I Found A SUPER RARE CAR In This Yard!

This video is of me selecting at among the coolest backyards I have ever been to!

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I Found A SUPER In This Yard!

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  1. I would absolutely love to see a old yard like that there is nothing like this in the UK. So cool 😎

  2. I love the way you show how someone’s “junk” is really a treasure. I went on a trip as a kid, with my brother and dad. No motor home, in an 86 Buick Skylark. Got to the site, muffler fell off and my brother and I thought it sounded super cool, but my dad was pissed lol. My dad bought a “6 pack” of Rainer 40’s. it was how he got around to telling my mom how he only drank 6 beer lmao. Best trip of my life, most memories I have of being together with my brother and dad. Thanks for this video 😁

  3. One of my favorite memories as a young teenager was hanging out, looking at old cars in a junkyard owned by a buddies dad! If we found something we liked, we worked for it by pulling engines, wrenching or what ever he needed done to pull off the swap!

  4. Love whaching your stuff Steve. You have a passion no other car show has.
    I’m going to start a 30 chev coupe this winter. You’ve given me alot of ideas for my build. Your store is on my bucket list.
    Keep up the videos

  5. It would be a blast seeing that stuff in person!!! I’m an old car nut, love em all. 70s stuff and back! I’d be like the kid, tell the wife they followed me home!!!

  6. To tour old yards like this would be a great day.
    Brings back many fond memories of me and my dad.

  7. I love going to the wrecking yard. Whenever my dad would need to go to one when I was a kid, I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to go with him. I love old cars too. If I had the opportunity to go to a yard like that I don’t believe I could get through it in one day. In fact, I’d probably want to just camp out there so I could continue looking at all the history the following day.

    Which brings me to my newest great idea( eye of the beholder)…

    I’m sure I’m not the only one that would enjoy a camping trip at the old car wrecking yard. The owners should think about making that place into a wrecking yard/ Campground. I’m pretty sure it would be the first one in the world and it would give them an additional source of income using what they already have! And all I charge for my ideas is one weekend free pass to walk the yard( I Can Dream can’t I?)

    Anyway, awesome yard, great stories, and all around great video.


  8. I love those old cars, as a car collector I can appreciate the rarity of all the cars showed. That yard is a great find, I would love to see it for myself. The stainless visor is a rare find it it’s own.

    Good job on the find.

  9. I love this kind of stuff, love seeing them old vehicles and wish I had the time and money to fix one up.

  10. I bet there’s alot of gems hiding away in that scrap yard. It’s such a shame to see them all slowly rotting away.

    1. There was a junkyard ALOT like this one here but in Winchester NH yrs ago..They had countless rows of classic cars and hotrods.. Several Mustang GT350’s, 500’s, and even had brand new leftover ’57 T-Bird motors still crated in the shop…Was an amazing place to visit as he was selective about who saw what and even worse about selling things.

  11. Hey Steve! What a cool video … some of my fondest memories are of me and my dad picking through junkyards!

    I’ll never forget putting together 2 project trucks one trip: 2 of my friends, my dad and I.

    basically built 2 trucks in the junkyard to bring back with us. My dad and i put together a 1968 Dodge D100 (Mainly a parts truck) … my buddys put together a C10 … short frame off one truck .. .cab off another … rear end outa some other wreck.

    We worked our asses off that day .. so much fun!!

    Thanks for the Video!

  12. Just visited vegas for the first time last week. Stopped by your shop, love the amazing work yall do. Was very inspiring, thanks for being you!!!!👌

  13. I’ve always loved the scrap yards, spent lots of time wandering around looking at the cool old iron in my younger years. That looks like a real gem of a yard, damn near worthy of a road trip.

  14. I remember going to old salvage yards as a child with my dad. This video reminds me of so many fond memories. You don’t see them like this any more! Great Job!

  15. With videos like this, I always have to remind myself that each and every one of these vehicles was once absolutely mint, factory fresh, and stood gleaming at some dealership.

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