I Bought A Lamborghini Countach!


I bought a Lamborghini Countach! The coolest cars and truck EVER! I inform you all about the Countach and my idea process on buying a vehicle that is incredibly un-Doug.


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00:00 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:13 THIS … is MY Countach!
00:42 Why did I buy a Countach?
04:18 Madness Above All Else.
05:16 Gratitude.
06:51 YouTube Colleagues and the Countach @TheStradman @TheSmokingTire @harrysgarage @HooviesGarage @TheHamiltonCollection.
08:48 Isn't it undependable?
15:09 My Countach Details.
17:37 The Wing.
18:45 5000 vs 500.
19:33 Round Stomach.
20:24 It's Been Driven.
22:38 Driving Experience.
27:33 Last Ideas.

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I Bought A Lamborghini Countach!

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    1. @John Locke More like -1.

      It’s a maintenance financial black hole. There will be engine-out services that will run him $30K

  1. Nothing is better than seeing a genuine car guy enjoying their car and sharing it with the world! So happy for you Doug, you’re building one hell of a collection!

    1. Seriously. I drew this car so darn often when I was younger, lol. Very happy for Doug in this one! It really shows that the best car doesn’t always have to be the most expensive. I can’t wait to own another cheap and dirty 99-04 Mustang GT. Nothing too fancy, but man do I love driving them. It just feels so good to me! Maybe someday.

  2. Excellent choice; love the white because it shows off the black corking on the arch extensions and the (painted) black air intakes so well. Congrats for going for carbs, round-belly and not a low-body Countach too, all the correct choices. I bought my QV back in 2010 and even though I’m lucky enough to have driven almost everything, having a Countach stare back at you whenever you open the garage door remains very special.
    My top tip would be to fit a new set of Pirelli P7 tyres, if the previous owner hasn’t done so. They make a big difference. Next, check the geometry and the condition of all the rose-joints in the suspension. Once you’ve done that, simply keep filling it with super-unleaded (never check the mpg) and drive the wheels off it. That’s the best way to enjoy the craziness of this legendary supercar, that’s always hard work but also so damn rewarding to drive.

    1. That was a nice shout out Doug gave you for your channel there Harry, and he was 100% correct! Best automotive channel on Youtube. Watching you get your Countach back up to scratch recently was an absolute joy! But even more so your Testarossa, absolutely love that car!

  3. I absolutely agree with everything, and totally loved seeing the joy when you finally drove it. I also had the posters (one in red and one in white), and as a matter of fact they are still somewhere in my parents basement with some of my old stuff. I am both excited and jealous to see you with the Countach. I look forward to update videos and living vicariously through yours! I will probably never be able to own a Countach, but was lucky enough to get a dream car of mine as a kid… watching this video reminds me of why I love my 2013 Boss 302 and I feel just like you when I drive it as well! FYI mine is also in white and black! Great Color! Enjoy, you deserve it, and keep up the great content!

  4. Congratulations Doug! Ive been watching for years and have always loved your content, I don’t think Ive ever seen anyone else who enjoys what they do as much as you do, keep this content up, we all love and appreciate what you do!

  5. Congrats Doug and well done! This video is a real standout, first because you filmed it in a concrete garage and this makes the car really standout. And then there is your giddy drive. Can’t blame you one bit. Rock on!

  6. Congrats Doug! Happy for you! Hope you get one F40 at the future! And I laughed a lot with your head touching the car top 😅

  7. Doug: the type of guy whose joy is pure and relatable. Just like when you bought your Carrera GT I’m here living vicariously through you and I always love how normal and relatable you seem. Awesome content and congrats on the new Lamborghini!

  8. So wholesome to see him like a kid on Christmas morning. Even after driving most supercars out there, he still loves this moment.

  9. I literally had the biggest smile on my face when I was watching Doug drive this car. That is pure joy right there.

  10. Best video by Doug, ever. Such a beautiful car. I know he has a lot of money to do things like this, but he is definitely the right person to own amazing things, if only because of his enthusiasm.

  11. Love how informative the video is, not even just about the car itself, but it gives you insight into a whole other part of the car community and different perspectives on ownership and what’s enjoyable. That said, cheers Doug, you absolutely deserve this!

  12. Mate, your smile and happiness is worth the price. What an episode.
    You made me worth a million dollars watching.

  13. Congrats Doug. Very well deserved and this was a great way to start my saturday morning, right before my morning fall drive!

  14. It’s really heartwarming to see someone enjoying what he does so much as you do. Very happy for you! That’s a beautiful and legendary car, you got there.

  15. Congratulations Doug, I’ve seen your videos for years now and have seen you grow. You have a genuine passion for cars, you deserve it. Watching you happy and excited over this legend, put a smile on my face. I’ll own my own one day. Take care of yourself and your new car man!

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