I Bought a 2024 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro!


I bought a 2024 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro! Today I'm going to discuss why I bought such a seemingly out of character vehicle and I'll reveal you some of the quirks and features. I'm likewise going to get behind the wheel and reveal you what it resembles to drive.


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00:00 THIS …
00:39 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:52 Why I Purchased It
01:13 Simplifying My Life
02:31 I Required to Fill the Gap
03:14 I Needed Space
05:06 I Also Needed Off-road Capability
05:30 Need to Reliably Drive Cross Country
05:57 Why Not An Electric Vehicle?
07:17 There Wasn't Many Options That Fit My Requirements
10:27 It's A Lot Less To Handle
11:26 Quirks & Features
12:27 The Camouflage
13:05 TRD Pro Off-road Stuff
14:40 Interior Quirks & Features
14:45 I Love the Tech
15:33 Gauge Cluster Screen
16:36 Motorist Assist Innovation
17:22 Rear Seating
17:48 Freight Area
19:53 Pricing
20:34 The Powertrain
21:25 Driving Experience
25:33 Last Thoughts
26:01 DougScore

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I Bought a 2024 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro!

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    1. I feel the third row / cargo area is going to be more annoying than not having the driving assist.

    2. I love this car!

      Do you think he’s going to sell it like he does every car he gets? I.e the Defender

  1. Doug the type of guy to say “my garage is going to stay the same for a while” and then buys a new car

    1. You’re referencing the Countach video from a few days ago where at 14:04 I say “People ask me what I’m buying next, but I am not planning anything else to my cars.” You quoted that part.

      You left off the very next sentence, literally the very next words, which are “I have a new daily driver coming.” That’s this car. I specifically mentioned it’s coming. In fact, I had already bought it when I recorded that video, which is why I mentioned it.

      And yet you have 1,000 likes and people criticizing me in the comments for lying to my audience! And this, dear viewers, is why the internet hivemind is bad — and why you can’t trust every stupid, out-of-context quote you read from an Anonymous Internet Person 🙂

    2. @DougDeMuro  Doug love you man but I’ll take a V8 Armada over this no trunk Sequoia that’s not reliable. I’m actually a Toyota fanboy and owner.

    3. Doug is the kind of guy who makes wise decisions, and is not financially irresponsible like Hoovie.

  2. Doug the type of guy to sell his Toyota bc of reliability concerns and then buy a Toyota for reliability

    1. @@xavierlathan5950 Arguably the most reliable cars on the road, i’ve only owned toyotas myself. Doug sold his land cruiser bc he has a faulty alternator and said it want reliable enough

    2. An alternator he had to replace twice because it was just sitting​ for most of the year @@brysonmcha

  3. Doug. My guy. No one considers someone who owns a Carrera GT, Ford GT, and Lambourghini Countach a “seemingly rational human being.” But we love you for it!

    1. He has owned a Nissan escargot and a G-wagon convertible. He is not a rational human being. 😂

  4. Doug 3 days later: “I read that the engine might break at 300,000 miles, so I thought: why not just change the whole thing now?”

    1. Well that was true for the old 4L V6, the new turbo hybrid drive stuff… no way it’s running 300K.

    2. ⁠@@AH-hp5siIt absolutely will. You think the only reason Toyota’s were reliable because many of their engines didn’t have turbo’s? Lol

  5. As someone who lives in the same neighborhood as the Cars and Bids office it’s always a fun Easter egg seeing Doug on roads I run all the time

    1. I was just thinking…imagine seeing Doug in the wild doing that fist pumping intro 🔥

    2. @@isaac4273 Cars and Bids is near University Heights. I don’t know where you’re getting Carlsbad from lol

  6. Embracing the fact Doug definitely went full dad with a full size SUV. Life comes at you fast man; good for you

    1. Dragging mom, dad, wife and little kids into an off-roading adventure is very Griswold-esque, to say nothing of driving his family from San Diego to New England and back once a year.

      Usually being a dad to very little kids means you don’t have time to offroad like you used to, but Doug hasn’t come to that realization yet. The burden of parking this beast in small spots, and getting kids in and out of doors that swing outwards will take a toll within a matter of minutes. He will be buying a minivan within several months – mark my words.

    2. @@andrewflanders262 Hes gonna sell his wife and kids on Family and Bids instead getting rid of his SUV!!!

  7. Doug the type of guy to rank the 5 best of a vehicle type, then buy the fourth best on the list.

  8. Toyota is one of the best brand options on the American market. Reliable, stylish, capable, and they hold their value well compared to others. Can’t ask for much more.

    1. @@computercrack style is subjective. I’d argue most agree with my statement, however, I can’t read minds. Some people agree and some may disagree. Regardless, everything else I stated remains true.

    2. Well… considering all their vehicles are moving to turbo everything, I wouldn’t be so sure about the reliability…

  9. Doug, the type of guy to drive back and forth across the country every year when we have airplanes ✈️.

    1. I don’t blame him I’ve been driving trucks cross country a few years now and it never gets old.

  10. E class wagon and a sequoia as the daily garage…this is why I love Doug. That’s such an awesome 2 car garage

  11. “If you have a lot of infant passengers, they’ll appreciate it, and indeed I do” 😂 Doug so funny

  12. Doug is the type of guy to take his car on two road trips then sell it… We love u Doug. Stay safe man.

  13. Love it. I have a 2011 Platinum Seqouia and it does feel like I’m driving a whale around…but I love it. The space and reliability are so worth it when you have kids and family who needs to ride with you at times!! So cool Doug has one!!

  14. This was a good move. In fact, as someone looking to replace only one vehicle, a Lexus LX570, I think this Sequoia TRD Pro is a very respectable replacement.

  15. Doug offroading = Doug driving around traffic off the highway / also known as making a Texas Exit.

    1. Saw someone get a ticket for this in San Antonio. It was glorious. Saw their face and they were NOT happy about it

  16. I Love How Careful You Are With Speaking About Other Brands, But Still Give Your Honest Opinion!

  17. I have driven my Rivian across the country twice and up and down both the east and west coast.

    You will find chargers, but you are correct. It would add a day with charging

    1. Agree, the charging situation is reliable on the majority of routes, but definitely has more stops that would add a day to cross country trips. Been happy doing west coast road trips in my Tesla

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