    The smile of kens face said “She’s learning”

    1. i keep explaining to my dad. if your not cheating, your not racing.

      at least from the manufactureres perspective. you know?

    2. @robmanueb2 racing, as it has always been. Find an unfair advantage while not explicitly breaking the regulations.
      Then maintain the facade until the competitors 1-up you, then rinse and repeat.

      If bench racing/paper racing was reliable then Formula 1 wouldn’t be out there still re-defining the bleeding edge of physics bending racing competition.

  6. I freaking love Ken’s family. The Hoonigan family. and most of all, freaking Donk Master! I was not expecting him to be teaching Lia the art of street racing negotiation 🤣

    1. Still though Lia learned so damn fast everything to get to Hoonicorn, yeah she is very lucky to have such dad !

  7. Legitimately one of my favorite videos. Y’all have given her the best family one could ask for. Well done Ken and crew!!

  8. 22:19 – She CALMLY takes her hand off the steering wheel while flatout to adjust her visor XD id be death gripping that wheel so hard it would have my fingerprints imprinted XD

    1. i noticed that and from the outside view u can hear the tires spinning through 3rd gear almost which means it wasnt gripping that hard and she just had no problem controlling it i dont get it lmfao

  9. One of the best videos you guys have done. Great to see the whole story. Can’t wait to see the new season 2.

  10. The Hoonifriends are so nice! I can’t imagine how cool it must be to have Leah Pruett, Donkmaster, and Hank Iroz as mentors.

  11. It’s amazing to see how effortlessly she drove in all the races. Definitely a chip off the old Block Thanks for the content

  12. Eyes from her mother and her send-it from her dad. 😂 she’s literally living out all of the car communities dreams at 14 😅

  13. I love all of the proud dad moments, you can almost hear Ken yell “Thats my girl!!!!”😁🏁

  14. This video literally choked me up. I’ve got a daughter the same age and I’m teaching her to drive. Definitely not to this extent, but some mild snow drifting. It’s been fun. Scary, but fun! It’s great to see great men and fathers still exist! Keep hooning!

  15. It was wild seeing the in car during “victory donuts” because she looked just like Ken, calm and collected, while operating chaos. As a parent myself this was a cool video to watch. She rips and will go far!

  16. I remember taking my 16 year old daughter to a snow covered parking lot and teaching her how to control a slide. One of the best and funnest days of my life to this day. I had way more fun teaching her what my dad would have never in a million years done with me.

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