I Explore A Collection Of Over 300 Classic & Rare Abandoned Cars!!

Hidden deep in the English countryside lies this enormous collection of traditional and abandoned cars and trucks. Everything ranging from Ford's, Mini's, VW's, Volvo's, Truck's, Van's … even the remains of a jet engine! This was without a doubt the most incredible place I have actually ever been to! I want to keep the place trick so this place can stay like this for as long as possible! Please do not share the area if you understand where it remains in the comments. hope you take pleasure in the video people stay tuned for the next one!!

Just to let you all understand this site is in fact owned and dose still belong to someone (as do all the places I check out, even if items and it's contents have actually been left dose not mean anybody can go there and help themselves … please do not visit this website as the owner will Dislike it!.

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