I Bought a FILTHY Non-Running Porsche Boxster at Auction! Let’s Fix It!

I bought a non running 1999 Porsche Boxster for dirt inexpensive sight hidden at Copart salvage auction. I fixed it in just 20 minutes totally free in the auction parking area then proceeded to drive it for the first time.

When I initially saw the automobile, it was in non-running condition and had been sitting for years. But regardless of its rough outside and absence of working, I saw prospective in this automobile and decided to gamble on it.

Through some hard work and determination, I was able to fix up the vehicle DIY design and get it running for the very first time in years. It wasn't easy, but the fulfillment of breathing life back into this traditional Porsche made it all worth it.

In the video, I take you through the process of sprucing up the car, from recognizing and repairing the issues to getting it back on the road. I also share some of the distinct functions and information of the 1999 Porsche Boxster, in addition to my ideas on what makes this automobile a real gem.

In general, this is a fun and gratifying job that I'm excited to show all of you. If you're a fan of vintage cars or just like an excellent do it yourself fixer-upper story, then be sure to check out the video!

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I Bought a FILTHY Non-Running Porsche Boxster at Auction! Let's Fix It!

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  1. As promised, to close out the 12 days of Christmas special, we will be giving away our R3 RX8 tomorrow to a random follower for FREE πŸ™πŸ» Follow the IG page to have your chance at it! Thanks everyone for all the support of these daily uploads. Should we keep them goin?? We still have a lot of cars to reveal 🀫

    1. I’d love to include myself to your giveaways. But I don’t have IG and I’m not going to get it just for your giveaways.

    2. End of the day it is rear engined and it does need a lot of airflow going to it and going 30 mph and idling it for 30-minutes it is bound to run hot esp in that climate.
      I’ve had 3 myself of this gen 3.3 Boxter S and with care like mine had they ran like clockwork.

    3. Hello I just seen your video I bought me a 2010 vw jetta 2.5 the car was sitting for a while with dead battery got new battery car does turn on nice but my windows the headlights the locks don’t work when I turn it on man it was crazy everything was going bananas lol but after a while it kind of settled down but still need help with the windows and stuff any clue I’m new on vw need help pls thnx

  2. I can feel your excitement! And You can transfer it. You were talking so fastly. Content I enjoy a lot. Once You got access to the engine, check the spark plugs. The misfire is obviously.

  3. Brave soul to drive it all the way home 1,000+ miles. Obviously (and glad) you made it back ok. Looking forward to seeing the trip recap video.

  4. Check the coolant level, as you might very well be overheating because you are low on coolant. Check the tire pressures too.

  5. Really great video! Used to watch your content all the time back in the day and somehow your channel fell off my routine. Great stuff! I’ll be watching more!

  6. These Boxsters are so good, just picked my 6 speed S up for four grand. Has 189,000 miles still runs like a champ.

  7. ticking noise is normally lifters after sitting for a time, it will go once the oil warms up and circulates, check your coolant level get a new cap and check the water pump is not shot

  8. Just a quick note, always place the positive cable on the battery first and the negative on a good ground not the battery.

  9. Chain tensioner failure is a problem with many Boxsters and Boxsters and the 996s in the early 2000s had problems with IMS (intermediate shaft) bearing failures and RMS (rear main seal) issues.
    As much as I like Boxsters, those things have kept me from buying one. By the way, I would never start a car in that situation without first checking the oil level.

    1. Rear Main Seal and IMS can be taken care of at the same time. For the amount of fun a Boxster is and for how inexpensive they are for a Porsche I wouldnt let those two things stop you. I didn’t and love mine. I have a 2004 that I have had for 9 years and it is in awesome shape. Looks like it is maybe 2 years old condition wise. As with any car, you gotta keep up on the little things or you will soon be overwhelmed with issues.

  10. I had a 98 boxster that I pulled out of a field behind a body shop a few years ago – thing ran like a top once I fixed the damage and the broken vacuum line from the engine to the brake booster. Really good cars.

  11. I admire your attempt at working on a German car like this but I would at least change the oil before running and fresh gas as well as a few other things. Also washing the car before rubbing the dirt into the body or glass is always smart. That being said I appreciate your passion

    1. Chazz, I know it’s sometimes hard to understand him because he talks fast. What he said: advised people not to do what he did, but put their new purchase on a truck/trailer and bring it back to their shop, Also, he said more than once that he couldn’t get the rear hatch open so he couldn’t check the oil. Couldn’t wash the car either because he’s in a junkyard. He’s also done another video after this one where he does clean up the car, change the fluids and then drives it.

    2. @Daniel Fl. not do what he did? Was laughing when he was talking about the oil making that clicking sound πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  12. Watching these videos it occurs to me that you might want to check the fluids before you fire it up either that or it’s something you’ve done and you just don’t show it either way it’d be interesting to hear if that was something you do before you get in it and just try to fire

  13. Great find. He’s a lot riskier than me though. There’s no way I would attempt to drive it without checking the oil first.

    1. @Chase Sutherland Even if someone gives you the car for free, it still might not be worth spending money on it. The old air cooled ones are the cars worth spending money on.

    2. @Tara Lewis a Porsche worth spending money on is any Porsche that you like. Older cars are for the most part “not worth it” when it comes to keeping them well maintained.

  14. yeah i would have bought it just for parts. so glad you saved it!!!! really nice color too!! it will live the second part of its life with a new owner πŸ™‚

  15. Wow ! Just found your channel. What an absolute find in the Boxster.
    Wish we had someone in the UK that did what you do for good causes.

  16. 9:28 Trust me, I get exactly how hyped you are, your hand holding the phone when you found that cable and it worked, that it was trembling is the understatement of the century, this one or the last.

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