I Raced a Ferrari F40 Against My Boring Mercedes E450 Wagon




I raced my dull papa station wagon against a ! Today I'll reveal you what took place when I drag raced my Mercedes-Benz E450 All-Terrain against a , and you'll see how it ends.


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I Raced a Against My Boring Mercedes E450 Wagon

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    1. @Skriddle I guess that makes sense. These videos are a good fit for the “main” channel; might as well post them there.

    2. Still trying to remember the password for the channel… Greetings from Asunción Paraguay

    1. People like video like this because they are just show and don’t have any reliability. In a real instrumented test, there is simply no way a stock e 450 all terrain may beat the F40 at 60 mph or 1/4 mile.

      Now, a stelvio quadrifoglio would win easily with a 3.2 sec 0-60 mph and 11.7 sec 1/4 mile

    2. @Preston M. There was no race in his Carrera GT vs F40 video though; it was a comparison test. Starting to think you didn’t watch that video just like you probably didn’t watch this one, otherwise you’d realize the “modern family cars faster than old super cars” blanket statement is proven wrong by this very video lmao.

    1. *”hearing Doug swear would make me soo happy”*
      Would you also be happy if everyone constantly swear in front of your face everyday, even in public?

    1. @mirthenary I’m guessing it’s losing access to the car while it’s sitting in a shop waiting for parts is a bigger issue for someone who can afford an F40.

  1. I drove my grandfathers e450 sedan like this and I was blown away. Didn’t feel far off from my 2016 Sport SVR!

    1. Yeah.. these “normal” cars in recent years are starting to get serious performance (at least in a straight line of course ha)

  2. I’m glad to see that Doug is making his content more diverse, we all enjoyed that silly Doug era where he did very funny goofy videos 🙂

  3. Doug is the type of guy to attempt to devalue the F40 by racing it in his normal car so he can buy one.

  4. The F40 driver was clearly “granny shifting instead of double clutching like he should” 😉

    1. Doug probably got a manifold error warning, yelled “Shut up!!” at the laptop in the passenger seat, followed by a piece of floor pan falling of

  5. You know Doug was taking the 3rd race seriously when you noticed he kicked his cameraman out of the car

  6. I love these videos where you sit in the garage and tell stories or rank cars. I love watching them so much

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