I passed up RARE Mustangs for this Jeep??

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I passed up RARE Mustangs for this Jeep??

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    1. Don’t be fooled. Dennis is setting up for a buyer by these video tape sessions. He’s in it for the money. The knowledge he conveys is to make you feel justfied to pay a higher price when buying from him.

  1. The 289 K codes didn’t have power steering, but they did have a quick ratio steering box. They turned a lot quicker & easier than the manual steering. Instead of putting power steering on the Mustang, I’d think you could just change the steering box to a quick ratio one? My K code turned quite easy to me.

  2. Hi from a very wet and cold UK, my Friday is now complete. It never feels the same watching coffee walk on any other day than a Friday!

    1. Thanks for commenting,etc. . Interestingly, always special other Countries People…. Fascinating for me, as my best Friend’s Mother got the earlier MUSTANGMIM WHITE/red Interiors/ auto in late 1964 ( ?..) before I grad from HIGH SCHOOL, (in 1965, JULY:: I had to get Test Ride after Graduating,ETC)…Acquaintances had, **Lots of Mustangs over the years ; and I not really a MUSTANG FANBOY……Interestingly, I drove a 1961 FORD GALAXIE. CONVERTIBLE COUPLE YEARS, then 1966 GALAXIE XL/4 speed/352//4 BBL/until 1970’s…..

    2. @Opera my dad bought a brown mustang in early ’67. 289 with 4 on the floor. Was nearly born in it. Got good memories of road trips in it, with my 2 brothers and me in the back. However, my favorite car I’ve ever owned was an 85 Shelby Dodge Charger. Would love to own another one.

  3. Wow, what a great video. The enthusiasm and excitement shines throughout it. Please follow up on the orange Mustang and let us know what happens. I can see that it has got Dennis’s attention and I think his mind is set on having it. The guy will only swop it for a certain car … that Dennis happens to have. amazing! 🍺

  4. On next weeks Coffee Walk…… Dennis trades a Mustang for a Mustang and buys up a load of 427 motors to return more cars to numbers matching haha.

  5. Hey Dennis, I have a 1972 mustang grandé with a 351 Cleveland 4 barrel, there was only 600 made of this model (red with black pin strips and a white vinyl top) because they made them to give as a gift to the corporals at the Colorado navy base. I’d like to get more info on it/contact you and send pics. I believe it’s all matching numbers but like I said id like to get more info on it’s history. We are the second owners of it if I’m not mistaking.

  6. once again Dennis and the crew keep we car nuts glued to his videos to learn from him and enjoy the great product he puts out.Montreal over and out

    1. ☝️☝️congratulations, you’ve been selected among my winners this week message to acknowledge your prize🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁

    1. ☝️☝️congratulations, you’ve been selected among my winners this week message to acknowledge your prize🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁

  7. Another interesting group of car guys and like a good interviewer, gives them the time to say their piece & tell their story.

  8. I was a 463l (MHE) mechanic in the air force. I worked on the those h155xl all the time. They are outstanding machines.

  9. A Truly Outstanding video this week. Absolutely LOVE 😍 that 69′ Super Cobra Jet Mustang. Give my left nut for that, hell maybe both, I’m not using them anymore, LOL…… Looked like Denise was ready to make a call to go ahead and load up the ’68 and have it headed his way, 😆 Y’all just keep finding awesome vehicles. Keep up the good work.

  10. Dennis you should do a Australian barn find mission you would be blown away by how many mustangs are over here and most are left hand drive

  11. Dennis Collins is just a dang wealth of all things cool, and sure seems like a helluva guy too, I really enjoy these videos, get excited when a new one drops! Great job guys!

    1. The world could get a LOT of s*** done with just the VIEWERS of the Coffee Walk channel, don’t you think (lol)??

  12. Just found your channel last week Dennis and I have been binge watching every video from the beginning. You are a Good person because I love how you always give fair prices for everything you bye. If I ever come across a good car And I know you like it I’ll reach out

  13. While I loved the car in his home garage, seeing all those 427s made me jump out of my chair. Nothing bad in this collection!

  14. These videos just have so much going for them. No tv show could provide such solid content. Keep em coming buddy! 🤙🏾

  15. Hi Dennis, I am from Australia and i am really enjoying the channel. I have a 66 Mustang convertible. The best thing i like about your show is not just the cars you find, not just the knowledge you have and share on the channel, not just the locations and the meal reviews which are awesome, but the relationship you have with your staff and your daughter. It is so great to see how you interact and its obvious the love and respect that your daughter Kelsey has for you. Keep up the great work and we hope to see you in Australia at some stage to show off the car culture down under!

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