I Lived With An EV For 4 Months And I Didn’t Hate It

4 months living with a BMW i5 M60

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I Lived With An EV For 4 Months And I Didn't Hate It

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  1. The biggest problem with owning an EV is charging it.

    If you have a house and can charge at home, maybe it’s no problem.

    If you don’t do roadtrips or drive more than 200 miles at a time, it’s not a problem.

    The issue is when you travel long distances and rely on public chargers.

    1. If it is a private buy, the level of depreciation is also an issue.
      On the flip side, company lease allows significant tax concessions (in some markets), combining this with surrendering the vehicle @ the end of lease contract, depreciation stops being an issue.

    2. Home charging is key but road trips and long mile days are no longer an issue. I speak from driving Tesla’s and never have issues with either range or long journey driving. No bias but there is still a difference between experiencing a tesla and a non-tesla ev because of charging reliability and efficiency. I hope this experience with the bmw convinces SAM to test other ev’s now because there a definitely better options out there for different use cases

    3. @@stanmarks3950 private buy could be a positive now that it’s a buyers market if one isn’t fussed about going down the used route

    4. @@Uchejnr The only problem you would have is if you go on vacation in Europe anytime during school holidays. I have done it twice in a Tesla model x (2018 model) and several times I had to wait in queue for 30+ minutes to charge which is annoying.

  2. Making their EVs feel normal and familiar is working for them check out their sales figures, Mercedes trying to reinvent the wheel is holding them back compared to Munich.

    1. say what you want about Mercedes-Benz design but they make better electric cars than BMW…heck do not take my word for it, even Sam has said it.

  3. Really enjoyed this style of video Sam! Thought it was really informative and that you structured and conveyed your thoughts on the experience really well. Nice work 👊

  4. The video I was waiting for Sam. Hopefully this experience has convinced you to try out other ev’s. If you can ignore the disgusted eyes from fellow petrol heads, I’d recommend you testing out a Tesla for a week whether model 3 or y. You may find your ev experience to be different. Great vid as always and educational for those who are still unsure of these vehicles

  5. First time I see a video where someone talks about the world of owning an EV and the charging network and did not mention once Tesla.

    1. That’s because it doesn’t suit the narrative because Tesla works and their charging network is fantastic that would annoy other car manufacturers and the charging system with other manufacturers is awful.ive done 13000 miles in 8 months travelling around the country charging mainly at home but when I use superchargers network I stop go to the toilet grab some food 100 miles added 12-15 mins

    2. Using the Tesla supercharging network would have saved him some money. In mainland Europe Tesla’s prices are about half or even less compared to FastNed/Ionity (don’t know UK prices)

    1. I disagree tbh. It’s an electric car biased towards performance. If it was an ice car with that sort of performance you wouldn’t be thinking about what mpg it does would you? The price has no correlation to range.

  6. A fantastic public information video Sam, thank you for that, this is one EV that I wouldn’t be interested in, although I do think they could work if the public charging network was vastly improved!

  7. Home charging is so nice. 13-14 hours to charge 20-80% at home basically means you got a rather slow home charger setup of 3.6 kW. 7.2kW setup is more suitable if you drive a lot. Most new cars can AC charge at 11kW, but for that you would need a 3 phase home setup. Having 11kW home charger would have meant 4.5 hours to charge 20-80 (roughly 50kWh)

    1. @@NewHandle_ I’m in Ontario, Canada. We pay about 15 cents CAD per KWH. Electricity is very cheap here.

    2. 5-6 hours to charge to 80% from 20-30 at home in the middle of the night costing £ 5-7 so 6-7.5 hours too 100% ridiculously nobody is driving 300 miles a day like the internet haters like to spew

    3. I think your taking his numbers too literally, he meant simply that as he didn’t have enough charge after overnight charging that it he had to go to public chargers anyway so he might as well do that. BUT I think that is a STG exception – normal people wouldn’t do this however it is good to see he has no issues with public charging in his area while he had the car.

  8. I have to disagree about the Mercedes interior. The quality is poor, the actual design of the interior is awful. Exterior is awful too. There’s nothing that I prefer in the Mercedes when compared to the BMW.

    1. Agreed. Not all of us want to drive round in a futuristic spaceship……..some are still old school……along with actually being old!

  9. Lovely video! The combination of the public charging network and your home charger (no matter how slow it is) finally giving you a good experience and ability to assess the car w/o being hobbled by the infrastructure. Looking forward for more ev/hybrid content in conjunction with the already great content regarding combustion engines

  10. I highly suggest keeping your eye on the Ioniq 5 N. The Smoking Tyre published a fantastic podcast which explains why it would be the perfect EV for you: fun to drive, reasonably priced and the ability to change the power delivery and sound to mimic that of an ICE car. Truly something ahead of its time!

  11. En EV can make 100% sense or no sense at all depending on your location and personal situation. In Denmark ICE cars are charged with a 150% registration fee with a MASSIVE reduction on this fee on EVs. In short, in my neck of the woods, a Tesla Model 3 costs the same as the cheapest Golf with NO options. Moreover, we get a partial refund on electricity used for EVs. Thus, in January 2023 we changed from a 2 year old Golf to a Cupra Born. We drive roughly 40.000 km per year and in 2022 we spent £4250 on petrol. We have a home charger and in 2023 we ended up spending spending roughly £900 on electricity for the EV – that’s a monthly saving of roughly £250. Moreover, because taxation is gradually being intrduced to EVs, this will eat some of the depreciation. In short, in Denmark, you’d have to be a moron to not at least concider an EV. With that said, I would never had bought an EV if I couldn’t charge cheaply at home… and would never have been willing to buy an EV without the reduced registration fee. As it stands, we are VERY happy to have made the switch to an EV, as it makes so much sense for our situation.

    1. @@zapfhahn6130 Indeed – an estimated 10.000 EU citizens die prematurely each year from diesel car emissions alone… add petrol and we’re looking at 15.000 premature deaths every year… a rather potent argument for EVs, if you ask me.

  12. Really appreciate the detailed review Sam ! Very Harry-esque and I guess praise doesn’t get higher than that 😅

  13. Great video Sam, I do like the new 5 body style. i5 business leases are great, personal ones are looking around £800 pm

  14. Great video thank you – free from the hysterical drama from other YouTubers happening at the moment.

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