I Found $1,000,000+ Worth Of RARE Japanese DREAM Cars HIDDEN In A Garage (THEY ARE ALL FOR SALE!)

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Today, I come across the most insane JDM "Barn find" garage I have actually ever seen. It's the storage warehouse for Prentice Efficiency Imports, and it's my idea of paradise.
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I Found $1,000,000+ Worth Of RARE Japanese DREAM Cars HIDDEN In A Garage (THEY ARE ALL FOR SALE!)

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  1. The owner: Each one of the cars here is for sale.

    Tavarish: Does the garage come in the deal if i buy all of them?

    1. Give it two weeks and Ed will have a video on how he and Tavarish shrewdly negotiated and got them all and the garage for $101,500

  2. The AMG Galants were waaaay before the Daimler-Chrysler partnership. AMG wasn’t even owned by Mercedes yet at the time. All of the AMG-tuned Galants were non-turbo FWD models, they made around 170hp naturally aspirated (about 30 more than stock), and the Type-1 models had an insane body kit. It’s very common for people to take the spark plug cover and put them on a GVR4 or DSM or literally any other car with a 4G63 engine from that period. It’s also worth noting that the Eclipse GSX got its 4G63T engine from the GVR4, not vice versa. The GVR4 came out in 1987 in Japan, 3 years before DSM’s went for sale in the US.

    1. @at rem79 Yes we all know what AMG is. It’s true that AMG has almost exclusively dealt with Mercedes models in their history, but before they were bought by Mercedes and became Mercedes-AMG, they did a couple projects with non-Mercedes cars including the aforementioned Mitsubishi Gallant which iirc is the only production car they’ve had a hand in that wasn’t a Mercedes, Pagani or Aston Martin

    2. @Derpy McDerpster engine vapor locked. Nobody could fix it. I was going to order a 4G63T for $800 off this site at the time. Couldn’t round the money up. Shop switched owners. New owner junked my car without notice.

    3. @Darksaige Damn. That sucks. I had a 2nd gen MR2 turbo years ago I wish I still had. Loved that car, but I wrecked it. Well, somebody pulled out in front of me in traffic and I T-boned them. I bet there are a lot of guys nowadays that miss owning various Japanese cars from that period. Their cars just aren’t the same anymore.

  3. What I love about Tavarish is he always makes friends with the people in his videos … like it seems everyone genuine enjoys his presence

  4. *Tavarish:* Films a trove of JDM legends.
    *Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution II GSR in the back of the lot:* Am I a joke to you!?

  5. This was really popular from about 1995 to 2010 in the UK, the can’t have cars that have done more than 60,000 miles in Japan because of the emissions laws, so people were picking them up cheap and doubling their money! And they’re right hand drive!

    1. Look how ridiculously clean those cars interiours are.. crazy body tuned, large screen cool sound systems..
      So to me : every manual gear-boxed car in there.. definitely yes !!! 100% + silver Celica at 13’58” included.. !

  6. I installed stereos when that equipment was brand new. That shelf is from before subwoofer boxes were a thing, it’s an infinite baffle mount. Pretty sure Carrozerria (Pioneer’s Japan-only car stereo brand) made that shelf, and included 2 subs plus an amp underneath, as an aftermarket package when that car was new. The lower blue logo, Rockford Fosgate (period correct logo), makes the outside smaller speakers (Punch series 3-ways), which are from the 2010’s. The subwoofer to the left is a Kicker Comp, sold at the same time.

    1. @Samuel Orellana Yes, tacked on at some point. If memory serves, Greddy included that badge with their body kits.

  7. Damn, your knowledge of JDM is very impressive Tavarish. Also thanks for showing the 300zx, I have a 1991.

    1. @Ambuck G Back then you are sadly wrong brother:/ Ya your moms new Audi S7 Automatic would beat most of these cars stock with a manual but the technology in automatics is amazing now back then it was a whole different story.

  8. Owner: everything is for sale
    Tavarish: don’t tell me that
    Owner: nothing was on fire or crashed
    Tavarish: never mind.

    1. …..and does he think he’s cool wearing those lame sunglasses indoor? I pictured him having Oakley Blades when he was in high school in the late 80s..

    1. It IS Florida lol. The next victim can literally see their reflection as the roofies get dropped in their drink.

    1. For real. Apparently it can also mean “stored intentionally in a warehouse actively used by an importer.”

  9. Freddy your knowledge of all these cars is astounding! What an amazing place with fantastic cars. Looking forward to seeing what your JDM nugget is!!

  10. The R32 has 4-wheel steering which was pretty revolutionary back then! The NSX is unbelievable. Luckily they’re all right-hand drive which is a bonus in the UK!

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