I Bought 14 Luxury Cars from the FIRST Olympian on a Wheaties Box!!

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Welcome to Episode 265!



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I Bought 14 Luxury Cars from the FIRST Olympian on a Wheaties Box!!

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  1. There is only one thing I look forward to every Friday… streaming “Coffee Walk” and watching you and your team sit down to a shared meal of which usually causes me to salivate and hunt up a snack for myself. Even though I am 75 years young and only gave up street racing four years past. I still own 2 supercharged cars and resist my grandchildren’s insistence that I should sell them. Three things I love about your production are the three essentials, coffee, cars and food! Be blessed!

    1. I am getting up there a bit as well. Every once in a while my wife tries to push me to sell my Saleen Mustang. I tell her I have given the title to my daughter and it’s hers when I die and the car isn’t going anywhere till I am dead. I took it for a drive the other day and it was like I lost 20 years somehow and it was a great day. I keep it on the battery maintainer in a heated garage and it still looks just as good as it did when it was new. Dennis I always look forward to coffee walk because you always have something interesting going on!

    2. @kickit59 I have always felt like a kid in my mind, and the only time I return to reality is when I appeared in front of the mirror! That and last year, colliding with an SUV on my ebike… 6 months on my back has changed my perspective, but I still have a problem just poking along in my little sports coupe!

  2. Bob Richards, a two-time Olympic pole vault gold medalist who also became an ordained minister, died February 28, 2023. He was 97. He was also the first Olympic Champion to appear on a Wheaties Box RIP Champ 1926-2023

    1. The cereal quickly extended beyond baseball players and soon began including Olympic athletes. In 1935, track and field gold medalist, Babe Didrikson, became the first Olympian as well as the first female athlete to be featured.

    2. @purtis99 “Two years later, Richards had another first: he was featured on the front cover of Wheaties. Prior to that year, athletes were only shown on the back of the cereal boxes.” smithsonian Magazine

    3. @Thomas Jones Sounds like the thing may be about the front cover. This guy was the first in the front cover evidently

  3. This is why Dennis is a cut above the rest: Yes the cars are great but it’s his kindness and appreciation towards the people who he buys the cars from. That last section on Bob Richards was Outstanding!

    1. @AlexCorona That’s low brow and distasteful to say sir. There are better ways to get a point across, rather than bringing up a family tragedy. I’m sure if one were to dig into your family, there would be a few skeletons as well. Bad form

  4. So the Big Question this Week… What were the 6 cars you did not get? and…. just wondering why he did not have an Aston Martin Lagonda from the 80’s in that collection. Seems to me like a logical buy… combining British Engineering and Speed… I kept waiting to see one hidden some where on the property.

  5. As always, loved the Friday show, Bob had a sweet car collection, but even greater ideological thoughts. The blue rolls, sport coupe Mercedes and limousine are my favorites : )

    1. Flapjacks are totally a thing. I call them that all the time. Most waitresses look at me with a blank look. Great fun.

  6. Dennis, it can’t be said enough that you and your team are Outstanding. Thank you Sir for the videos.

  7. Now thats a true
    Coffee walk,tons of cars great food a great group to load these beautiful cars and last but not least respect for an american treasure RIP BOB

  8. I still don’t understand why this channel doesn’t have several million subscribers. Awesome content !

  9. Thanks Dennis & your team. Great vibe, great show, as always.
    Now we’ll need an update or two of how those ‘land yachts’ cleaned up. 👌

  10. i believe the Zimmer was based on the foxbody Mercury Cougar, not the mustang. i had a customer that had one back in the early 90s. you can see the stock cougar roofline, the landau top covers up what would be the back windows. when we did an alignment on it, we put in the computer 88 mercury cougar for the Hunter alignment rack.

  11. Dennis, you are a real pro at acquiring some rare and interesting cars. It’s a real art to have the ability to find these collections before anyone else does and then have the means to buy them up not everyone can pull this off. Being a real gentleman in this process shows class!

  12. It would be really cool to see a detail video on some of these cars. Maybe show some of the viewers some techniques they can use on their own cars. Plus, it would just be cool in general to see them cleaned up.

  13. This guy DENNIS is the kind of man I would rather give a car to than to sell it to others. You can be proud to call him a friend. 🎯

  14. wow..i always like your videos, but this time i was even more impressed by taking the time to read about his lifes accomplishments…what a man he must have been.

  15. Dennis I seldom give comments on youtube; but this time I have to. You sir, are a class act, sharing the info about Bob Richards was one of the finest things I’ve seen here. You got a wonderful selection of vehicles, and I know you’ll find good homes for them.

  16. I’m sure this has been mentioned before but I really like the fact that he likes CARS. There is always a variety on each episode and it seems like we see something different every time. A true car guy with great taste.

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