I Bought a PRISTINE Porsche Boxster S 986 For CHEAP (Best Car For $10k)

Today we acquire a cheap S 986. This is the best sports car for the money in my opinion. If you desire next video, we will directly pipeline this budget plan Boxster next video. We bought this vehicle sight unseen at auction with a tidy title, and somehow there is nothing incorrect with it.

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I Bought a PRISTINE S 986 For CHEAP (Best Car For $10k)

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    1. @Octo Dinosaur nope. It was absolutely perfect. If drone on scale of 1-10 and 10 was blow ear drums this would be (imo) a level 1. The system still has cat and it does have a muffler. But it makes it a deep throaty growl.

  1. I’ve owned my 2002 Boxster S for the last 6 years 128k mls silver on black fab tech exhaust stage 2 set up great car.

  2. One easy mod that transformed my 986S was installing the 997 shifter. Made the whole car feel tighter. And you can also desnorkel the intake for a more growling intake sound.

  3. I love that car! I can’t wait to here the new exhaust! Maybe some motor upgrades??? Take off all the cats 🐈‍⬛

  4. I have actually been looking into getting a boxter to learn to drive stick in. Found a couple in my area, a little over 10k but definitely not unattainable especially for a Porsche.

  5. That beauty belongs in my garage next to my white 2000, 986S. Up here in Bullhead City.great care guys, love your channel Thxz Randall

  6. I owned 1 of these. For the $ it was well worth it. I used it to make trips to Nashville via backroads and Natchez trace. It would take a curve with ease.

    Recently found myself looking at these and Caymans.

  7. Hey you should consider selling your ML63 to legit street cars because he was considering supercharging one and also he could fix it up easily!

  8. You’re right, Boxsters are such a hidden gem. I was fortunate to buy one in 2011 as my first car and still have it. Have considered selling it because I mostly drive my Volvo mom-car now but this video makes me want to keep it ❤ go Card!

  9. I agree, the 986 Boxster is absolutely fantastic. I picked my base 5 speed up, in really fantastic cosmetic condition (interior is as good as yours), but with a clutch so bad it couldn’t move, for $2500. Put a clutch in myself in my small one car garage, and now I’ve got a running and driving amazing shape 986 for $3,000 invested.

  10. So glad I found you guys. I remembered seeing you talk about your “buying 944, etc for the sport seats and re-selling” and I thought “I wish I was friends with these brothers because they are so smart and have found a great niche to make their dreams come true. I have wanted a Porsche for sooo long and you have helped keep that hope/inspiration alive. #porsche4mein2023

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